Trump eyeing executive order to end birthright citizenship


President Trump is vowing to sign an executive order that would seek to end the right to U.S. citizenship for children born in the United States to noncitizens, a move most legal experts say runs afoul of the Constitution.

The action, which Trump previewed in a television clip broadcast Tuesday, would be the most aggressive by a president elected to office pledging to take a hard line on immigration, an issue he has revived in advance of next week’s midterm elections.

“We’re the only country in the world where a person comes in and has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the United States for 85 years with all of those benefits,” Trump said during an interview with Axiosscheduled to air as part of a new HBO series starting this weekend. “It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. And it has to end.”

In fact, more than 30 countries, including Canada and Mexico, have similar policies.

Whether the contemplated move is legal, Trump seemed to welcome the controversy his comments ignited. The White House has been intent on stoking a debate over immigration as a way to motivate Trump’s base to turn out for midterm elections in which Republicans risk losing the House



  1. You go Donald. Do what you have to do. Show us what a true American really is. And you guys wonder why we are getting closer and closer to China. I call on our Wholesalers to start diverting their business to other countries like Canada and South America. Colombia comes here every year with a trade mission. They have lots to offer. Cuba has lots to offer. And hopefully they all wuill accept bitcoin as a payment method.

  2. I don’t agree with Trump on everything, but I do agree with him 100% on this topic of immigration. What is wrong with a country requiring people to follow the law and procedures to enter and stay in a country? To me, that is normal and logical and it is funny there is even a debate about illegal immigration. If you enter a country by not following the rules, you are illegal. Period.

    Also, I agree that it is totally stupid that citizenship is given just because a baby is born in a certain country. The law should be that either the Mother or the Father must be a citizen of the country in order for it to be passed down. Illegal people having babies in a countries and then claiming they have the right to stay because of that? Crazy!

    I think Antigua also has some stupid law about birthright citizenship and we should change it. If you want your baby to have Antiguan citizenship, then either the Father or Mother must be a citizen of Antigua. To me, that is logical and common sense! It is crazy for us to give citizenship to the babies of illegal migrants in Antigua.

  3. Essential to the condition of citizenship should be founded on the basis of where conception had taken place. Individuals entering the United States whose intentions are to deceive authorities with defiant acts associated with intentionally giving birth to a child simply to authenticate a level of citizenship should realize that: this is a practice which places the factor of support on the actual citizens, and legally admitted residents which is an actual financial burden. While an innocent child has not the ability to make a legal decision about his or birth right or citizenship of residency, the parent who violates United States Immigration laws should be held legally accountable. The United States cannot continue to foolishly sustain a system of compliance with those whose intentions are regarded as intrusive along with out-right acts by visitors and others who would abuse the system.

  4. I don’t agree with Trump with everything but i agree with him on immigration. Most of these immigrants are southern Americans who get the laws amended for them time and time again yet still don’t follow them. They end up on public assistance and tax payers have to pay for it. It is a burden and the only people who benefit are those walking in from southern America. Also most of the people flying to have babies in North America come and go on Medicaid/WIC so their hospital bill which would be over $100 000 including weekly doctor visits is paid for by tax payers after they fly away and leave. Trump is right when it comes to immigration. He’s not creating new laws, just enforcing what’s already on the books.

    • The constitution of the USA grants citizenship to all persons born there. Trump cannot change this by a stroke of his pen. He needs a constitutional amendment. What about children born to Green cardholders and other legal residents who are not citizens?
      Most countries will give citizenship to children and grand children of individuals born in their country but it is not automatic.
      If Trump were to succeed he could create a class of stateless people.
      Think this is campaign rhetoric.

    • Jackie, you are absolutely correct. While it is essential to allow appropriate permission for those whose applications are been approved through the Department of State along with other essential governmental concerns, the factors of seeking to address residency requires the necessary background check along with meeting other significant legal expectations associated with addressing the necessary clearance for entrance into the United States. Given the present climate of dangerous activities which are often heard about around the world…all matter for consideration must looked at.

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