‘Tug Life’ WANTED for Carlisle Bay robbery

Anthony Govia alias Tug Life


Police have issued a wanted bulletin for the immediate arrest of Anthony Govia alias “Tug Life” of Freemans Village. He is wanted in connection with a robbery which took place at the Carlisle Bay Hotel in Old Road on Saturday 30th June, 2018.

Police believed that he is heavily armed, and is therefore considered to be extremely dangerous. Members of the public are warned not to make any attempts to approach him if or when seen, but instead contact the Rapid Response Unit at 764-2348 or 4643938 or to call 911.

An appeal has also been for him to surrender himself at any police station with his attorney or any family member immediately.

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    • He not antguan he is a jamaican…..or from mars antigua dont produce shits …..jamaicans are born to commit crime it’s in there dna

      • Wait what he’s 102% Antiguan. What’s ur problem. Y’all love to call up Jamaicans. I’m kinda lost. I think every nationality has good and bad. Come off a Jamaicans back. Y’all disgusting now.

        • I was just joking pulling some coat tails just starting some steam ……jamaicans are very nice people i have 3 jamaicans as friends

      • Chups u sound so retarded he is 100% Antiguan. Sad to say by Antiguans do commit crimes to. Not only here in other countries where they migrate to. He mudda mussa hold she belly and bawl for the scum he turned out to be.

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  1. Everything you all blame foreigners… He’s full breed Antiguan …. Since u all love say Jamaicans or criminals that proves that antiguans imitate everything Jamaicans do

  2. I hope the police do a better job catching this suspect than they did with Delano Forbes. Police should stick to solving crime and stay out of the politics. Leave the Barbudans alone and work on fighting real crime.

  3. The person who first made the comment is the one who brought up Jamaicans…. every where u go in the world antiguans, Jamaicans, Guyanese etc name get call…. think casting judgements on islands gonna solve the problem??? As far as I see all y’all irrelevant on here. Every place u go have good egg and bad eggs. Stop bashing nationalities…. Antiguans aren’t the only one bashing Jamaicans
    Get a grip ppl

    • Not more than Jamaicans . No country wants Jamaicans in their place. Jamaicans DND is different

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