Treasury Workers On Weekend Shift To Deliver On Back Pay Promise


Attempting to deliver on its promise to Civil Servants, Government employees at the High Street Treasury Department, are reported to have been called out to work on Saturday and Sunday.

This was said to be for the purpose of completing formalities for payment of ‘Back Pay’ to Civil Servants that was aborted in October, reportedly due to an economic crunch. 

Sources close to the Treasury Department still believe that some Civil Servants might not be able to smile their way to the bank before the day of the Referendum.  

Civil servants undecided as to whether or not the nation should remain with the London Privy Council, or vote to opt for constitutional change that would allow for the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) to become the final Court of Appeal could make a determination either before or on Referendum Day, November 6, 2018.

On November 6, Polling stations are expected to be opened at 6 am, while banks normally start operations at 8 am on week-days.

Voters, therefore, will  have two places to go, either to the various Polling Stations across the nation or to their respective banks. 

Some EC$5 million is reported to be needed to make the payments that were said to be long overdue.

Interestingly, Government’s Chief of Staff, Lionel ‘Max’ Hurst had earlier said that the first tranche of the back-pay was likely to have been paid by the end of November 2018.

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  1. Honourable Prime Minister your cunning notions and actions beg this question:
    Are Antiguans and Barbudians MONGOSES or RATS, so you bait them with a percentage of their Back Pay only just fu ah we CCJ (YES) Vote??
    Well wet you Hand and Wait Pan ah we!!
    Shame and Disgrace pan YOU!!

  2. Is this back pay for all that are owed or just some of the people owed? Because some are still part of the public sector and others moved on to the private sector or became self employed

  3. When i say alp is the most corrupt party in the world are people prostitutes so u paying a percentage of their back pay after u said they not getting it this year….then a few of your operatives started no back pay no ccj then this paying them 1 month of that on the day …..if antigua people really let this pass then i will know what kind of people we have in this land

  4. This is so shameful and only shows how the leader of this country thinks of its citizen.
    But he may succeed in his ploy simply because Antiguans (not Barbudans) are the weakest people in the Caribbean.
    Shame on us,if we do not put a stop this madness.


  5. Blatant bribery . Gaston really look at Antiguans as prostitutes . What is causing his desperation to have the CCJ as the final appeal Court . Something is up his sleeve or sleeves . What is it ??

    • How can given you your own money be bribery. And you are not getting it with strings attached. Make some sense nuh

      • Why wait till the day of going to the polls to vote to give ppl what is there’s. After the ppl have said they’re voting no to CCJ unless they get back pay. Isn’t it mental bribery on the government part. Explain to me since u believe everything that comes from the pm’s mouth

  6. Strange the promise to pay the back pay to Civil Servants by the end of October was made long before we heard about any CCJ date.actually if was an election promise. Just like the pay raise of 5%. But of course the Nay Sayers will always find something to say. You can never do something right in their eyes.

  7. I do hope that RETIREES are included because we have worked hard for it. I retired in 2008. Please Mr. PM, please give us all before the end of the year, things are crutial and life is short. Thank you

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