Two arrested in bizarre wounding incident


A bizarre altercation saw two people detained by police this week.


A Point resident reportedly went to the St. John’s Police Station with a puncture wound to his right arm on Thursday.


The 31-year-old victim told police he was attacked by his ex-girlfriend who showed up at his home uninvited.


Police say the 26-year-old Yorks woman later arrived at the station with several stab wounds to her left arm.


The woman reportedly confessed that the wounds on her arm were self-inflicted in her failed attempts to get the man’s attention.


Investigators say while at the station, the woman threw a leather purse containing a knife at the man.


Officers reported both the man and the woman were arrested and taken into custody to prevent a further breach of the peace.

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  1. Apparently their “love” was stronger than the case for turning the Five Islands campus into a primary school.

  2. Exactly why was the man arrested again?

    Who broke the peace?

    A man at his house minding his business or the woman that travelled a distance to the man’s house and injured the man?

    Was the man arrested because he made a report and had the evidence to show?

  3. What is really happening in this small twin island state of ours and the world amongst some of these young people? Lord Jesus save our youth.

  4. Lady, let it go. He nuh wah you, tell he go to hades. Jus mek yourself look good. Tek care of yourself and cut style pon de vagabond. Nutten make a man run afta you when you show dem dat you nah care, dat you doh miss dem. Even if you hurting like hell, doh show dem. Be strong.

  5. You people here blogging don’t understand love that is why you are quick to say things like that!

      • What a piece of ignorance ,obsession is never love but a reflection of an unstable and a sick mind,with an overwhelming desire to posses someone or something.Love is a caring feeling from the heart not a crazy feeling from the sick mind. Do you wait to see the guy stabbed to death by the lady or she commits suicide to know she is insane.For centuries obsession has been romanticized in literatures which is unfortunate but again that acceptance is a reflection of the general sad state of the human condition. The police cant help with that mental disorder behavior,she needs a more professional help in that field,the signs are clear..#MentalHealth

    • Love ….is inflicting wounds on self and the other person?…
      When you understand what LOVE is ….it doesn’t hurt …..
      Low or NO SELF ESTEEM ppl do things to get ATTENTION
      Mentally unstable person do harm to self..who in his/ her mind wounds themselves?..and you the glorify this act by dare saying LOVE…

      You really dunce no fackkkk….

  6. Is this police force really a police force or a bunch of dumbs y arrest the man if he just made the report……am i missing something

  7. Never been in love? Never made a spontaneous decision out of love?
    People need to think of themselves first. Start telling yourself if this circumstance arrives, I’ll deal with it with class and understand my worth.

    Everything starts in your head. Change your thoughts people. Work on your lives.

  8. This is a clear case from the movie “Diary of A Mad Black Woman”.

    Why in heavens did the Police lock up the man? That psycho woman should be the one arrested and charged for battery, domestic abuse, and wounding with intent to cause grevious bodily harm.

    Where the hell is Gender Affairs now to speak on behalf of the man. Quiet as a mouse now!!!

    You see how the law one-sided.

    Why do men always have to get the short end of the stick?

    Some women out there could be some real B**CHes also, and what hurts me the most, they always get away with the evils they do to harm men.

    Let it be one of my sons she did that to, and I promise you, it would be hell to pay…. her ass would be mine.

    Kick it all the way to the station.

    FED UP of females abusing males!!

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