Transgender woman Bramble sues acting Director of Public Prosecutions Joanne Walsh


An 8- year long running feud between transgender Washington Emanuel Bramble and Chief Magistrate Joann Walsh was reported to have spill over into the High Court of Justice.


Born Washington Emanuel Bramble, she identifies as a woman. She also goes by the social media name ‘Sherese Bramble.’


This news portal confirms that a civil lawsuit has been filed against the Chief Magistrate, now holding the temporary position of acting Director of Public Prosecutions, Commissioner of Police and the nation’s Attorney General.


It was revealed by sources close to Bramble that High Court Filed legal papers have been served on the named parties by a bailiff, at the end of March, 2022.

The civil lawsuit made claims for compensation for what she contends was an illegal entry, search, seizure and detention. It also claim an order for the return of an electronic device reportedly now possessed by the police during the search of her home


It was further reported that these developments occurred, after a social media posting with negative suggestions about likely happenings after it was announced that the Chief Magistrate was reportedly tipped to take up the new position at the office of the DPP..


Police suspected that it was posted by Bramble and reportedly told her so, when she was detained on the weekend of  March 4.


A Search Warrant was reportedly obtained by a police corporal Willock to search for cellular phones, laptop computers, tablets, sim code electronic devices. It also showed that it was signed by fellow-Magistrate Conliffe Clarke on March 2, 2022.


Police confirmed that they acted upon an official report made by the acting Director of Public Prosecutions Joanne Walsh early in that month.


Bramble believes that she has been harrassed, humiliated and victimized.


No charges have been laid against Bramble as a result of the report and no date has yet been set for the hearing of the civil lawsuit.


It is noted that under the Electronic Crimes Act, no proceedings can be undertaken by the police, unless so directed by the acting DPP.


In another social media posting incident , well known social activist and social media personality,


Mary John has been charged for posting what they alleged was ‘false information.’

Her charges were said to be awaiting committal proceedings before the Magistrate’s court.


Under the Act, if tried and convicted she could face a fine of $500, 000 or 7 years in prison confinement or both fine and confinement.


This news portal will continue to monitor developments in the civil lawsuit, and police investigation into the Washington Bramble suspected social media posting.

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