Travel Agency Failure Disrupts Antigua and Barbuda Day Celebrations in New York


The Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission Statement Regarding Antigua Day in New York.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Saturday 2nd September 2023 (St. John’s, Antigua) The Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission Statement

The Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission would like to address a regrettable incident concerning the travel arrangements of our key participants from the winners’ circle in this year’s Antigua and Barbuda Day Celebrations.


For the 2023 Antigua and Barbuda celebrations in New York, the Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission made extensive efforts to ensure the full presence of the winners from the 2023 carnival festivities.

This included our reigning panorama champions, the Hells Gate Steel Orchestra. The commission took responsibility for per diem payments, secured accommodations in New York, and procured tickets through a local travel agency.

Regrettably, it has come to our attention that despite payments made to secure flights for our pannists, the contracted travel agency failed to fulfill their obligations as agreed upon. Subsequent investigations revealed that this local travel agency is facing allegations of fraud from several other customers.

This unfortunate situation has resulted in significant setbacks to our planned activities and performances, including the highly anticipated performance of the region’s oldest and most renowned steel pan orchestra during the 2023 Labor Day celebrations in New York.


The Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting and showcasing our rich arts, culture, and music on the global stage.

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  1. SMH So the commission don’t have workers in the Antigua and Barbuda Consulate in NY to purchase the tickets and make reservations, but instead you put the money in the hand of a travel agency smh wow.

  2. So sad to hear. I hope they are held accountable. For future reference, it’s very easy to just book travel yourself and others in 2023…

  3. It’s so much easier to deal directly with the airline. Seriously, and why wait till the morning of said flight to find out that no tickets were purchased. Trust but verify! What an embarrassment!

  4. That is what happens when the festival commission deal with agents who they are affiliated with, and are being creative in order to add to their riches

  5. let me get this straight. So the travel agency got 2000 dollars (cost of ticket to NY) x 75 (playing members of the band) and didn’t deliver?.or did they get a promissory note for the 150,000?

  6. Did you just made reservations and closed your eyes? No follow-ups, no going on your computer and checking to see if everything really confirmed. This is a joke and unbelievably coming from our countries Festival commission. Must of had reservations numbers etc and I hope you had them booked for Eastern Parkway so everyone can feel the Wadadli vibes.


  8. I would have expected an organisation that is well versed in human trafficking to have done a better job in getting people moved from A and B to NYC.

  9. Shameful – the Minister should be held accountable. A large contingent traveling you deal directly with the airline where you can get a discount for the group. Nonsense press release from the Festival Commission.

  10. This case will go the way of the Customs Auctioneer. ABLP ctonues and crooks know how to cook the books then feed it to Antiguans like the National dish – Fungee and Pepperpot.
    Has Freeland paid back all of the funds to the Customs?
    Goddamn Criminals they are!

  11. Let us not pass judgements based on a one sided story.We as a people are smarter than that.We just need to take our partisan colors off.The Travel Agency owner needs to come public after meeting with their Lawyers.Then give a statement on the facts of this matter.Let us really who the liars are in this matter.Did the Government owed them monies in the past that has not been paid to this day? Could that be the reason for this embarrassment to the Administration? Dem lob foo truss and no pay.Hope my dialect is understood.We the people need the whole truth,nothing less.

  12. I for one don’t believe a damn thing that is stated here. I worked for American Airlines for over a decade and customers are always advised to confirm their reservation at least 24 hours in advance. Whoever made the reservations obviously failed to do this.
    Whoever this travel agent is,they need to clear the air. ALP are infamous for not paying debts. Who can forget the Dawg advising folks to write bounce check?
    We await word from the travel agent. Let me just say that Antiguans are too quiet when there needs to be an outcry. If they are being wrongfully accused, SPEAK UP.

  13. THEY NEED TO MAKE IT CLEAR THAT THEY HAVE AN OUTSTANDING BALANCE FOR THE TRAVEL AGENCY! Yes they paid a deposit, but the tickets obviously wouldn’t be issued without the outstanding balance that was due.Smh. Don’t believe one sided story!

  14. This press release sounds like a joke. Any 1st former with a computer could have booked the ticket as long as there is money on the card.

    Obviously they didn’t give the travel agency all the funds to book all of the tickets.

  15. I want to believe the band and it’s management team needs to be blamed also. We are talking at least 25 members of your band plus instruments and not once did you call the airline, just left it up to the travel agency and festival commission.

  16. No Carvaa, you don’t understand how these government officials love to cover up and lie and say “we will take care of everything! You safe!” Leave the blame right where it it! I want to know why police not at the travel agency all now? Corruption rampant in this place!

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