Turner says he asked to be rescheduled, Murdoch responds

ABLP hopeful Rawdon Turner has responded to the Big Issues cancelling a segment that involved him two other guests. The exchange between Turner and the Big Issues host Murdoch unfolded on the facebook page of Political Analyst Carlon Knight.
RAWDON TURNER: It is Typical of Observer to mislead or misrepresent the facts! I requested to have the debate be RESCHEDULED not canceled. I requested the debate in the first place, so why seek a cancellation later? Let’s be honest here, only one candidate has a track record of running away.
Rawdon Turner You have neither replied to my texts (WhatsApp), answered my phone call, returned the call, or replied to the email I sent you on these very matters yesterday (Friday) afternoon. You still have not replied to any, nor have you called me back. That you are now saying that I have been misleading is unfortunate.
The show was announced as cancelled. That is my decision. Not yours. If I was going to “reschedule” the show, I would need to have a time to reschedule it when all participants could agree to appear.
You would have needed to have given me some indication of when next you’d be available. But as I said, you neither replied to my texts, answered my call, returned my call, or replied to my subsequent email. You still have not done so.
But since you are here on Facebook, may I now ask, when will you next be available for the debate? I await your reply here on Facebook, since WhatsApp, calls and emails don’t seem to be getting through at the moment.
(Also bear in mind that the “cancellation” does not simply rely on your unavailability for this Sunday, but on the fact that Mr. Harriette also withdrew for completely different reasons)

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  1. “You have neither replied to my texts (WhatsApp), answered my phone call, returned the call, or replied to the email I sent you on these very matters yesterday (Friday) afternoon.” NEXT WEEK, JUNE, Next Year, March 2027 and so on. It’s a damm shame but it how business is done in ANU.Gov

  2. Not something to be feuding with the host over. Publicly to boot. Guess this follows the QC’s rude condescending aproach.

    But. The prospective candidate did not check his email or Whastapp before going on a public rant? NOT a good look. If he not even checking his accounts for communication on something HE requested…..smells like he may not give a f*rt or be reachable for our business.

    What is this as an introduction? Politicians are petty man.

  3. Hhhmm. Observer is doing too much. I would never want to be a guest on an Observer show where if I cancel, Observer is going to publish on their Facebook page that they don’t want to explain why I canceled and that they asked me to provide my own release explaining why they canceled. Where the hell they do that at? Just say that the debate won’t take place because of cancelations and apprise your audience of updated programming and keep it moving. Observer is moving too strong, boss. This is not an official debate and whether the people want to see a debate or not… they do not HAVE to participate in Observer’s shindig so all this hype nuh necessary. The people have not even been nominated. Goddamn.

  4. I am not disappointed in not hearing this discourse. This is a debate of no fruits to bear. Until the ABLP can settle their issues with Asot Michael and St. Peters constituency and their branch Turner is just a side man to Gaston like Bramble . To this day he hasn’t confirmed Tin Tin cause Neil and Lewis still campaigning. Lamin still telling persons he is still a probability.

  5. @Mr. Antigua…”Until the ABLP can settle their issues with Asot Michael and St. Peters Constiuecy,” you say!?
    The Asot Michael issue(kick his Disco Dumpling Ass😿😈😿 out of Labour) has already being settled, according to PM Browne, the Big Dawg🐕, and his crew.
    Asots options…
    A…The Judiciary(time is against him).
    B…Run as an Independent(the majority of Labour supporters won’t support him), and he can’t win, since, the climate nor Culture supports Independent’s at this juncture of Our political journey).
    C…Run on another party’s ticket(now, this would be a Clash of the Titans). However, this would be following the next election, as it would give Asot time to recoup, regroup, reconnect with the People(something he’s always done well), all after he had led investigators and the Judiciary into the catacombs of Labour, and shook their roots to the core.
    Impossible, maybe but, many thought that Category 5 hurricanes wouldn’t be this frequent 40 years ago but hey, they’re now common place.

    Hurricane Gaston is schedule to make an appearance this year. Maria his wife and shield was the first Category 5. #Hurricane #Gaston will be the first Category SIX. Let’s see how much destruction it brings to ABLP new house sitting on Hallowed Ground!

    …Gaston might just be
    …creating De Perfect Jumbee Storm
    …blowing trough fram dust to dawn
    …wid dem Lady Nuggent Jumbees …and dem dat cum wid dem Hurricanes fram aff de sea,
    …Gud God, it could one Big Jumbee Jamboree!
    …dat even Papa VC,
    …will be, whining pan a big phat Boomsee!

  6. I thought the Big Issues is supposed to be a program disussing the major thing that happened during the week. Nothing significant happened with either of the 3 people.

    Why not interview JONATHAN JOSEPH?

    • So u want to conduct Observer’s programming? You are learning very quickly from your boss. We will be ridding our country of all dictators pretty soon.

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