Transport board needs to get with the times


Dear Editor,

I was deeply troubled after visiting the transport board today. I went to renew my license, I joked with someone in the line “what if they don’t accept cards after spending all this time waiting in line?”

Well, he cautioned me that they probably don’t but I refused to believe that.

After waiting about 15 minutes in the line my first question to the cashier was “do you accept cards here?”

She told me NO and my heart sank. Obviously, I told her how disappointed I was that in 2018 the ABTB only does cash transactions and did not have a point of sale option.

I asked her if not in 2018 then when. I also asked her whether it wasn’t a security risk to have all this cash around. An officious cashier then shouted that the point of sale machine was too expensive.

I just happened to have the $75 cash required to renew my licenceence. If not, I would have had to return to the nearest ATM in St. Johns.

What are we doing as a country if a government institution in 2018 does not do electronic transactions? It really cant be that hard.

Something tells me transport board in just one in a long list. I just returned from another Caribbean island where even the roadside hotdog vendor accepted cards.

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  1. My sentiments exactly. I somehow believe that this is the case at the main licensing department on Factory Road. Not only is this an issue at these institutions but most of our government business places as well.

  2. I hope they fix it soon. I find its stupid in this day and age. Even the online renewal is pointless, I did my online renewal arrived there and had to wait 1 hours apparently they print when you get there.

  3. Problem #2. Why are most ATM’s in St Johns? God help you if you’re not in town or on Friars Hill Road.

  4. Bot i tell you…absolute nonsense. Having the ability to swipe your card is so convenient and easy. If i had to leave to get cash they wouldn’t see me till next day…maybe. but while we on transport board…that stupud 35% tint bullshit…
    1. Whats the point of putting on the tint then…especially when some vehicles come with 20% factory tint….how does this work?
    2. Are we ignoring the health issues we face as an island from the sun…sometimes some sun block is not enough.
    3. Listen…the popo and politicians and the like have dark ass tint….we afraid of the same shit they affraid of too

  5. The Motor Pool also needs to get with the times its a real dump and the conductors making 300ec a week after running up and down with kids all day in this heat.

  6. Add gas stations to this list of backward third world cash only mentality. Only Robinsons accepted card payments for decades and now the gas station next to ECAB on airport road recently statrted to accept cards. Two gas stations in the economic powerhouse accept card payments. One two
    Just unacceptable
    Meanwhile in Guadeloupe next door just two months ago a taxi man swiped my card for a 11 euro fare payment.
    Backwards backward backward

  7. I usually call to inquire first because I know that these offices are extremely backward. It is so annoying that they don’t do cards. Even delivery guys in Barbados use cards. Come on TB, get with the times!

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