Transfer of beach land to King Shortshirt threatens livelihood of family members who have operated there for 30 years


Transfer of beach land to King Shortshirt threatens livelihood of family members who have operated there for 30 years

The land recently transferred to the ownership of Sir McLean Emanuel, otherwise known as King Shortshirt, has become the centre of a family controversy.

Sir McLean’s son, Anthony “Tony” Emanuel, and his partner, Judy McCoy, have found themselves at risk of being thrown off the beachside land on which they have operated their business – Tony’s Watersports Bar and Grill – for nearly 30 years.

The transfer of land officially took place in February on the occasion of Sir McLean’s 80th birthday, after the Administration declared that he had occupied the land “for almost 50 years and has been operating Shorty’s Beach Bar and Restaurant and Entertainment Centre for decades.”

In a letter to the Cabinet dated March 11, Tony and McCoy have advised the Cabinet that “Sir McLean Emanuel has never occupied the parcel of land to which the Cabinet refers” and that “Shorty’s Beach Bar and Restaurant and Entertainment Centre ceased to operate/exist when Hurricane Luis destroyed that business in 1995.”

The couple also point out that the land on which Shorty’s Beach Bar operated and the land they now occupy are distinctly separate, according to the Land Registry.

In fact, Sir McLean already holds title to the land on which he ran his business, since it was transferred to him by the United Progressive Party (UPP) Administration.

Despite this, over the years, Tony and McCoy have received from Sir McLean’s lawyers several Notices to Quit, advising them to vacate the premises that they insist he has never owned nor occupied.

Their letter reports that, in response to a notice in May 2017, the couple’s lawyers wrote to the Ministry of Agriculture, pointing out that they had operated without hindrance for more than 26 years.

They noted that being forced to move would disrupt their business and threaten the stability of their family life, and, therefore, the couple would like to purchase the lot on which they were operating.

“To date the Ministry of Agriculture has not provided any response to Lake and Kentish’s letter of May 16, 2017,” the letter to Cabinet states.

Given these circumstances, Tony and McCoy are now appealing to the Members of the Cabinet “to have consideration for two young Antiguan entrepreneurs who have put their life into developing a successful business enterprise.”

The two detail the bank loans they have taken out to acquire buildings, boats, and equipment and to educate their children – in addition to the money and work invested in rebuilding after the devastation of Hurricane Luis in 1995 and rejuvenating after the pandemic.

Transferring this second parcel of land to Sir McLean Emanuel, they say, would result in them being “unable to provide for ourselves, pay outstanding loans and other obligations.  The end result would be that the Banks would take possession of the security and sell the same and reduce or liquidate our loans.”

They are requesting, therefore, to be allowed to purchase the parcel of land they have occupied for three decades.

REAL News will continue to follow this story.


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  1. This is really sad. Both MacLean Emmanuel, King Short Shirt and his son Tony and his partner have operated at Dickensonbay Beach but….and here is the rub….from DIFFERENT LOCATIONS. When we do not do the homework, do not do the research we are likely to make blunders.
    I was not aware that King Shirt Shirt already had been awarded the title to that piece of land that he originally occupied. Having said that Tony is his son. His son. What is so dysfunctional that his son has been hounded to get off the land.
    Persons who know the background to this story need to get these people together and make this right.

  2. Sweet me bad. None of them deserve anything. Hope they all end up with nothing. Bunch of wicked thieving people.

  3. Short Shirt has been fighting to get that land for years now.He wanted the lands where his Bar was located,he got that. He also wanted the piece of land where his own son occupied. The UPP gave him the piece where his Bar is located. He got mad at the UPP for not giving it all to his self. Since then he switched back into the Labor Party Camp and became a UPP hater. Those Labor Party people like Short Shirt. When they have power and authority. They do not give one damn about nobody. You are 80 years,enjoy the remainder of your life on earth. There is no need to be so. That is your son,your blood. You cannot and would not take that land with you in a box and six feet below dirt.

    • Agree with you. Why he doesn’t just give that piece of land to his son? He nearer home than his yard.

  4. In typical REAL NEWS UPP STYLE, no attempt was made to hear Short Shirt’s side of the story. Yet, you take the side of one party and run with as if it is TRUTH. Then the throng of voices in the comments latch one to this one-sided polemic and begin to point accusing fingers. Typical UPP style!!

    • Yeah they already declared themselves to be UPP ALIGNED. At least they don’t lie and PRETEND to be the “ONLY INDEPENDENT MEDIA HOUSE” in Antigua.

    • I am not Antiguan. I have no dog in this fight. If he already got one parcel, why does he want the other? Also I fault the son for being on a piece of land for 30 years and not trying to purchase till the 11th hour. Freeness is worriness.

  5. @Washing Basin: Since you are a friend of Short Shirt. Why not ask him to contact Antigua News Room and tell his side of the story.Do you think he would do that?

  6. This whole thing stinks. Obviously, this is a family dispute, and the government should stay out of it. It’s disgusting. Chuups. 80 years old! The man is almost deaded. What next.

    • “The man is almost deaded.”???????????????????????????

      you know how many “young” people died in the last few years in Antigua? especially from speeding and reckless driving? Death does NOT discriminate!!!!!! YOU could die TONIGHT!

      • Hey “Have Mercy”….death waits for no man. When it’s over, it’s over. Even you might be DEADED before me. Are you ready to go???

  7. In the first place how Tony get on Halcyon beach. What bank is so stupid to lend him money to build with him owning the land . Thirdly Isn’t Harold Tony lawyer.

  8. If it was up to me no individual or company would ever own beach access land.
    All beach access land should be leashed short or long term and owned by State.

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