Two People Allowed In Private Vehicle For Grocery, Medication Shopping Between 7 a.m-12 noon

NODS Director Philmore Mullin

The National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) is issuing a number of guidelines that members of the public should follow during the 24-hour curfew period implemented on Thursday morning at 12:01.

Throughout the curfew, only essential personnel and those authorized can move freely on the streets. These include police and security personnel, health workers, immigration and port workers and NODS staff among others.

However, provisions have been made for all other individuals, who do not fall within the essential services category to pick up groceries and medication from 7:00 a.m. to midday as supermarkets and pharmacies will be opened. Only two people are allowed in a private vehicle.

Arrangements are in place for those persons who have medical emergencies to seek care during the curfew. All government operated community clinics will be opened during the day while Medical Benefits Pharmacies in Clare Hall, Browne’s Avenue and Nevis Street will operate for drop offs and pick-ups from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Persons in possession of passes should only be conducting business and not be engaged in adventure or other unnecessary endeavours.

As it relates to the safety of residents in the fight against the spread of the Covid-19, there are a number of precautionary measures that should be taken.

For persons utilizing the public bus system, it is mandatory that masks are worn. Family members are also encouraged to use masks at home, practice social distancing and clean and sanitise their surroundings regularly.

It is advised that cloth masks should be washed regularly and ironed before re-using.

Persons should also be mindful of the need to clean their cell phones and other electronic devices regularly as these can transmit germs due to the constant use.

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  1. I am begging people to not be selfish. If you know that you went to the grocery store on one day, give someone else a chance to go and get some. No need to go every day.

    Also when you get into the grocery store, please remember that time is limited and there are other people who need to get in after you. Make a list and stick to it. Don’t wander up every aisle and waste time.

  2. The Government asks the public to wear face masks, but where do we get them? Are there face masks available for purchase anywhere? Everywhere I have been, they are sold out.

    • Well in certain parts of the US, the counties’ officials are suggesting that non suck people use scarfs, handkerchief, even homemade masks if you’re going outside, instead of using medical masks (should be reserved for medical professionals and sick people). We only have limited medical masks in the global supply, so we need to save them for the sick, doctors, etc.

  3. Five of us in my household including a one year old baby. It’s already a fight whenever he’s been nebulized for his regular asthma attacks, He’s not gonna keep on a mask for the hold day now. What am I to do!

    • @Yani. If 5 are in the household, once the 4 bigger persons use mask, the baby should be ok I believe – just dont entertain any guest or take him outside if you have to go to the shop especially with his condition.

      Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor.

    • I have a very active 2 year old and wondering the same thing!!! He pulls it off immediately!

  4. In the UK people went crazy buying up to much food just before and just into our pathetic version of lockdown. Now almost two weeks in the supermarkets are fully stocked and comon sence has been retored. I believe that the same will happen on antigua. Panick ye not good people.

  5. How could one be in possession of a pass when they told people to come and pick up passes on Wednesday at 2, then suspend the distribution? How is one to do their job when the police will still arrest you even if you are on the road when you are an essential service? Not all police comprehend when you try to communicate with them. This is madness.

  6. I walk with my voter’s Id card that states my profession. I don’t think the police is that retarded.

  7. This is a struggle for me… As an essential worker without a vehicle and a one year old how do I get him back n forth to his GRANDMOTHER.?? She has a vehicle but it’s gonna be an issue if she is caught on the road without a pass.. someone help me out here ..

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