Two New Covid-19 Cases

Positive blood test result for the new rapidly spreading Coronavirus, originating in Wuhan, China

The most recent official testing conducted and received by The Ministry of Health Wellness and The Environment from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA),  revealed (8) EIGHT POSITIVE results.

TWO (2), however, of the positive cases are NEW LABATORY confirmed cases of COVID-19. The other SIX (6) are from previously confirmed cases. FORTY THREE (43) samples were sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA). TWENTY ONE (21) of these were repeat samples from previously confirmed cases. SIX (6) of the TWENTY ONE (21) repeated cases remain positive and FIFTEEN (15) are negative. The TWO (2) new laboratory confirmed cases are MALES, who both remain in ISOLATION.

This brings the TOTAL NUMBER of persons with laboratory confirmation of the COVID-19 disease in Antigua and Barbuda to SEVENTY (70).

Please be reminded, repeat testing is still being conducted on persons repatriated from the Dominican Republic.

As we continue to update the general public with developments, please practice the safety measures and protocols already in place, as we continue to remain safe and vigilant.



  1. Now we hear that Covid 19 can be transmitted through the air and the powers that be have been keeping it secret. Only God can help us now. 666 vaccine coming. Are we in the end times?

    • There is a lot more they are keeping secret. They are only using us citizens for their own personal gain and creative enrichement

  2. I heard the tests done by Dr.John were conclusive.Those tests that he did at the Hotel at Hodges Bay.That the Health Minister was so pissed off about.They are now saying that CARPHA confirmed those were positive for Covid-19.Good job,Dr.Joey John,well done.Keep up the good work for which you were sworn to do.It is not about politics and political party agendas.

  3. So what when are you people going to learn CORONAVIRUS IS HERE TO STAY!!!!! The soone you people learn to accept this the better.

  4. Dear ‘Help Us’, don’t you think it’s high time to get off your lazy behind and help yourself? It is parasitic to just exist at the mercy of everyone else. There is information aplenty on Covid-19, its nature, origin, manifestations, treatment, and the like. You seem not to be aware of this and are waiting for someone else to fill your head with what you want to hear. Hiding what? Read for your damn self, do the research then you wouldn’t be fool enough to allow any politician to fool you! Ignorant and UPP combined, what a catastrophe?

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