Two more COVID-19 cases confirmed

Positive blood test result for the new rapidly spreading Coronavirus, originating in Wuhan, China

The most recent results received by the Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) revealed two new laboratory confirmed cases of COVID-19. This brings the total number of
persons with laboratory confirmation of the disease in Antigua and Barbuda to 23.

The other twelve samples, sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA)
were negative for COVID-19. Of note, is that two of the negative cases were repeat samples for persons who previously tested positive. These patients are symptom free and brings the total number of persons with no symptoms and
negative results to three.

The two new cases are females with no travel history. Once case was identified during contact tracing for a previously confirmed case. Investigations and contract tracing for both new cases are ongoing.

The Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment thanks the public for
cooperating with the measures associated with the State of Emergency.

These measures along with social distancing, proper cough and sneeze etiquette, hand
washing and sanitizing are crucial in our nation’s fight against COVID-19.

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  1. Are our health officials looking into the idea of convalescent plasma therapy?

    Because, while the world is waiting for the biotech and vaccine cavalry to arrive, the researchers and practitioners who make up the National COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Project, are currently collecting antibodies from the blood of recovered patients.

    As the amount of our recovered patients increases, the doctors here may be able to take antibodies from the blood of a person who has recovered from the COVID-19 virus and transfuses those antibodies into a person who is sick with that virus.

    Doctors are using therapy as a way to help kickstart a person’s immune system, especially the critically ill COVID-19 patients without other treatment options (not enough ventilators, etc.

    Although, more clinical trials must take place before “routinely administering” convalescent plasma to COVID-19 patients can begin, we should still be looking into this idea.

    Convalescent plasma therapy was used most recently, in some COVID-19 patients in China. Additionally, it was used to treat the 1918 and 1957 flu epidemics, as well as SARS, H1N1, and Ebola.

    • Are you serious? Convalescent plasma therapy in Antigua? Sounds good in theory but to date our health officials have only tested 73 persons. Less than 0.1% of our population. They should stick to the basics and do more wide spread testing. This is a very aggressive disease and the only way to contain it is by identifying persons who are infected and do contact tracing.

  2. They really need to ramp up the testing right now. I will like to know the cost per test. Maybe thats one the reason for not testing folks. I also believe people who had it have recovered without even being tested.

    • The price for the test kit is USD$22 judging by what Cayman Islands paid to a South Korean supplier for the 200,000 they bought for $4.4 million.

    • It’s not just the cost but also availability. I read today that Health Canada just approved a rapid test so hopefully those will be available soon.

  3. Serious like a heart attack. Don’t be so short sighted.

    I was not suggesting we need this type of therapy right now.

    Im just saying I hope they’re following the discussions around this topic because it’s one of the options for the critically ill COVID-19 patients without other treatment options in a few countries. Most of the countries are waiting for the biotech and vaccine cavalry to arrive with a solution to COVID-19.

    We are not at that stage as yet, there’s no telling but it’s an idea to have in our pipeline if we ever get there (God forbid).

    • You mentioned China,maybe you should contact them after all they Created this Virus in there
      Laboratory,one would think they also have a Cure.

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