Tropical Storm Warning To Be Discontinued


Forecaster Dale Destin says the Warnings associated with Tropical Storm Laura will be dropped, as of 11 pm.

He says ee are still likely to see some strong winds but not storm-force sustained winds that the criteria of a warning call for.

The TS is currently passing over the northern Leeward Islands.

Residents have reported largely calm conditions so far.



  1. Another weather hoax? What is the current percentage of reliability of weather forecasting in Antigua? I understand that it is not an exact science, but to be so way off, constantly only serves to make for a turned off public. People, continue to monitor storm activity since we are in the hurricane season. However, don’t limit your information source to the Antigua Met Office, though. They are a greater threat than the storms or hurricanes themselves!

    • @Anon the 1st
      Please do the next weather report if you can do a better job.

      Great job to Mr Destin and his staff. Continue to keep us informed.

  2. Nobody got this one right til the hurricane hunters flew in, and adjusted intensity and location. Our Met office does a commendable job.

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