Troops Open Live Ammunition On Protesters In Dominica, Two Injured


Reports reaching Dominica  News Online (DNO) indicate that two people have been shot in Salisbury as police bore down on the village this morning in an attempt to quell protest action by some of the residents.

According to the information, the village has been bombarded with teargas and at least two people were shot and injured.

DNO was told that one of those shot is a Haitian schoolboy.

The police have since confirmed that information to DNO.



  1. Are these people protesting peacefully? If so, then why firing live ammunition on the protesters? The military is well train and should have known better not to fire live ammunition on peaceful protesters. I have generation family roots in Dominica. My prayers go out to the people of Dominica.

    • How are they protesting peacefully when for 4 days now the place is ablaze? Visitors have to wade through rivers to get across fires.

    • These people protested yesterday. They were in their beds sleeping at 4am when they were awoken by teargas. The entire village was teargassed, not the protest area. Only after the people came out of the houses the police began shooting at them.

  2. What is really and truly going on there? Looks like Dominica catching hells. WHO is behind this? Is the Empire involved in any way?

    • No, the empire is not involved but we would like them to be. Barbados and Antiguan soldiers and police were the ones embedded with the Dominica police in this operation.

  3. it is not protestors they open fire on…it is a people of the community of Salibury woken out of their beds between 4 and 5 am this morning under a rain of teargas canisters from the so called regional peace keepers. They were not out on streets protesting. Report the damn news properly!

  4. Skerrit is responsible for this. He really is a horrible criminal person that the outside world will never respect ever again. Skerrit’s gofers are setting off tear gas in front of homes occupied by old people. Skerrit really is the personification of evil…so greedy to steal everything he can from his country.

  5. What is going on in Dominica is Caricom using the RSS to help their colleague ,comrade to subdue the wishes of a people for free and fair elections (electoral reform ), the same rite and privileges that these same Caricom leaders offer to their citizen.
    But I have a question for you Caricom heads, instead of sending your guns why didn’t you send your electoral people to assist ours with implementing electoral reforms , the same reforms you the OAS and Commonwealth told our PM he should implement?

  6. Thanks to the Prime Minister of Antigua Gaston Browne for your aid in the distractions of lives of our Dominican all we ask is simple votes ID and cleansing of the votes list and you send your forces to kill us. Anyone shoot and kill in Dominica their blood will be on your hands along with your colleagues who assistance Roosevelt.

  7. The village was asleep they were not protesting. This is the work of cowardly despotic minds. The President is to be held responsible, The Bishop is to be held responsible. The people of Dominica who make excuses for the excesses of this government is to be held responsible.
    Dominica go out yo vote tomorrow and vote Skerrit and his criminal enterprise out of Dominica.

  8. Antigua newsroom many thanks for the info but many important facts were left out of your newscast. But I will only address one of them being that this onslought of tear gas and live rounds of armunition which rained down at three to four in the morning was unwarranted. At a time when most are in a deep sleep, a village with families of elderly, children and babies were shocked awake by rounds of exploding teargas and shots being fired. Imagine too that there are adults and children who have not yet recovered from the trauma of Maria. The slightest loud noise at night, like heavy rain, the clap of thunder has them still traumatized; are now being assaulted by a barrage of an attack like they are in a war zone. And for what? Because a few burnt old logs to block a main road as an SOS to say help, we need reform, clean the voters list, give us ID cards? What is so warlike about that to deserve this onslaught and by our own people in the region? Children will be screaming at the slightest noise at night for years to come. Sad, so sad!

  9. With all this violent protesting taking place in Dominica, where is the voice of Mr. Linton who is the leader of the opposition and proposing to be the best person to lead the country. In my view if he has such confidence, now is the time to prove his worth and let his voice be heard in order to quell the situation there and face the polls in spite of the legitimate concerns that he has….. At the eve of an election, allowing such behaviour to take place from his supporters is definitely an indication of cowardness and a sign of smelling defeat…

  10. The village was asleep, yes but the selected few who have been protesting from since days ago, clearly weren’t. They were up early blocking those roads before people started going to school and work. That’s why the tear gas was used, not on those who were asleep.

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