Two men on trial for sex offences against female hitchhiker

Two men are on trial in the high court for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in 2018.
According to media reports, the complainant testified she hitched a ride from the men after her vehicle broke down on Popeshead Street.
She said the men agreed to drop her near Brownies Bakery on lower All Saint’s Road.
However, when the vehicle got to the area, rather than stopping, the driver sped off into the Grays Farm Area.
As she yelled for the men to let her out, she said they rolled up all the windows of the vehicle and turn up the music.
They then drove near a round-a-bout in Five Islands where one of the men fondled her privates and the other touched her breasts.
One of the men is facing  a charge of Serious Indecency while the other is charged with Indecent Assault.
They were also jointly charged with Unlawful Confinement.



  1. Hope these are two Men that she knew,because if not,she’s Insane..In these times,i would not even take a ride alone especially at Nights from Two men that i am even just acquainted with,much less Hitch hike.They could have been Dam serial Killers,She is lucky that’s all that happened..

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