Tourists Threatening Legal Action Over Testing, Isolation


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says tourists have raised a major challenge for the government of Antigua & Barbuda that will lead a change in protocols.

Browne revealed moments ago that are tourists threatening legal action over the requirement for a coronavirus test on arrival into Antigua.

“Some guests are saying you don’t have the right to put anything in my nose.”

In addition, the prime minister revealed that some tourists who tested positive last week booked flights to return to the USA the following day.

He says the tourists are arguing that both the tests and the hesitance of health officials to allow them to leave the country after they test positive is a violation of their rights.

The prime minister says come next week the government will announce that a change of protocol to allow visitors to be tested before coming to Antigua.

More to come.

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    • because nations have obligations to the international community to not permit careless infectious people on airlines.

      • Really? So the nation from which they came didn’t have that obligation also? Shouldn’t the airline have conducted tests to prevent infectious people from boarding the plane?

        • Then Jackie I believe HOME is where they should be. If you choose to travel in these times you are expected to stick to the regulations of the visited country. It isn’t rocket science.

    • Why should they be allowed back on a plane to infect others. The airlines as well should not accept them knowing that they are infected with a contagious illness.

    • It’s simple. DO NOT TRAVEL !! These countries survive on tourism. Let your dollars speak. When they lose enough dollars, they will loosen the rules.

  1. Dear Mr. Prime Minister, on behalf of all the people in Antigua and Barbuda who want to survive this pandemic I emplore you to let these selfish people with no regard for our country and our people stay where they come from. Fact of the matter is the average Antiguan does not really benefit from them. All our hotels are foreign owned all-inclusives. 90% of the employees barely make above minimum wage. The other 10% are expats who send their money home to their families. That 10% will also never have to face a potential carrier of this deadly disease.

    Please Sir. WE WANT TO LIVE. 🥺

      • As an American, I see behaviors on here that are being condemned in my country at this time. U don’t want to be judged by ur skin color & I don’t want to be judged by the actions of some arrogant people from my country. U can’t have it both ways. Either stereotypes exist for a good reason OR they r unreasonable altogether! Shame on all of u who judge me & other American & have never us.

        • Raspberry, as an American, understand well that American arrogance is what has us banned from many nations. American arrogance makes a person draw a false equivalence between racism and a pandemic. American arrogance has us being banned from much of the world, because we can’t see past our own so-called freedoms to care for other people, instead decrying how we’re being forced into sham slave-like conditions because we can’t get a haircut, go to the nail salon, etc.
          If Antigua has rules for coming into their country, don’t use systematic racism in the US as a straw man argument against it. Suck it up and keep it moving.

    • Are you suffering from a cognizant deficit?
      You have absolutely no sense whatsoever, you sound like someone that didn’t even past primary school. Let me ask you one question, what is the main source of income for Antigua?

    • Rasberry,The Americans bring it upon themselfs with many of them refuseing to take precautions against covid-19 because of their political ideas.Wheather or not you are one of those that care about your’ life and other’s, you are still come from a highly infectous country with many of it’s citizens not obeying their own laws.

    • Pat-A-Cake,perhaps you and your friends could sugest to your Prime Pininster that ALL tourist planing on entry to your country sign an entry form with all the regulations printed on such forms,thus removing any doupt as to what is required in case of infections resulting from positive test. How about a cash bond as the country of Cambodia requires ?

  2. Life consists of taking Risk we just have to put proper protocols and adhere to mitigate the Government can do so much but we have a personal responsibility to do our part

  3. The airlines should not allow passengers with positive tests to fly home. They are putting so many lives at risk.

    The truth of the matter is no one should be going on vacation during a pandemic.

    But if they must go on vacation, then they at bare minimum should be inconvenienced by being tested a couple of times during their vacation to make sure that everyone they come in contact with is safe.

    They should be made to wear masks.

    And truthfully, like what is happening in Hawaii, tourists (and everyone else) should be quarantined for 14 days when they arrive.

    Look at New Zealand’s example and follow it.

  4. Am I understanding this thing right? The government is genuflecting to tourists who are objecting to being tested on arrival in Antigua and Barbuda. If that is one of the requirements for entry mandated by the government then that is the law. Such a test is not the violation of the tourist rights. Entry requires that you be tested. If you do not want to be tested then you do not enter. It is as simple as that. There are other countries around the world where a covid test is a prerequisite for entry. Well it looks like this government only responds to the concerns of tourists, even when the government is right and the tourist is wrong. Heaven help us in this Small Place called Antigua and Barbuda.

    • gen·u·flect
      1.lower one’s body briefly by bending one knee to the ground, typically in worship or as a sign of respect:
      “she genuflected and crossed herself”
      Starting your comments with a question I have to tell you are not understanding this right. What you need to understand that is Americans are usually trouble maker. And in order not to get entangled into legal nightmares in US Courts and then having to pay a US lawyer big time give them the option to get tested before they come here. And since these people do not stay longer then a week here, I think it is better to show them the door out anyway. So that they do not become a burden to our tax payers’ monies. I do believe we should share the result with the airline so that at least they know whom they dealing with.

      • From The Sideline I am understanding it right and we are on the same page. We all know Americans and how they like to sue, but in this case the litigation would have to take place in Antigua and not America. Also, the tourist would not have anything to sue about and would be just wasting time. If the government says that you test before you enter, then you test before you enter or don’t come.

      • You so called Sidelines knows it all.Americans are usually trouble makers?.I am an Antigua born.I have not used an Antigua and Barbuda passport in over 40 years to come into Antigua.When I come there every year they treat as a visitor.I had to tell an Immigration Officer at the Airport.In my passport is place of birth.It does say Antigua and Barbuda.Persons coming into Antigua should be tested for Covid-19.Before they are allowed to board any flights coming into Antigua.That has to be set up between the Airlines and the Administration.They would then be required to show that certificate at VC Bird Airport.The Covid-19 tests are done for free all over the place.You could drive up,run up,walk up,crawl up,and be tested.By the way the word “genuflect” used by Tabor is grammatically correct.The Administration did “bend” their rules to satisfy those persons.

    • I agree. If you get on a plane knowing the cost of entry into that country either you comply or not go. Also at the beginning of this pandemic an airline banned someone for flying when they knew they at tested positive.

    • Test should be compulsory on arrival, printed on the holiday forms,and as you say, if you don’t want a test you don’t travel. I come from England and if l am asked to take a test that’s fine. The Caribbean is a luxury to be able to visit, all should be done to protect the people who make the visit to THEIR country so amazing

  5. This is a load of BS. Every country has the right to determine the criteria that must be satisfied before entry is granted – be that a visitor’s visa, specific vaccinations or a COVID-19 test. If the visitor objects, he/she is free to go to Florida.

    De government only hab trang fu people from Antigua an Barbuda? 😳

    PS: CNN just reported that the EU will not allow visitors from USA to enter

  6. I knew that this would happen especially when dealing with Americans. Anybody see how they acting in the USA about refusing to wear masks or sanitize? You thought they were going to act any different when they come here? So I am not surprised one bit.

    • My question is does the PM put the criteria on the website to let visitors know their protocol to enter the country?

      • Register it with proper authorities in the us. It will be offered just as they offer warnings to countries

    • Americans are a set of unruly people, they don’t like following simple instructions, that’s the corona cases are going down all
      everywhere else except in America and when our boarders reopen in Barbados as far as I am concern, the Americans don’t need to come because most of tourists come from England away.

  7. If it is one group of people I do not care to have around, it is the american tourist. Always threatening to sue any establishment. I had my running with some of them in the past. And I know Sandals has to constantly deal with them and therefore carries large insurance coverage

    • Recall the days of the scams: book a low category, arrive make clear you don’t like the room and demand a upgrade. Really sad to see a nation lose its way the US has. COVID now topping the charts again and persons there loudly proclaiming the ability to say no to masks is their constitutional right. They have been spoiled rotten, based on current events it seems a change soon come. Changing the bad attitudes however will take more than 6 years

      • Perhaps Americans should stop coming to Antigua.Would you Tenman and Sidelines like me to arranged that.It could be done in a matter of minutes.

      • …A Rock and A Hard Place is where the Nation finds itself in, due to the one Industry economy.
        Don’t blame Americans or any other Nationalty for the position which the Nation finds itself in during this World HUEman crisis.

        It seems like selecting, electing and placing Soldier ‘Biting’ Crab, Queen ‘Sexy’ Conch and Bubba ‘TuffGuy’ Whelks to the Parliament, would better serve the Nation, at this time, since, they know how to mitigate, Between A Rock & A Hard Place, way better, than HUEmans running around like rabbid dogs chasing their tails, due to being drunk from sipping on too much, Cock n Tails.

  8. Take a leaf out of the European book and ban Americans from coming. They have no respect for laws and culture and clearly are presenting a danger to our population

    • They do not need to be respectful because we do not demand respect. We bow and bend to their will. They are masters and we are still slaves. When they visit Antigua we should be thankful even though they are usually dirt poor in the US and are either using their welfare check. When Antiguans see caucasian skin we revert to slaves but when we see our own we act like we see shit. They are right. Why are the ports open to visitors? Why are only our own people being fined and being subjected to Hawksbill? Why is it different for some, and not the same for all? This is why we have this issue. The government also needs to get a different form of testing such as the blood test or saliva test. I would refuse that swab test also.

    • Not all Americans are this way, but sadly, there are enough that are that I can’t blame you for thinking this way. My wife and I chose Antigua to celebrate our 20th anniversary in September because we heard great things about the people, the culture, and of course the beautiful beaches. After reading this comment and many others, we are going to cancel and go somewhere else. We have no intention of burdening your island or your population. Stay safe and healthy.

      • I am American and travel to Antigua at least once every year. However, I am not going this year due to Covid-19. I love this little island and the people. I understand their concern as the healthcare system could quickly become overwhelmed. I encourage you to consider a vacation in this beautiful island after the pandemic is over. As a rule, the people are very kind. This virus has us all on edge. Sincerely, Joyce

  9. Easy call to make. To avoid any surprises, all Tourists must have a COVID-19 test less than 48 hours before embarking and our rapid scan/test in Antigua. If they do not want to do that, they can go Hawaii. We do not need arrogant, non-compliant visitors coming here.

  10. The Americans are quite a challenge but still have a lot of good ones, protocol is protocol for ever country no violation about that.. the media only paint a bad picture so everyone Can feed off all the negative. I think we’ll all have the same goal to keep the economy going but to much fight about what should Or do this or that… close the border to most infected countries keep internal flow of Economy on a curfew maintaining regular business with social distances no large social gathering keep the flow of small business maintain to go services no large dining maintain social distances on public transport and any bady who wah cum yah test before you come yah

  11. They knew before hand the requirement of entry. Come on Mr. PM (we know your craw full and you would rather be home counting the 35) But as a wise Antiguan always say “its a simple thing” No test No entry. We cant afford to have Americans come and put our immigration and customs officials at risk. Let them stay in the US where they can refuse to wear mask and have large gatherings to celebrate their amendments.

  12. We are hoping to come on holiday from the UK in November. We have hardly been out of the house for twelve weeks. We’ve not seen our family or grandchildren in all that time. Reading this article, we do not know what to do. We have already paid for the holiday, a lot of money for us. Should we cancel our holiday or risk being confined to our hotel for our stay. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • My advice to you is.. do not cancel your holiday continuing watching.. stay informed off what going on in Antigua November still far ahead things will change soon…

  13. Wow! Just WOWWWWW! Mr. PM – I say – Send them BACK to their Corona homes. Arrogant! We refuse to have them come kill us for the few dollars they will bring us. Wowww!

  14. What rubbish is this? Those visitors who don’t want to do the tests should be told to stay home – DON’T WORRY TO COME AT ALL! Simple. They are “happy”, we are “happy”… And safe! Idiots!

  15. Americans have to realise that this is not the USA. They can claim its against their rights as much as they want back home, but Antigua is not their home.

  16. Many individuals are correct. Most Americans do not practice the very protocols the WHO or CDC has set in place. This I know because I live in America. This however is a relatively simple matter to deal with. All Americans do not have to be banned knowing tourists dollars ‘make the kitty run’. Instead a few simple protocols should be set in place:

    1. In a effort to protect the people of Antigua And Barbuda, individuals traveling to Antigua and Barbuda MUST be tested prior to reaching our boarders.

    2. Individuals (mostly Americans) will be responsible for their health IF they don’t follow the health protocol set my Antigua and Barbuda health ministry

    3. If a tourist visiting Antigua and Barbuda is found to have Covid 19 or symptoms there is a national protocol that is MANDATED by the government. This MANDATE is given to all airlines and asked to show possible tourist/individuals before a ticket is purchased. Upon purchase of a ticket the Mandate has to be signed.

    It might seem like a lot, but the tourist (mostly Americans) needs to have a paper trail leading back to them. Showing they knew, understood and took responsibility before stepping foot on a plane, boat or space ship to Antigua and Barbuda beautiful shores. So when things go sideways and they point one finger at Antigua and Barbuda three is pointing back at them. Lastly CYA when it comes to certain tourist.

    Together Antigua and Barbuda will pass this.

  17. I wouldn’t be too trusting in negative tests before they reach. I am sure some of those positive persons had negative tests before they reached.

  18. It’s the same self entitled selfish people that won’t wear a mask and are spreading Covid all over the planet . If the don’t want a swap up their snooty noses I know a good place we can shove it. If AA is taking them home then it’s AA bringing them.

  19. Thence why the Caribbean should close borders to Americans!!!! I knew these bitches would come to the Caribbean claiming rights as Americans!!! Tell them F**k Offf and dnt return till they can follow your rules and respect your authority as the PM of Antigue. See why nobody wants to deal with Americans? Full a shit are they. Stay in your country and let us keep safe in ours. If u can’t abide by our rules as West Indians we’ll goodbye America freeze yall asses off!!!!! Ban them!!!

  20. If your Protocals are made public to all the potential visitors before they arrive no legal action can be taken against you. Every country has a right to protect there people.

    • Agreed 100%. If the US sets their protocols you have to obey it. But the airlines should also demand to see a negative test results at least 48 hours before boarding a flight as those who have tested positive present a danger to the flight crew as well as other passengers. I saw where over 500 crew members from Delta airlines have already tested positive and some have died. I am surprised that the unions for flight attendants have not demanded that passengers should proof of having been tested negative before boarding a flight. All the original cases of the COVID-19 in the Caribbean were imported. We have to protect our people!

  21. In complete agreement with NP: Once the government declares officially the protocols that are in place for arriving tourists or nationals, then there is NO WAY that a lawsuit can have any weight. So we have to consider also whether someone is trying to mislead the people once again.
    This is POLITRICKS….never forget that. A politrickian will do ANYTHING to appear to look good; when in all clear fact..their motives are always evil and selfish.
    DO NOT BE FOOLED , Antiguans.
    Time to wake up out of your long slumber and see the light.
    Truth hurts and always will hurt, but you need to “wisen up”, if not for your own sakes…then for your children and grandchildren.


  22. In Cansda it can take up to 7 days to get a result back so how do I get one 48 hours before I arrive

  23. Everyone should have a recent negative covid test certificate before entering any country to protect that country’s citizens in my view to present to passport control. No certificate,no entry.

  24. These people need to be reminded that their rights as citizens of the USA cease to exist the moment they step off the plane here or anywhere. Once you enter a foreign country you are subject to their laws and there’s no escaping that fact.

  25. The European and US colonialist mindset of domination and control should not be tolerated. Tourist must abide by rules to protect the people of Antigua and Barbuda. Money doesn’t buy everything. Respect and common sense takes precedence. Protect Antigua and Barbuda!

  26. Americans are quick to sue when things don;t go their way.
    Its their natural impulse. Just look at the number of lawsuits that are filed every year in the United States.
    Its show the level of their arrogance to sue a country that has imposed their own protocols to protect their country. This should be a wake up call to all Caribbean countries that have been sucking at the “tourism titty” for all these years and have become drunk on the yankee dollars.
    It has created a situation where no one, particularly the political class has given any thought as how to diversify their economies as to be not as reliant on tourism. If your country is too small, then set up collaborative arrangements with other countries in the region who have access to capital, manufacturing and other types of business so that you don’t live and die by tourism. As the pandemic has shown its a business model that is not sustainable and is open to the types of pressures that Americans want to exert on this very small country by way of lawsuits.

  27. We had a trip to Antigua planned and paid for in October and just moved it to 2021 because the spread is spiking here in the U.S. I’m not willing to get on a plane and travel, potentially catching it from an Asymptomatic person and then potentially carrying to the island. If people don’t like the fact that they will be tested when they arrive, stay home. It’s been well publicized that testing will be done and I think its the right thing to do. If they test positive, they should have to be quarantined, at their expense. They made the choice to travel, its their responsibility. This is just plane selfishness and part of the problem with some people. Start thinking of someone other than yourself for once.

  28. I beg you don’t change your rules. If they can’t respect your house, then send them back to were they come from. Not all Americans act in this manner. Your responsibility is to protect your citizens.

  29. Well if Gaston Browne don’t know how to answer those tourists he should resign his office immediately. Only an idiot will not know how to tell them “as soon as you cross that line, you in Antigua and we rule here. If you do not comply with ALL our health procedures and rules, we will detain you in our custody until the next flight is leaving for your home country and you can join it at your expense.”

  30. Time to diversify my island people. Pool your resources together to make a stronger CARICOM. Divest from making tourism your capital earner, the money does not trickle down to the local economy and staff are underpaid at those all inclusive hotels with a no tip system. Yet all over the US, you must tip anyone in the service industry.
    Tell them to take their knees of your necks and better yet, don’t cave in to their bullying tactics.

  31. As an American I’m saddened to see some of your posts yet sadly I understand why you feel the way you do. I agree we aren’t always the smartest, most respectful bunch but please don’t lump us all together. My husband and I have been traveling to Antigua from the US for many years now. We feel it’s our home away from home. We’ve made friends, dined in local establishments, shopped in local shops etc., all to contribute to the local economy because we love the Country so much. If your Government mandates testing prior to arrival we will happily oblige. We want everyone to be safe and happy.

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