Trevor Walker Explains Photo With PM Browne

PM Browne hugs Walker and other Barbuda residents during ceremony in Barbuda on Friday 14 August, 2020/Office of the Prime Minister photo


Twenty Barbudans are feeling grateful at this moment as they return to a sense of normalcy, especially now during the hurricane season. Special thanks to all the committed agencies, institutions and donors who’ve made this possible.

However, yesterday, Gaston Brown wanted to display to the world that the relationship between the two islands is strong as ever that he threw his hands over my shoulder which was just a photo op moment.

I want to make it clear that I am not interested in a false display of camaraderie.

I’m fully aware of others to whom Gaston Brown has done this disingenuous act, which doesn’t reflect reality of the relationship, and frankly made him uncomfortable.

It is quite evident that the ABLP government has neglected Barbuda and is only interested in squandering our resources to their benefit without accountability.

The government of Antigua and Barbuda boasted of the efforts it took to get the Hanna Thomas rehabilitated, but not only did It took over 3 years to repair the hospital, which left Barbudans without proper medical services, but in a matter of weeks the government could’ve refurbish an entire ward at the old Holberton Hospital. Clearly, it shows that the people in this island doesn’t matter!

Gaston used the ceremony yesterday to speak about PLH, which he claims to be the savior for the state. He saw it fit to mention the pros of this development, but did he ever give way to the concern citizens of Barbuda who’s livelihood is at stake? What about the inequities in the lease? Where is the benefit for Bardudans? How will the people of Barbuda be compensated for the outrageous damages done at the Palmetto area? The people demand answers!

The people of Barbuda will not permit the PLH to continue to destroy our most precious assets in the Palmetto Point protected area and the Lagoon National Park. PLH has chosen to take cover under the PM, supplying him with video footage for him to use to denigrate elected members and Barbudans on his social media page. These actions and their total disregard and disrespect of the local government has made them not welcome here anymore. No amount of trinkets, inducements and photos ops will change that fact.

We will continue to denounce the disrespect towards our local elected members when trying to address issues surrounding the so called “peace, love and happiness.”

If the leader of the nation would utilize his power of persuasion which he claims to have and urge the developers to stop and consult with the Barbuda Council and the Barbudan people, it would show that he is somewhat concerned about the people of Barbuda.

Is Gaston Brown not attending to the cries of the people because he says that PLH is what the nation is depending on economically? Is this the breadbasket project? Then why is Gaston Brown withholding funds owe to the Barbuda Council?

The PM has continuously disrespected the people of Barbuda; Not only by withholding monies to the Barbuda Council, but by calling us all sorts of names (to include deracinated imbeciles, dunce elements, economic terrorist, squatters etc). We as a people should not be living under such leadership! It’s time the future relationship of the two islands be discussed with a view to free the people of Barbuda.

This government never had the best interest of the people of Barbuda at heart, but rather, they insist on exploiting the patrimony of the Barbudan people to enrich themselves.

The people of BARBUDA will continue to press on for good leadership, we will continue to speak up against the ills of the Gaston Brown Administration, and most importantly we will continue to advocate for a future for Barbuda that omits government oppression and exploitation.

Hon. Trevor M. Walker
Parliamentary Representative for Barbuda



  1. What more you guys want? Our Guts !!! Antigua and Antiguans reach out so much to these lazy , ungrateful bunch of people,even all the business reach out and still no gratitude nothing, What a bunch of people, having Antiguans wash , cook and clean while they lay back drink rum and play dominoes

    • You could not have said it better. Every body works for the counsel. Doing what? 4 hours work for 8 hour pay.
      He has his service station, his money sure. Hear what dont sell and fuel to the project. How about that. No fuel they cant work. I bet he wont do that.
      Ten years and nothing do over their to further the economy

      • @Ibaba: You say,everybody works for the Council.Why you do not ask Arthur Nibbs.Why he ballooned the Council.When he was in charge of that Council from 2014 to 2018.He was the Barbuda Representative in Parliament.

  2. Mr Walker, with all due respect, the way the Barbuda Council has behaved since the BPM has been re-elected is nothing short of shameful. You claim that the government is only interested in exploiting Barbuda for personal gain. This is utter hogwash. The problem is that the BPM has opposed any and every development project that the ABLP government attempts to pursue. At the same time, the Council expects the government to provide a monthly subvention to the Council. The Barbuda Council does not want development that will allow it to be a net contributor to the economy, yet expects the government to provide it. How does one reconcile the two? That is absolute puerile thinking.

    The other day in the Parliament you spoke about your desire for secession from Antigua. I urge you to do an economic study (because I’m told that you possess a degree in Economics) on whether the population of Barbuda can sustain any viable economy. Do remember secession means that you now take care of ALL responsibilities. What is the probable tax base that you would be looking at? What level of taxation would be possible? Is that sufficient to sustain a future independent Barbuda? I am sure the answers you will find would not be comforting.

    My observation is that the present Barbuda Council is unwilling to work with the government, preferring to adopt a stance that everything it wants it must get. The Council wants to dictate to the government how development is to take place in the State. It seems that the Council believes that it is equal or superior to the central government when to comes to matters of Barbuda. This is flawed thinking. In a unitary state, the central government is in charge, and that is a fact that the present Council does not respect. Therein lies the crux of the issue.

  3. If you know you feel uncomfortable why allow him to put his arm around you?
    I think Gaston should leave Barbuda alone! Meaning cut them off, when they have to get up off them ass and look work they will know. They need to start pay taxes to. why should Antigua be sending our hard working earnings to those ungrateful set of people? They will suffer in the end. God nar sleep.

  4. For a leader his behavior is reprehensible. Under no circumstances I would encourage any child to emulate him. Know I have a better understanding of the Barbudans. However, they can’t continue to have a guy with such poor conduct and hatred leads them. Get someone else to represent them caused their future looks gloomy.

  5. These politicians are friends behind close doors and when in public they behave like they hate one another while some people will even want to kill their relatives and good friends to defend politicians.

    • @Alex…the leader of the DNA made similar comments, about the members of Parliament several years ago.
      The majority of these politicians are of the Order Of Blood Suckers, whose mascot is the female Aedes Aegypti mosquito, and we know how deadly she can be, to the HUEman population by what she’s able to carry and spread.

  6. Go ahead and seek independence ! You will be the next Haiti of the Caribbean. Please do start the talks without haste. #Barexit

  7. Trevor, it’s true the PM put his arm over your shoulder, BUT then YOU held on to his hands. LOOK AT THE PICTURE. I still say they need to read you out of the church. In my opinion, you cannot be trusted. It is YOU who held the PMs hand. I said YOU!

  8. Mr. Prime Minister, you are on record as saying that the A.B.L.P. will not be fielding candidate/candidates in any elections on Barbuda because of the destructive nature of the present Council and as far as the A.B.L.P. is concerned it is about the development of Barbuda.

    Sir, you are a big man and you make your own decision(s) but I WOULD NOT HAVE ATTEMPTED TO REACH OUT TO TREVOR WALKER, IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER, as I believe you were trying to do in the photograph that everyone is talking about.

    Antigua buy law has certain responsibilities to Barbuda and they should be met as circumstances dictate, but I would just leave/ignore the present council and concentrate steadfastly on the development of Barbuda.

    I can understand that you believe it is your duty as leader and a human being to keep reaching out BUT JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF IN HIS LIFE-TIME HAD REASONS TO SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

    Sir, you need to understand that NOT EVERYONE WILL BE SAVED. Some will perish.

    That is just the reality of life, but TO EACH HIS/HER OWN.

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  9. Let them go! Free them from the bondage of slavery created by the constitution convention that created the state of Antigua and Barbuda. They want autonomy. Give it to them. No longer will the tax payers in Antigua continue to fund there corrupt council, provide security, medical services, water, electricity ,medications, sanitation. Public works, etc….they know best how they want their 62 square miles to look like. Free them! The UN will adopt them and install Mr. Walker as President. Full stop!!!!!

  10. Why is the Prime Minister’s hand on the young lady’s breast?

    This photograph is inappropriate and I await the female activist pronouncement on the PM’s hand on the female breast.

    If that was in the US for sure he would resign by Monday. The people of America a real country would not tolerate that type of public display.


      I have followed your utterances on this medium and FLIP FLOP all the times. You should APOLOGIZE for what you just mentioned of our PRIME MINISTER. You should be ASHAMED of yourself. Our Prime Minister is an HONOURABLE PERSON. Melchisedec you are a PERVERT.SHAME ON YOU MELCHISEDEC. Wish you would mention your real name. You are a NASTY PERSON MELCHESEDEC.

      You are a MALICIOUS ASS. PROPAGANDA DUNCE. Wish We know your real name so the Prime Minister could SUE the pants off You. DIRTY PERSON MELCHISEDEC.

    The Prime Minister Hand is not on the Lady’s Breast. You are like Tabor trying to find any reason to denounce our Hon.Prime Minister. You should stop it.

    • Mr.S.LLOYD do you really think that I look for a reason to denounce the Prime Minister? I don’t. I try with my comments to be as honest and objective as possible. However, if the Prime Minister needs to be denounced I will do so and when he deserves praise I will give it to him.

  12. Melchisedec is a blind, malicious, sexual pervert! Rather than condemn that man cum bwoy for his grossly inappropriate conduct, he seeks to dilute the narrative by creating non-existent images from his own perverse mind. Why don’t some people just go to hell… and stay there! To those clamoring for granting Barbuda independence, I strongly disagree. As a proud Antiguan, I have been containing my patience and anger for too long now, towards the unfair treatment being received by Antiguans in relation to Barbudans. We keep repeating that we are constitutionally one state. So explain to me how it can be constitutionally just to bestow special treatment to Barbudans to the total exclusion of Antiguans. Antiguans AND Barbudans can purchase land in Antigua if able, but Antiguans are barred by law from purchasing lands on Barbuda. Where is the justice in this? So please don’t tell me about simply cutting them off and leaving them be. To this I say a vociferous no. My taxes have over the years been used to prop up Trevor and his goons. I have absolutely no problem getting rid of this vexatious, unwanted problem that Barbuda has become, but NOT before she repays to the Treasury of Antigua some reasonable compensation dating back to 1834. Or better yet, by way of conciliation I humbly recommend that the island of Redonda by granted to Trevor and his goon squad and any other Barbudan willing to serve him. Given the tiny size of the population (fewer than 2000), they should be able to fit in snugly – a perfect win win for all concerned. We would be rid of Trevor and his goons forever and Trevor could then crown himself king/President/Emperor/Prime Minister /governor/Monarch of all he surveyed. Should he fail :to attract the requisite numbers for his kingdom/empire, I am sure that ;Antiguans would be more than happy to return to Redonda the rats and wild goats they removed some time last year. So you see, a truly win-win situation!

  13. Take note that although the PM placed his arm on Trevor’s shoulder, it is TREVOR who is reaching up and holding his hand. Look at it. What the heck is this??????

  14. Let’s not get carried away. The PM explained that Trevor was in fact in the process of removing the PM’s hand from resting on his shoulder. This version is clearly substantiated by the look of indignation on Trevor’s face. Trevor, poor fella, realizes that his days as tribal village headhunter are rapidly coming to an end. He might as well just negotiate a respectable accommodation for himself and his band of outlaws in the present and future scheme of things. Surely they must have something to contribute to the ongoing process of developing Barbuda. Nobody is entirely worthless.

  15. There is so much wrong with this picture. Look at the Prime Minister, Gaston Browne. Look at his appearance. Even worse look at his left hand. Isn’t it on the young lady’s breast? What is his hand doing on her breast and not on her shoulder? He seems to be giving the impression that he and Walker are pals. The poor guy is having to concentrate on what he is saying and clearing out Browne’s hand which he probably was surprised to feel about his shoulder.
    What manner of man do we have as Statesman in Chief? Who will bell the cat and just out him for the classless, unsophisticated, disingenuous person he is? He knew when he was putting his arm around Walker that it was for show. Back to the young lady. Could she have pulled away from the Prime Minister when she felt his fingers on her breast?
    Antigua has been thrown into a state of decadence and lowness instigated by the actions and words of this aberration on our nation. WE ARE SO MUCH IN DEEP TROUBLE!

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