Two die in early morning traffic accidents


Two young men were killed in a head-on collision on the Factory Road near the old Transport Board location around 6 am this morning. 

One was killed on the spot and the other other died at hospital later in the morning.

According to reports, a man in a pick-up collided with another vehicle on Factory Road.

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    • What is stange the only thing strange is gaston and his goones of yes men enriching themselves and dont give a shit about this country

    • Nothing is going on here that isn’t going on anyplace else-What is going on is that we have some literally ignorant A-holes driving on our streets.. One example is one that almost ran me off a side Road just yesterday in a large Truck,going at a ridiculous speed,so if he even had just touched my Car i would be a goner.I have the # ,will not put it here as yet,This is the second time i see this same Truck speeding on that particular road..The next time,i will report to the traffic department.. These are the drivers that they need to get off our streets,they are weapons on the public Roads..

      • Y wait to put it the next time u see it might be to late ….alot of these drivers are crazy y would u be driving for over a mile doing over 50 to 100 miles an hour what do u think will happen or can happen….but i have no problem with them hurting themselves,but they are killing innocent people also good thing the magistrate was in a truck or else he would be dead

  1. Some of u put politics in every f****. Y’all so damn insensetive I’m really sorry for the families for their loss.

  2. This is a straight road. how do two cars supposedly going in opposite directions crash if both drivers stay on their side of the road? We need answers who is at fault here. And the police better not hide the facts because the two persons are death and the other driver is a magistrate. I hope the media is watching this very closely. Cause if the magistrate is at fault he would be charge with causing death by dangerous driving and than we know where he will end up. Vote YES to CCJ

  3. It’s quite obvious that the truck held his side from the pics show…this is such an unfortunate situation. But ppl need to take their time on the road as its a small island n where can we go in a hurry? I learned it the perfect way. I was late n got escorted to the police station n had to sit for hrs not knowing my fate as it rested in someone else’s hands n it was the worst feeling ever. But as I was told, its best for u to be late than to not make it to wk at all.

    Thx officers n ppl, especially the young ppl who think that they r adrenalin junkies no need for all the unnecessary speed.


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