Two AUA students injured in hit and run


The police are investigating a hit and run involving students of the American University of Antigua.

According to reports, two AUA students, one male and one female were struck by a car  in front of Stratos on Friars Hill road.

The incident occurred at approximately 3 a.m this morning.

An eye witness said the young lady’s arm was removed off of her body and leg broken.

Medical reports are that the young man condition is critical while the young lady sustained serious injuries but, stable.

Police are appealing to anyone with information about the incident to come forward. The driver has since handed himself over to the police.


More details to come.


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    • Again!! I’ve been screaming this! Put lights on friars hill road! Major highway no lights come on! Priorities.

      • Lights,,,,at the pedestrian crossings,at least,,do that.
        Dare we speak of teaching Antigua to walk responsibly?
        The ” knack me nuh ” attitude is sad,,as they traverse the road ways
        Start Road Safety classes in our schools please.

        • Teach to walk? Maybe let’s teach Antiguans to not drive like Formula 1 drivers but in broken down jalopies and 1/10,000 of the skill. Antiguans are the worst drivers.

  1. This makes me sick ! The brainless speeding combined with poor driving skills and retarded overtaking on this road killed already 2 people… I wanna see police there at night !!!
    Hope the Students will survive and the asshole who did this will be locked up!

    • While there is Cause for Concern
      ACCIDENTS will Happen..
      It would seem to be a Highway as
      Locationing an incidents indicate.
      Roads without Defined Roads
      Its Dillusional Dysfunctional
      Proposing OVer Pass from
      Cemetery to Longford.
      Ease speeding in Shopping Areas..
      Mystic 🎤

  2. Rather unfortunate set of circumstances, and I empathize with the two students and their families. I hope they will recover fully and be able to continue their studies.

    Its too soon to determine if speeding was responsible for this accident. What I do know is that the absence of street lights, along a major thoroughfare, is a disgrace, and must be a contributing factor. The authorities need to act, and stop making failed promises, to light this and other main roads in Antigua.

  3. Jumbee_Picknee sends out positive vibes and energy for healing to all involved. Unfortunately, circumstances like these are inevitable without proper demarcation, right of way(sidewalks to crossings), along with signage(reflective/highlighted/reflectors).
    Solar powered signage from 🛑 signs to yield to crossings to animals in the vicinity are all readily available and MUST be incorporated, into the now and future of our traffic planning.
    Also CCTV cameras must be placed and manned from the new solar light poles. They too can be solar powered too!

    • You old man nah go back ah jabberwock the nex night fi pick up you old lady ? Dat ah wan real hit an run lool

  4. Antigua’s main roads need to be lit up it’s not hard to get solar panel lights. That whole bend from the gas station to round about needs lights. It’s incredibly dangerous for all.

  5. This is tragic. I hope they make a full recovery.

    In keeping with hit and run…on March 30 2014, a 32 year old mother of multiple children was ran down by a vehicle. Now I heard that the head of the traffic department say that the driver that hit these two medical students turned himself in and that serious charges will follow. The driver that hit and killed Ms Andrea Hughes also confessed and turned himself in, yet 8 years later not a single charge has been laid.

    What the f@#$ is going on here!!

    • Whether he go 1735 depends in which direction on friars hill road the driver was headed or who he parents be ! That is what is going on in Antigua. Long time.

  6. I did hear on the news. The conditions of both students and it did not sound good. If the driver knowingly hit two persons. Why did he/she leave the scene? That is something the Police would have to get out of the driver,when arrested. Now those two students could be maimed for life. I do pray that they both survived.

  7. I hope the students was got hit and run are bravely fighting for their lives and they will win! I am praying for them and their families.

  8. This is f***ing BS that an asshole could do something like this…Antigua drivers need to drive slower and more responsible…what is it was a set of white English tourists??? …them nah come and bring them the money loved so much here…F***ing disgraceful!!!

  9. While we thank you all for your prayers for students recovery there, this tragic incident putting scare in our parents mind about our children’s safety in Antigua roads….! Kindly continue to put pressure on authorities there for road safety measures please..

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