Two Antiguans on ventilator fighting for their lives and the virus is spreading rampantly – PM



Antiguans & Barbudans; take heed, get vaccinated now !


The time you wait to get your second vaccination may prove to be too late.


Presently, there are two Antiguans on ventilator fighting for their lives and the virus is spreading rampantly, which will result in more hospitalizations and death.

Protect yourselves now !

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  1. You need to lockdown now!! Vaccinations are needed, but they cannot stop this wave. But of course, business needs to keep making profits, so you wont lockdown

    • This is so true. We so badly want to avoid lockdown for businesses and tourism, we are blindly pushing vaccines when all recent research show, the current vaccines are not affective against the delta and other newer strains. The answer isn’t vaccines right now, way more research and development needs to go into the new strains to provide a safer and more effective vaccine against all strains, until then we need to either lockdown or have stricter protocols on distancing.

      • The research AND data DO show that the vaccine is effective against the delta variant!!!
        It greatly reduces hospitalisations and deaths after two doses!
        The UK has huge amounts of data. Nearly all in hospital with the Delta variant have NOT had the vaccine. Those that have had two doses of the vaccine but catch the Delta variant are generally mildly affected. (Which in my book shows it is working!)

        • You are correct! That THC person must be on too much THC or something. THC is surely not a cure for COVIC. Don’t they see in another article why Rastamen have so few pickney. Well the article didn’t really say that but. It is from the live data they you see everyday from which you can infer this.

      • The answer IS vaccines and lockdown. Public health must come first above all else. Workers must be given a special allowance and allowed to stay home. Let some of these multi million dollar businesses here put their money where their mouth is and provide for their workers. Small business must also be given a bailout while the govt locks down

    • When you lock down many people will be out of a job and cannot feed themselves or their family. So which evil will we choose? We know what we need to do. Take the vaccine or take the risk and die if it comes to it. It’s not that complicated. Protect yourself.

  2. Fear not! Don’t worry !build your immune system the Almighty equip you with an immune system to fight , avoid overcrowded area look after yourself wash your hands, follow the protocols ,exercise get sunlight and drink your tumeric,garlic,cayenne pepper. Food shall be your medicine

  3. Virus is spreading rampantly? You cant have your cake and eat it, Tourism is the main industry, the borders are open , is some money to be paid out to leaders who have the highest vaccinated to get unheard immunity that’s why they pushing fear and vaccine only instead of hope and nutrition . First time in life they act like they care about the health of the nation. A lot of issues plague the citizens for so long and they never care then, how are they to care now?

  4. Take heed !! It’s a word to the wise…. Don’t be penny wise & pound foolish….. Get vaccinated now….. !

  5. Restrictions must be reimposed. This is vital to public health at this time.

    Just more evidence that Gaston Brown and the ALP are unfit to govern.

  6. Get vaccinated
    Get vaccinated…..Yet,fully vaccinated person’s ,,,globally ,,are getting infected,,,just the same.
    HOW MUCH CASH,,will a countries leaders get from the IMF and or WORLD BANK to fully Vaccinate their populous,,,,in the form of a loan?
    One third of which,,,will line our leaders pocket.

  7. How do we know ; the vaccinated aren’t causing these mutations,,these variants?
    They are injected with a low dose of COVID-19
    The body then assembles an army to fight the low Covid dose, thus building immunity in that individual.
    That is not working
    Fully vaccinated are still getting and dying from Covid
    How then is there an expectation of HERD IMMUNITY


  8. Death inevitable to the vaccinated and unvaccinated in the meantime build your immune system and trust the creator than the created it is the only way

  9. Yet world dictator traitor tyrant liar bully HT Gaston Browne and his cesspool gang will make it legal to have a state funeral for Bird. Gaston must think COVID will not do a thing because he and his shit show wanna be AG Benjamin says it’s ok for them to gather in public.

    Yet it is illegal for the Freedom Fighters to picket and as a result the police got permission to release tear gas and rubber bullets. When the Freedom Fighters join in the state funeral and spread out and mingle amidst the “elite”, I will see how the police will now release tear gas and rubber bullets again. The dictator govt proving once again they can do as they like while telling us we can’t do the same thing they can do.

    Instead of the police bringing the murderers, kidnappers abductors human traffickers HT to justice, they are just protecting the high ranking ministers responsible as well as violating our constitutional rights. The family of Nigel Christian deserves justice. Mehul Choksi deserves justice and we the people deserve justice.

    World dictator traitor tyrant liar bully HT Gaston Browne and his cesspool gang must all be removed from office and we will put an end to all of them who only practice their creative enrichment schemes at our expense.

  10. They dont give a rat’s rear about our health. So many millions of people die each year from cigarette smoking alone and we are yet to hear the WHO or any government mandating that cigarettes be outlawed. Always follow the money.

  11. Get vaccinated now! Time is running out. The majority of the people who are dying from covid19 are the unvaccinated.

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