Traffic Police Issue Over 150 Tickets In One Weekend


Police conducted a number of random traffic checks on the weekend, which resulted in several drivers receiving tickets for traffic violations and a number of vehicles impounded at the Government Motor Pool.

On Saturday night, police officers from various stations and departments within the police force stopped and checked more than four hundred vehicles, and in the process issued a total of one hundred and forty-five traffic tickets for various traffic offences.

Two people were arrested and a total of twelve vehicles were impounded.

The exercises formed part of the revised crime-fighting plan and road safety measures the police have embarked upon for 2020 and beyond. It is further done in an effort to reduce criminal activities, as well as to encourage safe driving practices on our roads.

The police continue to appeal to the general public to cooperate and support them in their efforts.

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  1. Can you say what exactly they are looking for in regards to safe driving practices besides speeding? We know they check for weapons.

    BTW @ Mr Pompey ..As a woman, can they walk or should I say drive with a cutlass since pepper spray is not an option to protect themselves in case they suspect a kidnapping etc?


      The simple answer to the question posed is ‘No.’

      Do agree that people shall be free to go about their personal and lawful business peacefully an unmolested.

      However, the ‘…unpredictable nature of man,’ often allows for the devil to ‘…influence certain courses of action.’

      Parliament recognizes two kinds of People;

      (i) …Peacemakers; and

      (ii) …Troublemakers.’

      Frequently, people trouble ‘…Trouble,’ when ‘Trouble’ never trouble them.

      Thus, those that ‘…love trouble,’ inevitably make trouble.

      Conversely, those who wish to ‘…live peacefully,’ will at some point in time, make trouble.’

      In many instances, some form of ‘…domestic weaponry’- including; ‘…guns; …knives; …cutlasses; …scissors; bottle and stones; …wood; and even a ‘…Bull Pistle.’

      This is the Law on ”’…Possession of An Offensive Weapon;

      ‘…Any person found carrying abroad;

      (i) …Any Gun;

      (ii) …Pistol;

      (iii) …Hanger (shoulder-shaped frame with a hook);

      (iv) …CUTLASS; or

      (v) …Other offensive weapon whatsoever; or

      (vi) …Any explosive matter; or

      (vi) …Thing;
      who is unable to give a satisfactory reason for the possession of the same, commits and offence and liable to prosecution….[Section 12: Small Charges Act: Chapter 405].

      Carrying anything that can be used offensively, only becomes problematic when the carrier/possessor cannot give a ‘…Satisfactory Reason.’

      Just cannot tell a Magistrate that you carried it because ‘…Duncy Bat’ had threatened to kill or beat you up.’ Na-a-ah.

      The Court would be inclined to ‘…draw reasonable inferences of preparedness or preparation to use it,’ be it on ‘…Duncy Bat’ or any other person.

      Shouldn’t be any problem killing a ‘Bat,’ though.’

      Just don’t ‘…drink its blood or eat its wings.’

      Two things likely;

      (i) …Might become ‘Duncy’ like ‘Bat;’ or

      (ii) …Might catch ‘…Bat Flu.’

      Now, the only weapon a person might;

      (a) ‘…Possess/hold;

      (b) …Carry; and

      (c) …Use,’ is a Firearm, a Licence of which must be duly issued by the Commissioner of Police [Section 6: Firearms Act: Chapter 171].

      In the absence or outside of that, could face criminal prosecution and remanded as the ‘…5 persons recently remanded to Prison for the ‘…Illegal Possession of Firearm and Ammunition’ [ANR: February 6, 2020].

      Even so, any darn thing that could put down a ‘…Troublemaker,’ or inflict some kind of injuries, if only to;

      (a) …Save you and Duncy Bat’s lives;

      (b) …Subdue, if only by ‘…maiming the ‘Mitch.’

      The ‘Bat’ says that this is not the correct name and ‘…Kitch’ is not even the correct one either.

      Not sure what the hell this ‘Bat’ is still trying to prove.

      He asked if it is ‘…Maria?’

      Told him ‘…Yes, Carey.’

      Didn’t ask him anything about any darn business, though.

      Jus flip its darn beak, spread and flap its darn wings and fly away.

      • so I guess a tactical pen is not recommended then sigh..How is a woman to protect themselves against rapist, thieves, murderer etc…o well I guess by teeth nails and pray rescue comes

  2. Kidnapping on themselves or foul attentions on oneself? So many things happen under the cover of darkness when you go home from work..Remember not everyone finishes work at the traditional 5 or 6 pm. Most people finish at 12, 1 and 2 am..

  3. The police should be commended for a job well done…… However, I am of the view that these checks should be more frequent and they should happen both day and night…… It is time enough that the police and law prove to the public that they are they can overcome both traffic offenders and the criminals


    Don’t say this comment is too darn long.

    Last one until next week. ‘…Ras Smood will ‘kerry’ on.

    Not sure that he and the darn ‘…Duncy Bat’ would get along though.

    Don’t blame me for ah darn thing.

    Not inventing ‘notten.’ Just reminding.

    Now, when ‘…Chief of Staff Lionel ‘Max’ Hurst ‘Tawks,’ every ‘…Police officer Listens.’

    It was at this very news portal, he was quoted as saying that the ‘…absence of FEAR of prosecution by motorist speeding in the city and disobeying Traffic lights’ appeared to have the primary contributing factor for lawlessness on the roadways’ [ANR: February 6, 2020].

    Lawlessness alright, but ‘…injecting fear in motorists,’ is certainly not a ‘…problem solver.’ Na- a-ah.’

    This could be likened to setting upon a’… Mongrel, a Pitbull.’

    To man and animal, ‘…vicious and deadly’ like hell.

    From professional knowledge, it has always been the ‘…Manner of Driving.’

    Parliament recognized this irrefutable truth, and hence stipulated the following Driving offences;

    (i) …Reckless Driving: When the Driver foresee serious consequences ahead and go on to take unnecessary risks;

    (ii) …Dangerous Driving:- When the driver, with reckless abandon drove and endangered every road user;

    (a) …Mowing down pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists;

    (b) …Crashing into vehicles in motion or Parked;

    (c) …Crashing into Fences of every description;

    (d) …Crashing into Dwelling Houses and other buildings;

    (e) …Crashing into, and taking down Utility Poles; …Billboards and trees’ as to end up either at the hospital, or for families to arrange funerals.

    (iii) …Careless Driving; Simplest and commonest of them all.

    Gazing at some darn;

    …Beautiful women thing that distracts attention;

    …Applying makeup;

    …Darlin (new word) up hair;

    …Fiddling with the darn cellular phone or Radio dial.’ or
    …Looking back at some cute little baby in the back seat or some darn troublesome ‘…Kiddies,’ not goats though.

    All it takes is a moment’s glance off the roadway and the darn vehicle is;

    …In the back of another; or

    …In the darn gutter; or

    …On the sidewalk; or

    …On some darn banking; or in

    …Cost Pro Supermarket.’

    Then frighteningly, the darn Sirens for ‘…Ambulances; …Police Vehicles; and Fire Engines’ blaring; and every darn soul making way for them to go through the ever so congested traffic.

    Last, but not the least;

    (iv) …Exceeding the Speed Limit.’

    This needs no darn explanation.

    Except ‘…Granny and Grampa,’ ebry bady’ (Ras Smood’s spelling) do a little thing;

    …To go to work;

    …’Tief’ way and hustle back; or

    …To go home hurriedly after work.’

    When the ‘…Chief of Staff spoke of ‘…an additional fleet of 15 Motorcycles’ for the Police, y’ all thought that the ‘…exhausts would only emit smoke'[ANR: February 6, 2020].

    Did say, if Acting Commissioner and Traffic Commissioner Atlee Rodney were to ‘…let loose officers with Pit-bull-like instinct, plenty motorists would be mauled with Tickets.’

    Saw the darn thing coming ‘…150 Miles off.’

    Now on one ‘…Saturday night ‘… 150 Traffic Tickets’ were reportedly issued for ‘…various Traffic Violations.’

    The Police appeared somewhat ‘cagey’ though.

    Sure that not ah darn wan ah dem Tickets is for;

    (a) …Using Mobile Device; and

    (b) …Speeding in the City.’

    The Chief of Staff appeared to have known how ‘…Law enforcement would respond,’ when he spoke to the ‘…Absence of Fear of Prosecution’ by motorists.

    The troubling thing about this is that the darn ‘…15 Motor-cycles’ aint arrive yet.

    Hell work when they do.

    Having said all that, see no darn reasons why motorists should not do everything the law requires them to do, though.

    Can tell motorists this, ‘…The more compliant, the less Tickets will be issued.’

    The ‘…Advantages being Compliant;

    (i) ‘… Less Fixed Penalties;

    (ii) …Less Fines;

    (iii) …Less Time wasting for Case to be heard; and

    (iv) …Safer roadways for all road users.

    Well, be back with y’ all next week.

    • Thank you as always Mr. Pompey..

      I have been guilty twice of driving fast after work..when I used to finish work at 1 am because I am extremely paranoid ..Did I say extremely paranoid? EXTREMELY PARANOID and it didn’t help that at that time a morning, with some car with tint behind of me, turning all the same corners with me..too close for comfort…

      Safe to say I don’t feel safe with some clown driving behind me close like our cars are kissing cousins!!…with lights bright either. na er no sar siree bob..

      I am not the type of Gal you want to surprise on a early morning run..Act fust and ask questions later kinda gal…had to train myself not to be trigger happy with reflexes..No sar surprises are not for me..No faint of heart gal

      Well aint no popo go catch me using no phone when driving..whoever calling know I and I don’t answer no calls when driving etc and I and I go get cuss from other pedestrians cause I and I don’t buss RED Light like 123…no way Jose!…Too bad not indicating isnt added to the list of darn annoying!!


        Remember a song by a darn ugly Calypsonian they called ‘…Brigo.’ He sang a song about ‘..some darn ‘…Little Popo.’

        Can’t say the same darn thing about ‘…Police Popo’ though.

        Not ‘…Sweet’ at all.

        Souring; …Bittering; and …Salting’ (new words) motorists with $500 Fixed Penalty Tickets.’

        Don’t say a darn ting about dis wan doh. Wan ah dem darn ‘…Popo’ ‘…Bittered’ a Police officer’s Mama at the ‘…Stop Light’ at the Junctions of ‘…All Saints and American Roads.’

        Darn phone rang while waiting for the Light to ‘…Go Green’ (not the darn political Party either).

        Instinctively picked up the darn ‘Device,’ then there was ‘…Siren blaring from the ‘…Commissioner’s official Car.’

        He was not in it though.

        Then it was a darn ‘…$500 Fixed Penalty Ticket.’

        Sure that some darn how,’…Mama’s Popo’ can work that out.

        Stop Light or not, when the device rings, leave the darn thing alone.

        You are in effect, saving ‘…EC$500,’ enough to buy your darn ‘…Sweet Little Popo’ a ‘…Valentine’s Gift.’

        Better yet, as the darn law provides [Section 8: Mobile Device Act: No. 3 of 2019], pull to the ‘…extreme left of the road and park.’

        Then you can answer, saying, ‘…Hello ‘Popo Duncy Bat,’ ‘…What Battishness (new word) yuh up to now?’

  5. Why did it had to take the Speaker of the House to tell the Minister of Public Safety that Police should be on mobile patrols also to use motor cycles to do patrols.? Stop.and Search at nights but no patrols in the days. Why?

  6. These checks need to conducted on nights of major events. And just outside major event venues.

    Somebody haffi pay for them bikes.

    One question. Was anyone charged for putting a dent in the police major collision response unit vehicle.

    And no don’t tell me it was a simulation.


      Calling for ‘…Jaywalking Tickets Smood?

      Watch it Ras.

      Run the ‘Risk of being ‘…Shake Down’ for some darn thing too.

      No darn ‘Ticket’ fuh dat.

      ‘…Fine and Confinement.’

      Can’t even say to the ‘…darn Popo I n I’ just find it.’

      Not sure it would make any difference to say ‘…I n I’ was just going to ‘…Refine it.’

      • Go ahead, “shake me down,” the only thing you’d find on me will be what is legal according, to the Law.
        Any other will be “planted” on me, but be mindful, in today’s Orwellian World, hidden cameras records, transmits, stores info at locations in the Clouds, which will then rain showers of blessings, on the Courthouse during my trial.

        Our Nation is in desperate need for proper decorum, as it pertains to Public behavior(s) from the Rasta to the Governor!

  7. Thanks to Observer Radio. After pointing out the inefficiencies of Police Officers in reference to their work, here now comes Police Checks.

    • Maybe this will be allowed if you are a carpenter and you carrying a toolbox to do your trade? Guess you will have to explain to Police why you carrying it..What say you Mr. Pompey?

      Me I like to be ready for all types of things..I also walk with screwdrivers and clippers and pliers..You never know when things comes in handy. Now I am also double guessing everything

  8. Go ahead, “shake me down,” the only thing you’d find on me will be what is legal according, to the Law.
    Any other will be “planted” on me, but be mindful, in today’s Orwellian World, hidden cameras records, transmits, stores info at locations in the Clouds, which will then rain showers of blessings, on the Courthouse during my trial.

    Our Nation is in desperate need for proper decorum, as it pertains to Public behavior(s) from the Rasta to the Governor!

  9. Too many automobiles. Too many inexperienced drivers.

    I remember when there were only a handful of cars and drivers on the island.

    I love that song, ‘Progress’ is the title or ‘Progress’ is the singer.

  10. Hopefully those 2 in the photo are not having an affair. Police men have a nasty reputation of wife-and-kipwoman-ism

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