Trevor Walker Plans To Stop Major Tourism Venture In Barbuda

Trevor Walker

Barbuda Member of Parliament Trevor Walker says he will oppose aspects of the Peace Love & Happiness project on environmental grounds.

Billionaire John Paul DeJoria is reportedly spending $325 million in construction on PLH Ocean Club on Barbuda.

The development will feature luxury amenities such as a super yacht marina and 18-hole golf course.

Speaking in Barbuda, today Walker said despite talk of the PLH project “I just want to assure the public that Barbuda Council runs Barbuda not PLH or any other company.”

“And I want to make it abundantly clear that our position has been that we are not going to compromise the integrity of our environment for anybody,” Walker told residents.

He said based on reports from environmental experts the construction of the golf course planned as part of the development cannot go ahead.

“When the council is formally set up we are going to have a formal meeting and we shall pass a resolution that based on the information that we have received, expert information, a golf course is not suited at Palmetto Point,” the MP said.

He defended his silence on the project saying that he wanted to have proper information before commenting.

Walker said he also won’t allow “anybody to build anything on cunel, that strip down there again.”

Walker who is the Deputy Chairman of the Barbuda Council and leader of the Barbuda Peoples Movement denied that he was opposing for the sake of it.

“Tell me since 2018 what have we blocked, and so we must get out of this fallacy, our intention is to do what’s best for us as a people and we must put our self first,” he said.

The Barbuda MP said he will also be insisting that Barbudans be given the first right when it comes to work on hotel projects by PLH.

“We have no problem with people coming here to work because I see people coming on the ferry to work but I insist we should be at the front of the line….or else you pack your little georgie bundle and you go about your business.”

Barbuda Ocean Club is a private residential resort community developed by Discovery Land Company.

It promises, an unparalleled family-oriented, adventure lifestyle for discerning residents.

Miles of beach, world-class golf, ocean adventure, personal service and incredible opportunities for family fun. Come play!


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  1. TREVOR WALKER opposes EVERYTHING that will UPLIFT Barbuda. Trevor Walker wants to be the only Wealthy Barbudan . Shame on you Trevor Walker.

    • WHAT!!!! Trevor “wealthy”. He don’t look wealthy. He don’t act wealthy. He mus be a wealthy wannabe???? As for Barbuda, Walker and his ilk can live in the dark ages if they want to, but that’s not what Barbudans want. This is 2020.

  2. Give me an aspirin. Now we listening to expert information. Tell us who the expert is/are. What about the people “experts” that say sand mining should stop in the same area? Sand mining posses a greater risk than a golf course.

  3. What is Trevor’s VISION for Barbuda? From 2004 – 2014 what development did he implement in Barbuda? I don’t blame him though. I blame the people who drank the koolaid from this political Jim Jones MP. One thing I keep hearing over and over is that Trevor has 10 tongues. He will agree with development in PRIVATE, but will sing a different tune in PUBLIC. This man must be a god in Barbuda.

    • Are you saying I am dumb for asking where these people from Barbuda come from to be opposing everything concerning the development of the island? What then is your vision for the island?

  4. @Hmmmmmmmm

    I am in AGREEMENT with you. Trevor Walker has more than 10 tongues. He Agrees with you in PRIVATE and DISAGREE in PUBLIC. When are Barbudans will wake up and see the NON SENSE Trevor Walker is doing to Them. This is a TOTAL DISGRACE TREVOR WALKER. When You and UPP in 2004 to 2014 Trevor Walker did NOTHING for Barbuda. Barbudans Trevor Walker is KEEPING DOWN BARBUDANS. Trevor Walker and His Family alone must be SUCCESSFUL. BARBUDANS PLEASE WAKE UP AND LET US DRIVE TREVOR WALKER out of town. As a Barbudan I am very UPSET. SHAME ON TREVOR WALKER.

  5. I am at a loss to understand why Barbudans will support Trevor Walker. Trevor has been pulling wool over Barbudans EYES for years. WAKE UP BARBUDANS.

  6. @confuse……You are really CONFUSE . I hope you are NOT from Barbuda. Take a good look at the situation and you…Mr. CONFUSE tell me what Trevor Walker has done for Barbuda / Barbudans for the years Trevor Walker was in the UPP Administration 2004 to 2014. Looking forward to hearing from you MR. CONFUSE. Do NOT be like your name.

  7. It so true in that visionless Politican can be King of his blind followers. With advancement of education and technology voter’s are still following these incompetent leaders. People wake up from your eye’s wide shut. You’re sleeping much too long.

  8. This is baloney. I have not ever heard of anywhere in the world that a golf course is an environmental hazard. To the contrary this type of development bring so much back to the environment. It uses lots of water to keep the grass green and create more natural inhabitant for the animals and birds around. Even crocodiles seems to hangout around the golf course in Miami.
    This guys is just an obstacle for the development of Barbuda in whatever way he can. When will Barbudans open their eyes and ears and start standing up for their future. A golf course of that caliber will put Barbuda on the map of golfers all over the world, And this customers are of the wealthiest class.

  9. Prior to any development in Barbuda, one cannot overlook the fact that Barbuda is below sea level….. As a result the environment will be of great importance for its natural protection…. However, I am the sure the engineers, technicians and those in authority will take Barbuda’s environ into consideration and do the best for Barbuda……

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