Trial against Michael Browne MP to start next week

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-DAILY OBSERVER-The criminal trial against former Education Minister Michael Browne is due to start next week.

The All Saints West MP was charged with a serious offence – which cannot be disclosed for legal reasons – in November last year.

Yesterday, he arrived at the High Court in anticipation of the trial which had been slated to begin on Thursday. However, the virtual complainant had not been apprised of the date, hence the adjournment.

There are likely to be eight witnesses who will be called to testify when the trial, tipped to last three days, begins next Friday in the presence of Justice Colin Williams.

MP Browne is currently on $15,000 bail.

Removed from his ministerial post last year in the wake of the allegations, he has held his constituency seat since 2014.



  1. This is so sad. He held so much promise, and could have been a great Antiguan, but now (no matter what the verdict) he’s done. Yes, it’s very sad.

      • `I like that response. People tend to write off people because of a set back. If that was indeed the case then we should just burn the Bible because the whole ethos of the Good Book is about fallen man and the redemptive power of God. Unfortunately, we now assume the role of God armed with the power to cancel people at will… Until it’s us or our children… If he did something wrong then there are provisions for that… Whether innocent or guilty God’s love is unwavering…Neither do I condemn you go and sin no more!!!

  2. Religion really has you all acting like fools. The man is accused of a serious offense and you all are acting like it’s a minor thing. God my ass.

  3. He is already done. Had so much promise but was never about the people, only dressing up in his fancy ties and ascots like a clown to go parliament. And of course the perks of free travel and per diems.
    Us youth ask for a chance to lead and then behave in such an immature way.

  4. Let’s see..One day you challenge Gaston, the next day your gone…quite obvious whats going on here. I dont think there is much of a case here.

  5. Y’all just sickening!! Y’all know that Pm and the current minister of Education behind this!!
    How she doesn’t know she has court but playing netball in St Marteen! Give me a break!

    Karma is real!

  6. Mr. Browne when u get off of this set up! I repeat don’t work with your enemies!! Gaston doesn’t like u! You can challenge him…so u had to go! Keep your head up.

    They that did this will reap!!

  7. No victim leaves the country same day when u have a trail and allege such a crime..please! Net ball more important than this? Women stop setting men up for a dollar! Bet u can’t sleep a nite time! God sees!

  8. i would not be surprise if this boy following he other comrades and taking all kinds of things without consent. but if you take anything without consent that can be real problem. anyway i hear he not only take he give generous to anybody whether they drive forward good or they expert at reversing vehicles.

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