Trevor Walker Stands Up Against PM Browne’s Plan To Strip Barbuda Council’s Authority

PM Gaston Browne and Barbuda MP Trevor Walker

Barbuda Member of Parliament Trevor Walker says that the Barbuda Council will not allow the Prime Minister to strip the council of its responsibilities.

Recently, Browne declared that he will be going to Parliament next week to strip the Barbuda Council of at least two of its responsibilities: its authority over sand-mining and subleasing.

This endeavor comes after the Barbuda Council made a formal request, last month, to the Chief Town and Country Planner at the Development Control Authority (DCA) for a stop order on the construction work being done by the Peace Love and Happiness (PLH) company.

Browne also added that he will further observe the actions of the council and will resort to amending the law further to strip them of authority if necessary.

However, Walker opposes Browne saying if the parliament were to strip the council’s responsibilities, it would be deemed as unconstitutional.

“The Parliament has no authority to amend the Local Government Act Cap 44 unless a resolution is sent to the clerk [of Parliament] by the Council, and the Barbuda Council will not send a resolution to the clerk,” Walker explained.

Walker added that, ” if this is how the Prime Minister is going to treat Barbuda then he has to put on the table the future relationship of Antigua and Barbuda.”



  1. Trevor Walker need to understand that Barbuda is earmark to become a private island like Jumby Bay. What the Top Dwag wants he gets.
    However, Mr. Walker need to take his head out of the sand and smell the coffee because there is no future relationship with Antigua and Barbuda. What I can advice Mr. Walker is to separate Barbuda from Antigua and returns the island back to England leadership.

  2. TREVOR WALKER…Why are you standing in the way of PROGRESS for Barbuda ? Trevor you are ONE SELFISH Person. I am totally disappointed in you. Remember you are a so called CHRISTIAN. I have never heard Trevor Walker put forward a PROGRESSIVE plan for Barbuda. Trevor Walker just want to keep Barbuda in a POOR State while Trevor Walker and His Family keep on getting richer everyday. Trevor does not want to see another GAS station OWNER in Barbuda. Very Selfish Person. Barbudans Wake up and run Trevor out of Office. I know the Hon. Gaston Browne has the best plan for Barbuda and Barbudans.

  3. Trevor Walker I hope You will see the BIGGER picture before you are too OLD. I am at a loss why Trevor Walker is AGAINST PROGRESS. Hon. Prime Minister Please DO NOT back down. Follow your plan. Hon. Gaston Browne is the Future for Barbuda.

  4. Well well well , Trevor forgot we are one country, I want to see my country A@B advance and move forward . I want to visit Barbuda and see hotels, shops, pubs, Game Center’s , cinemas, discos, restaurants etc and if Trevor and his BPM minions want to stop progress over and over just to continue be king of the ashes I pray for them . Mr PM Gaston Browne we elected you and ur gov 15/17 seats in Parliament to run this country and not to be intimidated or scared of any noise coming from any economic obstructionist , you have the majority of the people in this country behind ur government. Take the bull by the horn Mr PM and I know u don’t get scared easily . Let Trevor do wat Eva he wants to do he will fail. This behavior of the BPM council has got to stop there is only 1 gov and 1 Prime Minister and for all who say let Barbuda go, the Majority in Parliament would never vote in favor and the majority of Antiguans would never vote in favor and besides if it ever happens which I doubt the English people would sweep in and take all the lands from them , so Trevor would fail and fail miserably.

  5. Please reign in Pringle and script all his public conversations. This should be the first strategic push for the ailing party and this goes for annoying sounding Tabor as well. UPP need a sound strategy because they are not financially endowed as ABLP
    Listened to Damani Tabor on the SnakePIT this evening….Please Harold Lovell Please take Damani Tabor off the Radio…He is doing the UPP more HARM than Good. This Guy repeats the same thing OVER and OVER. Very BORING

  6. Trevor Walker knows exactly what he is doing…. A one eye man is always considered to be a king in a blind man’s country….. Trevor realizes that the Barbudans gives him that respect bcuz of who is. Hence he chooses to take advantage of it for political power… As a result, the blinded Barbudans have now become deprived of economical progress…… The PM needs to take the bull by the horn and definitely strip the council of such responsibilities so that progress can be made in Barbuda…. Its long overdue…!!

  7. The Dictator Browne bullying as usual. Our country is being sold out especially to the Chinese. Gaston needs to be stopped before it’s too late and it’s already close to that point. Once the Chinese take over and Gaston has been paid off, he will be riding off into the sunset leaving us all behind. For those of you who voted for him, if you think he taking you with him, keep on thinking. You’ll be left behind and forced to find table scraps from another source. I hope your descendants will be ok or maybe you only care about the now and not tomorrow. All those special favors you’re getting today will be a thing of the past.


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