Trade Union Congress Responds to statements in parliament by PM Browne


The Antigua and Barbuda Trade Union Congress scorns statements made in Parliament by Prime Minister Gaston Browne, in his vicious attack on Unions especially the Antigua Trade and Labour Union.

The Prime Minister seems to forget that the very reason he and his colleagues are in Parliament along with his achievements was on the sweat and tears of the Trade Union movement.

He must remember he is a beneficiary of the work of the Trade Union movement while being a former, employee in the banking sector.

It is Workers who vote Governments into power and remove them from power.

Trade Unions are charged with the mandate to defend and protect the rights of their membership. 

 They must ensure the very tenets on which they were built is protected. It would appear that the Prime Minister would love to see a society without Unions or a society in which government controls Unions.

This Will Never Happen!

Trade Unions Negotiate for their members and the law gives them the right to perform this function effectively and efficiently for their membership.

The ABTUC wants all affiliates to be aware of the fact that they have the full support of this organization and their colleague Unions. 

In Unity lies our strength.


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  1. Unions are a farce, all they want is yo money, that is why they back down to Gaston. Yo money is the only thing that matters. Stop paying and see how the help. Cheap horrible people.

  2. This is a war against a virus. The virus army is consist of the virus, social media influencers, union reps and opposition parties. They goals are to wipe out our population and destroy our economy. Our defendants against this war are ABLP governments, medical experts and vaccines. Who will win this war?

      • Skywell, where in the Word of God that says that the government will win this vaccine war? God is not sleeping and He will intervene at the right time to saved mankind. Government is temporary but God is permanent. God allowed bad things to happen for a reason to let us know that He is still God. We can call on God for help anytime and He will answer in His time.

  3. The PM is Right. He is following international protocol and may not have much of a choice if he is to save the economy which was in trouble way before COVID. Is the union saying he is to conform to their way because they help him win? Gaston is right on this mandate. The problem is replacing those who will not follow the mandate. Vaccines are not new. Right now you can’t fly without it, JUST LIKE THE OLD DAYS!

    • You are correct that vaccines aren’t new, however MRNA vaccines are fairly new. They were rushed to market. Persons have every right to be concerned when the world governments have sought to avoid legitimate concerns because they think every life doesn’t actually matter. Why not educate the public properly about the vaccines instead of constantly arguing with them. All vaccines need proper trials and not short-term ones. It’s good that China and Cuba have produced traditional protein vaccines. Hopefully the idiocy of the government’s bullying can be reversed and persons will develop some trust for the science that they haven’t been explaining.

  4. Gaston is disrespectful. As he rightfully said: unions takin money n not doin anything, now dem a do subn is a problem? My gosh. The unions job is to work for an represent the ppl not jus jump and agree with everything the goverment imposes. THAT’S RIDICULOUS! If that is so, what would be the UNIONS duty?
    Gaston is a real Bully n his days will end in misery.

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