Two Active Cases Of Covid-19 After Five New Recoveries


The most recent report received by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) has revealed no new laboratory confirmed COVID-19 case in Antigua and Barbuda as of Friday 14th August, 2020 at 6pm.


All thirty-four samples which were processed and sent to CARPHA yielded all negative results.


Meanwhile, five new recovered cases have been recorded bringing that total to eighty-eight.


Consequently, the total number of persons with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda is ninety-three with two active cases.


The dashboard has been updated to reflect these changes.



  1. Compared to how corona is spreading in other countries.

    Over 8000 people have been let in Antigua since July.

    Most of those people were not tested on arrival or Quarantined.

    And yet we’re supposed to believe there are TWO active cases on the island?

    When every other country that is taking more measures than Antigua like New Zealand, Vietnam, South Korea, Cuba have had outbreaks with only opening borders to their citizens and not tourists.

    The people of Antigua are being dealt a huge disservice with their government lying and hiding numbers of a highly infectious dangerous disease.

  2. There are 316 persons in self quarantine.Not one has Covid-19? By the way,when are the Social Security Pensioners getting paid for July,2020.This is the 16th of August.Many have not been paid to this day.That is rather an unfair situation.Those poor people are in.Never knowing when their pensions are going to be paid.Social Security is a Government entity.It is the joint responsibilities of the Social Security Board and the Administration to ensure on time payments,monthly.Those Pensioners already worked for their pensions.Their monies were taken out.Before they saw one cent of their paychecks.So Gaston Browne make sure they are paid on time.You are the Minister of Finance.You and your band of Merry Men are paid on time every month.Whether sun or drought.Come on man.

    • Bugsy you do recall that most of them would have come here with a covid negative test? The protocol you recall, as a added safety measure calls for returning nationals to still be quarantined. If they are symptomatic or have had contact with a known covid positive person, they will get tested.

      Social security payments. Their website makes clear (not sure why you are not in the loop):
      Pension Payment Notice – July 2020
      Published on August 05, 2020 by Administrator
      The Antigua and Barbuda Social Security Board wishes to advise that funds for July 2020, have been released to the following financial institutions:

      Seventh-Day Adventist Credit Union
      Antigua and Barbuda Development Bank
      Caribbean Union Bank
      St. John’s Cooperative Credit Union
      Community First Cooperative Credit Union
      Antigua Commercial Bank
      Financial Development Company

  3. @Tenman:Not all ECAB customers are paid to this day August 17,2020.I know pensioners in Antigua who are not paid.I do not get a pension in Antigua and Barbuda.My concern is not for me.It is for those less fortunate.Social Security needs to get there act together.Sell some of those non performing assets to accumulate liquid assets/cash,NOW.Many of those Pensioners do live from paychecks to paychecks.

    • @Bugsy- We tend to argue because you tend to get bad information. ALL ECAB (heck all financial institutions) have been paid. The website makes that clear. I also went as far as unnecessarily verifying it with a top official there . Whoever is telling you differently is fooling you off.

      • Tenman:I am telling you for a fact.Not all Social Security Pensioners are paid for July,2020 at ECAB.That Bank on Redcliffe Street.This is not a joke matter.This is bull dung.That they are not paid as of AUGUST 17,2020.

        @ANTIGUAN:I am not getting fooled.I have the facts in my possession.

  4. @Tenman:It is the 18th August,2020.There are customers of ECAB.Whose accounts have not been credited with their Social Security Pensions for the month of July,2020.They have sent me the printouts of said accounts.They are related to me.So I know that of which I speak.The records speak for themselves.Need I say more.So Social Security could send a listing.That does not mean it is all right.

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