Two killed in shootout with police


The community of Lightfoot was shocked awake in the early morning hours Thursday after a series of gunshots rang out.

Police were engaged in a shoot out with Jamele “Marlo” Hurst and Travis “Ten Pound” Martin who were reportedly acting suspiciously in the area. Both men were killed in the exchange with police.

The Police Rapid Response unit was on patrol near the Classic View Apartment complex when they  responded to reports of a suspicious vehicle in the area. Members of the  unit intercepted the two men, dressed in camouflage, who allegedly began to shoot at the police.

Officers are still looking for a vehicle believed to have been waiting on the Hurst and Martin outside the apartment complex, which sped away during the incident.

The shoot out occurred at approximately 1:30am Thursday.

Both men are known to the law. Hurst was on remand to prison earlier this year on kidnapping charges.

Travis “Ten Pound” Martin
Jamele “Marlo” Hurst

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  1. “Marlo” looks so “innocent” in that photo. You really can’t trust the outside appearance fu true. Good job officers. Two LOW-LIFES off the streets. Hope the other punk arse cowards who were waiting in the vehicle will be found and swiftly brought to justice. Warn fu play badman and nah realize if you live badman life, you gah dead badman life too. Hope those other young men who are in gangs or want to join gangs will take a lesson from this. Play bad arl you want, once the breath-of-life that the Creator give you is gone, you can’t get it back. Look how “BADMAN” and wanna be “GANGSTA” end up. Now the worm and caterpillar will full dem belly arf a are you.


    “It means those who spend all their time seeking violence and trying to kill others are destined to find the violence they seek and die instead. It is meant as a warning to not seek fights, but to try to find peaceful resolutions to problems if at all possible (a sentiment that is too often forgotten and sorely needed in this world).”

  3. The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear. the Lord is the strength of my life of whom shall I be afraid. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall shall confess that Jesus is God. We have got to stand still and know that he is God. These are perilous times happening now and we all need to pray like never before. Innocent is suffering for the guilty. Lord I surrender to your will and I am standing in the gap for My nation of Antigua and Barbuda. I plead the blood of Jesus over this nation of ours. Have your divine way Lord.

  4. So they were seeking to destroy they ended up being destroyed….any fool who fires or attempts to fire on cops is,subject to death…

    What happened to young men and entrepreneurship….
    Nobody want hard work jus prowling to see whos home they can rob….

    Fishing pays
    Farminf pays
    Not all horse can run and finish race we all dnt have wealthy parents or come from affluence….but honest work is honest pay cos all money spend the same …
    We have so many young ppl n little to no jobs ….

    Nobody now wants to be carpenter mason electricion landscaper…fisherman… …we all want fast cash NOWWWW ….no tiring jobs…quik n easy money …robbery or intwnted robbery…yeah dat pays
    2 wasted Life i hope other young men try find a trade….and learn something doesnt have to happen to you for you to larrrrrrnnnmm from it…

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