Trevor Walker dreams of the day when Barbuda is cut from Antigua


Member of Parliament for Barbuda Trevor Walker says he has not stopped dreaming of the day when Barbuda is no longer part of the state of Antigua.

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    • The rift in the unitary state is not caused by Trevor Walker or the Barbudans but rather by Gaston Browne and his unilateral plans that he believes is best for Barbuda. Barbuda put on a different developmental part and protection of the land in Barbuda from the type of development that is presently taking place, could make Barbuda a model society for the rest of the world.

    • He want to be King of Barbuda. What he gonna do with the Queen of Barbuda, namely Eizabeth II. He want to be King of the wrong island. He should be King of Redunda instead. (I think there is an opening again!) Why he use so much religious language? He not religious.

  1. Why not cut Barbuda loose? They don’t like us interfering over there. Let the go….

    Why can’t the same principal be used when people say, “Serpent’s farm should be given back”, be applied to RODONDA which isn’t being used for anything either.

  2. Run, Trevor. Run like hell from this Land Baron leader.
    His only focus is land and he is desperate. Only Barbuda left. He will do everything in his power to get the land. He envisages another Jumby Bay, with him roaming the waters in his super yacht.
    Looks like he is spoiling for a fight over Barbuda. Just like Custer, Barbuda is to be his last stand.
    This is not 1999, Gaston. It’s not even 2014. This is the enlightened age. That square illuminated box held in every hand will work together to stop you.

  3. This Antiguan love Barbudans. Given their attitude towards their country, I guarantee if separated from us, they would be prosperous.

    • Petition Gaston to let them go. I don’t know what Barbudans do you for such hatred. The Antiguan government has taken more from Barbuda than they have given the Barbuda people. If Gaston let them go they will have what’s left of their lands and not be disinherited by a greedy land grabbing Gaston. The only thing he cares about is their lands so he can steal it. Go Trevor, go.

  4. The sad thing is that Trevor Walker is not a Barbudan in the purest sense of the word. As a matter of fact, rumour has it that he was actually born in Montserrat and that his parents were also from Montserrat. Yet, this fellow is trying everything in his power to cause a rift in the unitary state of Antigua and Barbuda. Montserrat Trevor, behave yourself or else we might have to deport you.

    • Rumour you say? Prove it with his and his parents birth certificates. But who cares? He loves Barbudans and Barbuda. Gaston Browne does not love neither black Antiguans or Barbudans. He only love their lands.

      • Trevor Walker loves Barbudans you say? If he loves Barbudans why does he try to keep them in poverty by opposing every single progressive idea for their advancement? Do you know Trevor Walker has privately told people that the only reason he opposes the PLH project is not because of any environment issue, but because it would spell the end of the BPM if the people of Barbuda do not have to rely on the Council? Tell him to dispute that!

        • Leave their lands alone. What you don’t want to steal, you want to give away to rich foreigners. Where do Barbudans fit in except as maids and gardeners. Barbuda would have been better served with a couple of hotels given their small population, and they would have their lands for further generations.

    • You want to deport Trevor Walker just like you want to deport Asot Michael to England? Guess you don’t like your rear end exposed.

  5. That’s a new one. Since when does Monserrat Trevor love Barbuda??? The people of Barbuda don’t believe that. Just ask them.

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