Two Antiguan Police Constables Arrested in United States


The Police Administration within the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda has confirmed that two police constables attached to the police force were arrested in the United States for alleged larceny.

The office of the Commissioner of Police received confirmation of the incident on Tuesday 23rd April, 2019 from Norwalk Police in the United States.

Robert and Monya Dyer were both taken into police custody sometime between 13th and 14th April, 2019 for the alleged incident. They were said to be on vacation at the time of incident.

Police in Antigua and Barbuda are in contact with police authorities in the United States, as they continue further investigations into this matter.

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  1. Again!!! Dutty water in the police face!!!! Wonder what will be the excuse of the Commissoner of Police…..waiting on the tea…..

  2. Don’t worry these two will be rewarded with promotions when they come home. Since over the years the force had rewarded its members for standing in the opposite what the force stands for. I mean it’s a trend. Child rapist back on the job. An allege goat thief of 10 grand is now a sergeant. A sergeant rip off an English man of over 22 grand, he is now an ASP. A constable raped a 13 years old he is now a corporal. If the police robber was not caught on camera he would now be an inspector. And since these two were sheltered, one at G.G and the wife working in an office where all the big heads pass and rub her shoulders. That’s soon forgotten and promotion soon.

  3. Quite an unfortunate occurrence. Another sore eye for the men and women in uniform most of whom are good honourable and honest people.

  4. In every country in this World there is corruption. Are you sure they are guilty? as the majority of American people and police are racist and have set up black people frequently . But you people are ready to judge this couple . Although i dont know these people . They could be innocent. You
    people love being evil.

  5. Well since Antigua has been compassionate to Americans when they commit crimes here then the authorities here must assist in helping them get away scotch free.

  6. The police is more corrupt than the antigua labour party and u know u bad when u can be compared to gaston and his followers…….something have to be in the air in that place

  7. ANR. The girl is Jamaican, not sure bout the guy but Is not an Antiguan couple.

    Police in Antigua are the largest criminal organization ever.

    • @Lastone shut the fck up u ignorant idiot. The woman is a born and raised ANTIGUAN. U making these dumbass assumptions and don’t know s^^t. Both of them are ANTIGUANS and honestly IMO this whole things is an honest mistake and the big bad USA should let them go espically since we gave the lady with the bullets in her bag a freebie.

  8. I was so ashamed when I received the said news from a girlfriend of mine in America yesterday morning. Lord Jesus, heal our beautiful nation from social illness. The accused are the same ones who arrest and charge our young people here for theft. Now the table has turned, I am wondering how they felt now. Greed and covetousness will do this to anyone. The accused male officer is understood to be Christian a man of faith…Could he have resisted temptation?

  9. Innocent until proven guilty. I have many theft cases and more than likely they will not be convicted. Case will be dismissed or plea deal for lessor charges like disorderly conduct (civil infraction and not criminal).

    They may be able to travel but must return for court. Even in this matter, they will be assigned an attorney automatically or upon simply saying they can not afford an attorney. This is the constitution of the state of Connecticut and USA. Hint to Antigua. They have a right to a speedy trial. If this trial is not conducted in about 3 months to a 1 year, they case MUST be dismissed, if delay was the fault of the state (judge or prosecution).

    I am pretty percent sure there will be no conviction of larceny or serious larceny here. Not because they are not guilty but this is the result for these types of cases.

  10. I’m really sorry for those two but not for the nation. Over the years tourists come and operated on a trend to have lost valuables etc. Even though the police know the stories are bS#. They still allowed them to go away n RIP off the look day.u think America sorry for antigua bombo?

  11. This is a very unfortunate incident but I hope for the best. However, I agree with ‘On The Side’ as it relates to the matter of some of those who are been promoted and have committed things that are not commendable and swept under the carpet and they still move up the ladder fast and those who are working their ass out are been left behind because they do not carry news and other things and who their parents are.
    There are other matters that ‘On the side’ left out enough to take two pages.
    I hope things will change soonest because God does not sleep.

  12. I sincerely hope its not the usual fit up of Black people by US police and remember people are presumed innocent until proven guilty. However just imagine the shame if they really got caught stealing.

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