Two Antiguans charged on suspicion of smuggling in St. Kitts

Final trip for many of the African Migrants

POINTE XPRESS: The two Antiguans who survived the tragedy at sea last Tuesday after they were rescued by St. Kitts-Nevis Coast Guard, have been charged with suspicion of smuggling.

This has been confirmed by law enforcement authorities in the Federation, although no names have been released.

There is no word yet on when they will make their first court appearance.

This comes as both the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) out of Martinique and the St. Kitts-Nevis Coast Guard, announced on Friday that they have suspended all recovery operations, hoping to locate the bodies of those missing when the vessel, Le belle Michelle II, went down early Tuesday morning just off the coast of St. Kitts.

The Guadeloupe registered 30-foot vessel, was believed to have been transporting
West African migrants from Antigua and Barbuda to another jurisdiction.

The MRCC notified the authorities in both Antigua and St. Kitts after the transponder
sent out an alert, when the vessel capsized at sea.

There was an estimated 30 persons on board, including the two Antiguans, who were believed to be the captain and a crew member.

Sixteen persons were rescued alive, and three bodies pulled from the sea.

Head of the Antigua and Barbuda Defense Force (ABDF) Colonel Telbert Benjamin said, the official count is that eleven persons are missing.

He indicated that this will only change if additional information comes to hand later, to
determine that there is a need to change.

He said his counterparts in Basseterre have indicated that they will not be returning
to the site where the vessel went down, unless more bodies pop up to the surface of
the water.

The fate of the fourteen West Africans still in custody in St. Kitts remains unsure, the Antigua and Barbuda government has offered to have them sent back to St.
John’s to be processed, along with those already here.

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  1. Terrible, terrible, terrible news! And to think that there were Antiguans trying to make money from this totally misery and outlandish situation.

    However, this in noway exonerates the ABLP administration from their outrageous and nefarious involvement. Heads need to roll from the very top to the very bottom, and criminal charges brought to boot as well.

    Sadly, it looks like the country that I live in and love needs a thorough cleansing!

    It will take years to do this though, however for our children and their children’s sake we have to demand better governance … whey mi BIG broom dey?

    • Couldn’t have said it better Antigua gone they should send the bodies back to Antigua for them we need the whole truth inquiry needed sicking

    • Weh Sidelines, Wash an Basin, Tenman, Fitzroy, Alex, and all de uddah name dem dat love defend BS deh? How come dem arways quiet wen ah subben fu feel shame bout. No balls coward POS.

      Let’s hope the St.Kitts government keeps them there until them talk. If they are sent back to corrupt ANU those people’s deaths will go for naught — because high ranking people involve inna dis shit.

      • … And don’t forget the other ABLP acolytes as well,
        like Dave Ray, Bluddy Bloke, Nomad, Curious And a raft of others (excuse the pun)!

        Can you imagine if the UPP was involved in this nefarious and duplicitous situation, all of the above would be like a pack of dogs 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶 fighting over a – UPP – bone 🍖

        WHEY DEM DEY …

  2. What so ever you do to the least of my brothers you do it unto me Jesus words were as clear as day let love and peace be the answer division bears rotten fruits and those that are preaching strife and hatred will reap what they so so let’s plants seeds of peace and love and reap ten folds our children are restless fighting in schools and are confused let’s help them to emulate excellence instead of negativity let’s pray with them in our homes give them the best of our examples put smiles on their faces every day

    • However, do remember @ Political Giant, SILENCE IS COMPLIANCE, and prayer 🙏 without actions is useless!


  3. Plenty will be schocked when they find out who the boat trips lead back to.

    Can’t help thinking about Cohen and Trump and who fronting for who.

    Trump too said it had nothing to do with him. Spoiler Alert -Trump will be indicted tomorrow.

      • Bill Clinton did pay hush monies to Paula Jones. Are they going to indict him also? His wife had Government top secrets on her personal computer at her home. Are they going to indict her?

  4. This a very very sad thing, I have been reading up on this story and a lot does not make no sense@ Brix I’m with you on every leve but the question is where is the Top Dags on all this ? And personally who gave these two antiguans authority to sail shill these people, now that they have lost their lives what next, what do we say to their parents or prime government there only unless another get needs to get crack. Mr. Gaston Browne I was every so glad I didn’t make that mistake tovote for you, cus something stinks in the fish bag and you not owning up to nothing. By the way where is Antiguaa Airwayss? I don’t think I would every trust you or these gnomes that sits with you, we need answers . What about Alfa Nearo are you apart of the plan also?

  5. Some of them have Antiguan passport but hell no they are not indigenous born Antiguans so they don’t care about Antigua there hearts are not here Antigua is bleeding Antigua is severely wounded and as she crys out for help I feel her pain 💔😭😭🙏👹🙏💪

  6. Regrettably those who captained the boat would be the “fall guys” for a scheme that was much bigger than just them. Unless there is a thorough investigation into this whole affair stretching back from West Africa to the landing of these migrants into Antigua, we would crimilize some whilst many of the great actors go free. There are persons in West Africa and in Antigua that collude to bring these migrants to Antigua, knowing fully well that they were not tourists and was looking to get to the Unites States. The Nigerian/Antiguan working in the Ministry of Agriculture have some explaining to do.

  7. I wonder if these two are prepared to do some singing, so we can link the whole scheme back to the minds behind the crime? Too often, the ordinary man, though they are not without excuse, take the fall, and the politicians who are truly responsible get off scott free.
    The lone immigration officer who refused to comply with the unlawful request from higher up is an example of how gullible and corruptible Antiguan are.

  8. Great news. Follow the money trail.

    Human trafficking continues under Porkston Browne and her regime.

    Under Porkston Browne and her entire ABLP regime, she is fully responsible for the latest and now international debacle. Many of us predicted dealing with the Nigerians was a bad move as they are know all over the world to be the scammers of scammers. Porkston Browne feeling she so big and could get even more illicit funds with her creative enrichment scheme hatched a plan. Well look how her plan backfired and now has caused an international scene. Now she, Porkston Browne, is trying to back peddle and say she isn’t at fault. Who then is at fault? If Porkston Browne didn’t try to scam the scammers none of this would be happening. Flights came and left our country in the middle of the night after normal airport operations. Is Porkston Browne trying to say she had no clue this was happening? And what about Yearwood, the person in charge of the Immigration Dept? Why did she allow them to enter our country without the proper paperwork? Seems like she was told by high ups to do just that. She needs to be fully investigated.

    Porkston Browne and her entire regime (ABLP had all but one seat) are to blame for this debacle of international proportions. She and her party do not represent we the people, they are representing themselves. Where are those 10 passports that have been given away just like that? Those passports should be made null and void immediately. If this isn’t human trafficking, then what exactly is human trafficking?

    All those involved especially Porkston Browne need to be removed from office immediately before they cause even further and irreparable damage to Antigua and its people. A No Confidence vote must be called to save our integrity not only for our people but among the international community.

    For two terms Porkston Browne has been practicing creative enrichment scheme and it is time we the people put a stop to all this before it’s too late. She does not represent what the majority of our people here want. A No Confidence Vote must be called.

    Save our country, Antigua. Call a No Confidence Vote. Porkston Browne et al ABLP must go.

  9. Why are people displaying their ignorance because of politics-sounds ignorant and dunce to me..Maybe someone can help me understand where the government is liable for this in anyway..Seriously-someone help me understand-because I am reading comments form people that’s really too dense to understand what “Migrant Smuggling”/Human Trafficking means..There’s a saying(quote) Its best to stay silent and be thought a fool-than to open your mouth and dispel all doubts)

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