Trevor Walker still pushing the idea of Barbuda being an independent state


The Member of Parliament for Barbuda Trevor Walker says Barbuda should be given the chance to determine its own future.

The Gaston Browne administration is opposed to the idea.

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    Run from this…this son of Beelzebub before you all end up living in the sea. Your lives will be better. Ask, no, inform the state that Barbuda will be petitioning for separation. You have enough grounds to make a case. You will not suffer. You have endless resources and there are those inside and outside who will help you, because even Ray Charles could see the advantage you are getting.

    Sorry that UPP was not in charge because you would not have to run from this man who makes Hitler look like Mother Theresa. UPP fooling around with him, talking and trying to make him change.
    That? Change? UPP dreaming. They playing softball with Gaston. Too much damn talking and hoping. The leaders need to get some fire in their belly. Stop the damn educated talking and start talking politics. That is what they need to do. Gaston Atila the Hun-Adolph Hitler- Stalin – Putin Browne will not just give it to them. They have to fight him hard for it. He has too much to lose, including time spent in 1735. Alister needs to talk less (if that is possible) and start an aggressive campaign down in the belly of the beast. Time to start the hard fighting. The people behind them and waiting for them to make their move. The women they have need help to raise their game. Too much focus on who look nicer than who in their white clothes.

    If they don’t step up, then we want you to be the next Prime Minister. You have gut and not afraid to tell them like it is.

    • Trevor Myke Walker is a Barbudan politician and former CABINET MINISTER under the Baldwin Spencer administration.

      During the “sunshine government” years, what SPECIFICALLY did Trevor Walker do to help DEVELOP Barbuda???????????????

  2. The Member of Parliament for Barbuda Trevor Walker needs to stop ASKING for the right of Barbadians’ to determine their own future and just SUCCEED from the union!

    • he is a COWARD! He is just toying with the emotions of the Barbudans as usual. If things are so bad between you and your partner, why wait for them to leave you, why not make your exit? He does this everytiime to toy with the psyche of the people of Barbuda.

  3. “…and seem to be on a protracted path of
    1). IDLENESS
    3). DRUG ABUSE
    8).UNPRODUCTIVITY. People don’t want to work
    10).People badminded and just covet other people
    13).Council say work til 4 o’clock or 5 o’clock. You warn go home 10 o’clock
    And the last one which I find is the most profound for me:
    ~Member of Parliament Trevor Walker

  4. Recall under the UPP where, this two tongued devil, he was a cabinet member, government deciding it was going to sell performing state assets. Among them was State insurance Corporation, this was going to be the first of many. As far as his giving the wrong impression that Barbuda is a net contributor to A&B, though I suspect that’s now about to happen, Walker statement shows ingratitude. Antigua tax money should develop Barbuda, and it then divorces us this ingrate suggests. Boss we making investments, and dividends should be coming our way in the future, or give us back our money with interest. This should not be a one sided marriage.

    • tenman, Trevor has his Foots on Barbudans neck. The new plural of foot introduced by the highly intelligent Pearl Quinn Williams.

      • “Foots in neck” Pearl Quinn Williams 23 March, 2022🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 pearl just proved that she is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Gyal head EMPTY EMPTY EMPTY. Even a primary school student knows the plural of foot is not “FOOTS”
        C’mon pearly gates ex-bank teller. Empty vessels make the most noise fu chew.

        “FOOTS” my foot!! 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Trevor is seeing the writing on the wall. The end of the BPM ERA. Barbudans are experience growth and wealth creation they have never felt before. And when the day comes that they can own their own property for $1.00. That will be the final nail in the BPM’s coffin. As Bob Marley sang, “You can fool some people sometime, but you can’t fool all the people all the time”.

    • Well said 🎯 the constituency of Barbuda is progressing under the LABOUR PARTY 🥳 👏 🇦🇬

      Trevor has is a FAILURE!!! An MP who refused to help advance and help DEVELOP Barbuda.

    • For your education: Bob Marley may have sung it but Abraham Lincoln is believed to have originated it around 1858.

      “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

      • Thanks for the education. But you need to learn to read and understand what I said. Never claimed anywhere that Bob Marley is the only one or the first one that made that statement. I was simply referring to his song in which a line of his lyrics is. “As Bob Marley sang? Abraham Lincoln did not sing it.

      • We are a unitary state. The land already belongs to the people of Antigua and Barbuda. And not Barbuda people alone. And therefore, is Crown Land and the government of the day has the say over Crown Land. not the BPM.

        • Say that when they win at the privy council. We know what happens to prime crown lands In Antigua and Barbuda.

  6. Member of Parliament for Barbuda Trevor Walker said, “We want to get an expert in to do a report for us as to the personnel and the job descriptions so that they can produce a report to the Barbuda council.”


  7. I challenge anyone to really listen carefully to Trevor Walker in this clip and not come to the conclusion that he is both DISLOYAL and TREASONOUS to the unitary state of Antigua and Barbuda. The UPP should be held accountable for harbouring a secessionist as part of its team. Montserrat Trevor Walker (yes, he’s not a true Barbudan) is advocating a break-up of our unitary state, and the UPP tacitly approves of it. Do you understand why that party ought not be allowed anywhere near the reins of government again?

    Trevor Walker wants Antigua to develop Barbuda, then he gets to secede with all of the infrastructure and investments that would have come because of Barbuda being a member of our unitary state. Surely, this is DISLOYALTY and TREASONOUS intent of the highest order.

    • The ACT of submitting a document of secession to the Antigua Government can’t possibly be Treasonous as it is merely the submittal of a legal document. It’s the actions that follow that MAY or may not be treasonous. What could Antigua actually DO about it anyway? Use their massive Air Force, Army and Navy to stop them?

    • All people have a right to self determination. If Barbuda is such a burden, why not let them go if they vote for it. You want to develop Barbuda for foreigners and Antiguan Politicians, not for Barbudans.

    • Are you pretend to love non nationals and now pushing Trevor is Montserratan. Who cares whether he is Barbudan or not? Are you only love non nationals when you looking for votes and don’t really like them.

  8. Trevor, we all know you want to be KING OF BARBUDA, but it’s not going to happen. Come next election, the good people of Barbuda will kick your ass into the sea. The only Kingship still available is KING OF REDONDA, but there are aleady too many imposters claiming that title. You can fight for that title. KING OF REDONDA suits you.

  9. “I Was Born Racist!” – Barbuda MP Trevor Walker

    ‘You are f–king ridiculous,’ Barbuda MP Trevor Walker tells PLH official

  10. I like Trevor, but he does himself a disservice with this crazy talk. By any yardstick, Barbuda is not even ready for crown colony status never mind Independence.

    • They can stay put or go to Monserrat. At lease they will get all of the foreign aid and just what is left over

      • How? swim?
        You forget its Maduro had to send his military plane to evacuate them. Where were our big friends to the north. You think England would send a plane down to evacuate them to Montserrat?

        • Say that when they win at the privy council. We know what happens to prime crown lands In Antigua and Barbuda.

        • At the first winds of a hurricane, all them rich people with their mansions will just up and get the hell out and Barbudans can move in Hoping they don’t come back.

    • If you remember, that category 5 hurricane suddenly veered right just before it was about to clobber Antigua. It could have just as easily hit us instead of Barbuda.

  11. “Member of Parliament (MP) for Barbuda Trevor Walker yesterday LASHED OUT at Barbudans for their DEPENDENCE on the Barbuda Council.
    “It’s so amazing to me that 1,500 people cannot get together to try and organise themselves in a way that they can help themselves, and I take blame for that too,” he said. “All that we do is to go to this broke Barbuda Council that has no money, borrow everything that we want, and the same Barbuda Council depends on the central government every week every month for transfers. It’s just not sustainable.”
    “At the end of the day, we cannot have it both ways. We cannot want to live the Antigua life and want to have the Barbuda lifestyle”

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