Tourists not happy about surge in animal cruelty in Antigua


The following complaint was submitted to the group – Dogs and Cats of Antigua:

With reference to our visit to the station earlier, please note the dog abuse we witnessed on Tuesday 7th Sept at 11.05am.

We were at Crabbe Hill Beach (near Jacqui O’s) and we witnessed a dog in distress, as it was being dragged into the sea by its owner.

We have a picture of the person and the dog which I have attached. I confronted the man on 2 occasions as the dog was shaking and scared, and gasping for air.

The dog looked to be a puppy, and I told the man to stop and he said the dog was naughty and then he hit him/her in front of me a couple of times and then again.

I then followed him to his house which is Charlotte Street the first house on the left. Please can you visit and check this out?

We are on holiday until 12th Sept staying in Nonsuch Bay resort. Please can you advise the outcome regarding this incident?

I have also copied in Schena who is the Manager of the Escape at Nonsuch Bay Resort, as you asked for a local contact number, and we aren’t residents in Antigua.

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    • Why don’t u hush that looks like any sort of fighting dog that’s a pup that’s not even 1 year old according to the pic . I live in antigua and I’m an antiguan also. How regular does antiguas population that owns dogs carry them to the beach? Majority of dogs in antigua they don’t go in the water willingly smh

  1. You beat your dogs!
    You beat your children too!
    In the home.
    In the classroom.
    In public.
    And call it good for society.
    You won’t outlaw it as barbaric behaviour.
    If you treat children this way, should it be any surprise that you treat your animals this way too?
    I’m not surprised at all.
    Sad, yes!
    Surprised, no!

    • Yes we hear our children very loud and clear as for the beatings we inherit that from your ancestors who used to beat us morning noon and night I hope this doesn’t surprise you and make you sad.

  2. Surge in animal cruelty? You provided one account in this story and are talking about surge. Where is the data to back up this claim? I don’t doubt that there is animal cruelty in Antigua, but to cite this lone account and report it as a surge is irresponsible. Look, the honest truth is that people have so much going on in their lives right now that dogs and cats are the least of their worries. What about being concerned about what’s going on with humans first.

  3. You are so concerned about the dog, why don’t you adopt it and take it home with you. Imagine following the man to his house. I swear that people like you love animals more than people.

  4. White people tings! I’ll bet the author is white. White people try to show kindness to animals because many lack the ability to do so towards people who don’t look like them. You followed the man to his house???!!! This is just going too far. You should have written about how the UK left the country undeveloped after siphoning profits off to the Queen while our forebears got nothing and we’re still feeling the effects. Reparations me seh!

  5. Why these so call tourist dnt help poor ppl in Antigua and other developing countries instead of chatting about animal cruelty/fuckery. Attention those motherfuckers looking

  6. Lol here in the U S. (assuming they’re from the U.S) is animal cruelty capital of the world.
    If you so concerned about the outcome , then here you’ll be up all night 24 hours a day.
    Here they even have a special police unit that’s deals specifically with only animal cruelty .
    Some of them care more about the animals.than their damn kids .

  7. And we wonder sometimes how tourists are killed all over the world just imagine she or he followed the guy home I think you can thank God or however you believe in that didn’t go deadly wrong.

  8. Good Lawd??? Such vituperation. Look… we in 🇦🇬 accept animal cruelty in all forms.
    The most abused animal is still the donkey.
    Bathing the dog is not a big deal, but beating it and forcing it to swim until it nearly drowns are abuses which are very common.
    Maybe we need to recalibrate out standards of animal cruelty.

  9. Man/woman, you are mad. Following a man to his house over what you perceive to be animal cruelty? The man was probably just taking the dog to the beach for a bath, which people do all the time. For your information, most Antiguan dogs don’t like getting wet and will always put up a fight. Investigate human cruelty and police shootings of unarmed black men in your country.

  10. This picture appears to show the man and dog walking away from the beach. Where is the picture of the man and the distressed dog in the water?

  11. I swear WHITE ppl care more about ANIMALS THAN HUMANS….

    THEY ARE THE MOST RACIST IN TBE WORLD pretending to like locals bcos they have businesses there ….. they prefer animals than humans….

  12. Honestly, White people. They do not have the capacity to care for humans and prioritize dogs instead. This does not justify animal cruelty but we all know white people abuse people and turn a blind eye when they see actual humans being abused. This mentality sickens. And they think they have been endowed with the authority to follow people to their home?! Utterly disgusting. Again, this does NOT justify cruelty to animals but just to highlight the blatant hypocrisy of white people. Yes, we know the people who made this complaint are WHITE. Bye. Gwan home.

    • Those same WHITE PEOPLE that many of you hate are helping to keep the economy afloat.Take a trip, circumnavigate the Island.Tell me what do you see.Then walk around the Capital and tell me what do you see.Who are the owners and shakers in Antigua,99 percent white people. Those who control the Nation’s Economy are in CONTROLLED.

  13. Now before any one come for my neck, let me make this clear. I own 2 dogs / Rosie and Beamer and 1 old cat / Precious . They are part of my family. My children got me the dogs since they say they were not giving me any grandchildren one mother’s day and I rescue my Precious who was a stray.
    This is what I have a serious problem with “I then followed him to his house which is Charlotte Street the first house on the left.”
    How dare you!!! If you see a crime been committed you report it to the authorities, not take it on your self to follow the person.
    What would have happen, when you had gotten to that location and encounter the wrath of that said person for following him? He was feeling theathen?
    Then you take it upon your self to post the address / location?
    Let that make sense!!
    Would have stand down if you were in your place of citizenship??
    You may think the dog is been abuse, I understand that. but 2 wrongs don’t make a bloody right. Report and keep moving!! So people get hurt, they don’t know when to stop!! Would you have taken the same risk if it someone been abuse?

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