Two Public Buses Collide Injuring Several Passengers


Close to a dozen passengers were reportedly taken to hospital today following a crash involving two public passenger buses.


According to reports, the incident happened on Valley Road around midday.



Several passengers reportedly receive injuries to their head, neck and other parts of their body.


The injuries were reportedly not life threatening.

Police are investigating.



  1. Sad but not at all surprising. I was on the same Valley Road earlier today and was almost hit by a speeding Minibus. Those drivers need to be taught a lesson!!

  2. Bus man a speed and a hustle for mek one dollar for mek up for all the money them no get during lock down/curfew, causing accident and killing ppl in the process. Tel it easy bus man

  3. Funny for a whole year from today how many accidents happen between bus driver’s and the other idiots on the road that claim say they got their license through transport board talking bout they are drivers

  4. As I always say yes bus drivers over do but this is what people needs to understand we work on the road others lime on the road there for its a must for us to hustle not saying to drive wreck less an what the others doing why they get in accidents? As soon as bus drivers get in accident it’s a whole new talk for dangerous driving pls cut the drivers some slack. Check it out as dangerous you all say bus drivers are we are more safer drivers than 90% drivers in Antigua check the accident history for the pass 5 years

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