Traffic Department Head Calls for Improved Infrastructure and Modernized Equipment to Manage Traffic Collisions


Superintendent Elsom Quammie, head of the traffic department, emphasizes the need for improved infrastructure and modernized equipment to manage traffic collisions. Quammie highlights the importance of partnerships with stakeholders such as the Public Works Department, the Transport Board, and APUA for road safety and traffic control. He notes that poorly fixed roadworks contribute to accidents and calls for collaborative efforts to make a difference. Quammie also stresses the need for more road signs, advanced technology, better road markings, speed signs, and radar equipment.

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  1. Most of these traffic Collisions can be avoided if People just take their time on the road.People dont abide by the traffic rules these days, Persons dont want to wait until its safe for them to join the traffic on the high way they just chose not to wait. Most persons are going to work for 8 am amd they want to leave home at 7:45 am and drive on the road in a rush.

  2. Why don’t they start with removing the dirt debris off of the lane on airport road near the runway .. This is pathetic it is a two lane road but when you get to the junction you have to get out of the lane bc of the mud and water thats accumulated..

  3. Quammie should also have commented on how many accidents are being caused because drivers are high on marijuana. He should have called for “under the influence of drugs’, to be added to the law on driving under the influence of alcohol. And more serious, it has been proven that your reflexes are affected by marijuana up to 72 hours after use.
    Additionally, it would be good to see traffic cops on the roads and busy highways. They have completely disappeared. The only time a traffic cop is seen is at the site of an accident.
    I agree with him on everything else.


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