Trial date set for 3 former UPP ministers in bus saga


Three former United Progressive Party Ministers accused of using three buses donated by the government of Korea for their own personal and financial benefit will go to trial on June 14.

Harold Lovell, Willmoth Daniel and Dr Jacqui Quinn, who are facing criminal charges of corruption, fraud, larceny and embezzlement, have all pleaded not guilty.

The three former ministers were charged in October 2019, two years after Magistrate Conliffe Clarke dismissed the case, which has to do with three Daewoo buses worth more than $600,000 that were donated to the former UPP administration by South Korea.

It is alleged that while they were in public office, the trio converted the buses for their personal use and had them registered at the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board in their names.

The three have always maintained their innocence and confidence that they will be vindicated.

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    To answer your Question..If this was ABLP Hon.Gaston Browne will make sure Harold Lovell RESIGN. ABLP transparent / honest Government.

  2. Well, la-dee-da. Looks like we’ve got an interesting time ahead of us. Let the truth be known. The court will determine the outcome. Guilty or Not Gulity it’s about time to get to the bottom of this. The innocent (?) have nothing to fear.


    These are very very SERIOUS charges. What say you both ??????

    • FREDERIC LAMPTON you guys are cracking me up especially JUST SAYING with his comment that the names are put back to front. The names are not back to front, they are read from right to left – Lovell, Daniel, Quinn. Yes the charges are serious but they are just POLITICAL PERSECUTION (not prosecution). The court will determine the guilt or innocence. The charges are badly put, for example, the conversion charge requires that one be a trustee of the property converted. Was any of the defendants trustee of the buses? The whole thing is a big joke. Anyway, I know this would be a field day for you guys. Where is FROM THE SIDELINE, PHILLIP G, CARSON B, PETE, RAWTID, TENMAN, G. GREAVES and CErmle.

      • Charles anyone knows, one is innocent untill proven guilty. And you as a member of the bar should not make statements of political prosecution in our justice system. There is a clear separation between the executive arm and the legal arm of governnance in this country. No party can trump up charges and tell the DPP they must pursue these. The UPP has tried that while in office. They even try to create a new office when they hired the Guyanese special prosicution given him powers only given to the police or the DPP. When they try to go after Cutie the DPP consistantly told them there was no case to answer, but they took it all the way up to the Privy Council and lost. As an officer of the court you should not spread miss-information. The BAR association should send you a warning letter. The police did an investigation presented the file to the DPP and the DPP in his own discretion decided whether or not to proceed with the case or not. And yes in my opinion the evidence that we the public have been provided withlooks like some of them like Daniel surely needs to answer how the bus in his name ended up to be redesigned as a mobile brothel. And then their was another bus in full party paraphernalia. And the sad part is that these buses were left abandoned in bushes and off road places. Totally destroying goverment assets given to us by the Government of South Korea. How do you think the South Korean government should feel about that if we never hold those that caused this accountable. I don’t think we can ever go back to them and ask for any gift whatsoever. So your party politics aside, let the court decide on the guilt or innocent of the accused.

        • I didn’t see these guys pocketing $600,000 from the sale of the busses, but Gaston’s son mama was involved in the sale of government’s land in Fryes Hill Which was said to have realized over $600,000. Gaston’s son was so smart that he was able to flip lands in Long for hundred of thousand in profit while the government made no money on their portion of lands sold.
          You keep talking about the independence of the judiciary, you should ask Asot Michael what he knows. Antigua is a small corrupt place.
          If these individuals are deemed to be guilty, they they will suffer the consequences.
          One reason the labour government has to go, is so we can jail all those labour people who stole government’s assets.
          The road engineer from Trinidad just announced the theft of funds from the road rehabilitation project.
          Gaston’s government is pursuing the charges for poorly political reasons.

  4. Has Gaston Browne signed a lease yet for the government lands he is using for his farm. How much rent is he paying?

  5. “Private use” : Eric the Red, please help me understand this.

    In the meantime $3 million ,according to the PM .disappeared from the port and somebody forged his signature and the police seeming have looked the other way.
    Only in Antigua

    What say You of these charges? UPP DISHONEST Government. DESERT waiting your response. Are looking for a new LEADER. ?

      • @ CAROLE
        UPP must get a new Leader. A little fly on the wall told that there is upset in the UPP board room. SERPENT, PEARL ,CLEON fighting to be the UPP LEADER. They say that UPP Cannot go into election with POOR HAARY. WHAT A TING.

  7. @ .

    Daniel pants are getting tighter. Who are the DEFENSE Lawyers.. TABOR and CHAKU.???? .HELP HELP

    DESERT ROSE do you know if Wilmoth Daniel still wear tight pants?

  8. So somebody donates a gift to the people in my community and I hold on to it instead? Stiff competition between Sherfield Bowen and these 3.

  9. Where is My Friend DESET ROSE hiding ?I told Tabor DESERT ROSE will burnt shortly. Did not predicted so soon.

  10. The country knows these charges are a load of bull. Labour people rode these buses to go to community activities all the time. Gaston Browne is so afraid of Harold Lovell that he would rather try to take him out with trumped up charges than face him at the ballot box.
    Harold Lovell owns you. So you are trying hard to keep him out of the elections.
    You are nothing but a bald bully and a BIG COWARD.
    Warning to the UPP. When you go back there, be careful who you hire. This case would have been history if it was not for one of the so called experts you hired who seem to have it in for you all.

  11. Is this the Sir Grorge Walter syndyome in full effect which is meant to affect, the though processes of the electorate?
    Or just another ploy, to fool those who are illiterate and could careless about these alleged crooks and their mistake’s?
    Gud god could you please let’s know, what it takes for all of these alleged crooks and criminals, who won’t go to jail but instead keep sipping on CockTails even when they’ve made their bail.

    I’ll tell you what, as a matter of fact the People deserve much, much more than that.

  12. All I’m saying the law is there for the lawless, 🚌 – farm-land- rape. ,I wonder what the ballots will look like when all law breakers gone quarantine 🤔

  13. Another thing. You know Charles the only thing that baffels me is that Harold of all person is a lawyer a legal minded person that knows the law of the country. He was minister of Finance. How could he allowed himself to get in this type of misschief. I mean whether innocent or not. How can he get involved into having a government property transfered into his name without cabinet approval for that matter. I mean if the government was selling assets their are procedures to follow. The only one I will excuse for not understanding the law is Daniel. He is known not to be the smartest of all. Allthough he has the most to answer when it comes to questionable spending of government resources. And I’m referring to the monies spend on side walks in the city of St. John’s. I have personally seen a contract with Glasgow for the some of the work and it is crazy what happened. And we can see the results up to today when we walk in town. To rectify all of this we will have to dig up all the gutters in town and remove the ratta condominiums. Whenever we have heavy rains its all floading in town. But that is another ineptness of the UPP that stares us right in the face everyday.

    • @From The Sideline – you certainly know when to comment and when not to. This is a novel you wrote here. Still nothing about Gaston vs Asot in parliament. Still nothing on all the land swaps.
      Still not requesting an inquiry re the odobrecht scandal. Can’t defeat you at all

  14. Some (no, too many) of you write too much dunceness and stupidness in these blogs. WTF.

    You have nothing factual nor intelligent to say. You write because the process is so easy. When someone brings up a topic, you have nothing to say about it. You don’t read, you don’t think intelligently, so you write some crap and nonsense.
    You’re like those duncing people who call into the radio everyday with their crap and a-s kissing just because they have data on their phones and they could use their fingers to dial. You can even hear the radio host trying hard to tolerate them. The political stations callers are the absolute worst. They are puffed up just to hear their voice on the radio, and they boast to other people how they handle this one and they handle that one. Enough of this illiteracy.
    Word of advice. just read what sensible people are writing and stay the hell out of the blogs. Just listen to what sensible people are saying and stay the hell off the radio, you bunch of duncing nitwits and numbskulls.

  15. If they are guilty and there’s evidence to prove so, lock them up and throw away the keys. They deserve to be held on a higher level. If not, end it and stop dragging this shit out.

    All politicians need to be held to a higher standard and tougher sentencing for them all. I don’t care which party they are with.

    As for the sexual predators, one down and the one for Parham needs to be pulled in to. One by one, they all need to pay for their nastiness. Especially the one that touch up the young girl after the funeral of a very high profile person a few years ago.

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