Tourists must also adhere to fully vaccinated rule for bars – Nicholas


Information Minister Melford Nicholas has clarified some aspects of COVID-19 regulations relating to attendance at bars for fully vaccinated people.

He clarified what constitutes a bar.

In the video clip below the minister also spoke to who has the responsibility for enforcement of laws at bars.

Finally, he clarifies whether the law requiring persons at bars to be fully vaccinated also applies to tourists to the island.

The minister was speaking at the most recent post-cabinet news conference.

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  1. Let me take a deep breath for this one Melford Melford Melford let me ask the obvious

    What of the bars, restaurants, and gyms at the hotels?

    How will this disadvantage work? Bars, restaurants, and gyms on the street cannot make money from the unvaxxed but the hotel facilities can?

    What a conundrum, eh?

    • MELCHISEDEC you are forgetting that all the hotels are supposed to bio-secure zones or safe bubbles. However, I am more concerned about the implementation of the law and am waiting to see an American tourist, hopefully Caucasian, charged for breaking the law and hauled before the Magistrate. Remember it is unconstitutional to apply the law in a discriminatory manner.

      • @Sir Charles Tabor
        Bio secure like the hotel in Hodges Bay and the one in Five Islands?

        Those are the two in the public domain but there are at least two more of the bio secure joints with COVID19.

        Remember the athlete’s village in Japanni also bio secure….

        You would quicker see GB leaving his wife for Bramble than to see an American hauled before the court for an unjust decree.

  2. Why are we dehumanizing our brothers & sisters who have decided not to take the vaccine? What next, do they need to wear a yellow star?? Eventually maybe we can round them up to live in unvaccinated “camps”… Very dangerous course of action that the government is taking…

    • Hey ‘Dangerous’, or rather Marjorie Taylor Greene, please keep your dangerous, uneducated and racist comments to yourself. There is absolutely no comparison here to the slaughter of millions of Jews in the Holocaust. If you want to make a point, don’t resort to the cheap and disgusting rhetoric of soapbox lunatics.

  3. Melford Nicholas the minister who don’t know shit about any information. All he know is to collect a paycheck.

    The same way he said he didn’t know about the swinger thing that came here. Everybody else knew about them coming here and miraculously he didn’t know a thing. Just another member of ABLP All Bullshit Lying Politicians

  4. I find it so bad that tourists like me who come to Antigua yearly due to grandparents heritage won’t be able to come no more! I stay at least a month, rent a villa from black owners, eat food from locals, shop at local shops, use black owned tour operators, rent cars from black owned businesses etc.
    The tourists who holiday in hotels don’t even leave the resort!! But it’s all good i will take my money to a country where I won’t be discriminated against.

    All because I dont want to take a vaccine which no one can tell me the long term effects?! A vaccine that I sign a waiver to take?? In case in Antiguans don’t know Google thalidomide scandal. I’m not anti-vaxx I just want to see what the world looks like in at least 2yrs time.. Guess I’ll be doing that from the UK!

    I was just in the process of getting my antiguan passport but what’s the point now when I cant go anywhere on island.

  5. We are due to visit Antigua on 15th August and are wondering if it’s true that you can’t go into bars if you are not fully vaccinated.

    Thank you


  6. Nobody should be coming here and putting the rest of our lives at risk by not getting vaccinated. You don’t have the right to drive drunk, you don’t have the right to yell “fire” in a crowded theater, you don’t have the right to spread disease, typhoid Mary. And these businesses stirring this up because they want to make profits, what is the problem? nearly all bars in most countries routinely card those believed to be under 18 before they can enter, Epicurean routinely asks for ID for checks etc, as do many other businesses. The numbers here are going up again and this wave looks like it will force another lockdown. None of us want that, so GET VACCINATED!

    • FYI: The vaccine does not stop the spread or protect an individual from getting the coronavirus. It helps protect against serious illnesses!! ( can be fact checked on cdc US and NHS uk)

      Therefore those who get the vaccine are protected. Do people ask my HIV status when I travel? No!! Why ask for the covid status, as above it can still spread…

      Testing is the only way to know if the virus is active. Vaccine or not..

      • It is odd that you believe the CDC information that the vaccine protects against serious illness, but you won’t take it! We do not need you anti vaxxers getting seriously ill and taking up ICU beds, which are in very short supply here.

        People don’t ask your HIV status because HIV can’t be spread by simply breathing. If there were hordes of HIV positive people demanding the right to have unprotected sex with uninfected people, then it would be right to ask your HIV status before you travelled

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