Tourist fined for stealing GoPro while on boat trip


A woman visiting Antigua from the US was arrested and charged with larceny this week after she was found in possession of a stolen GoPro Hero 10.

Danielle Daigle was charged alongside her husband on Tuesday.

She, however, took the rap and the charge against her husband was dismissed.

On August 23, the complainant and the defendant were on an excursion on board a boat in the English Harbour area.

The victim went snorkelling, leaving behind his GoPro camera valued at EC $1,560.11.

When the man returned to the boat he discovered his camera was missing which prompted a search on board the vessel.

Despite help from the boat’s employees, the GoPro was not found.

But when the passengers got to shore, the complainant noticed the defendant placing two GoPros into her bag.

He went to her and asked her to check if she had accidentally placed his device into her bag and she began cursing him and gave the beach bag to her husband and then left with him.

The victim reported the matter to the police who obtained a search warrant and made their way to the defendant’s room at a hotel.

In the kitchen area, they found the stolen device, but the woman claimed that it was hers and that it did not work.

During the trial on Wednesday, Daigle told the court that either her husband who suffers from a brain injury or her 11-year-old son might have accidentally thrown the camera into her bag along with their towels.

She said that she did not realise that the GoPro was wrapped in towels.

“I have never stolen anything in my life,” she told the court.

The tourist then went on to claim that she was assaulted by the complainant and battered by police officers while in custody.

She said, while in tears, that she was not only brutalised but also denied a meal.

The investigator, however, took the stand and told the court that the claims were “completely false”.

He said that the woman behaved poorly and even threw herself onto the ground.

He added that she even tossed a cup at the victim and was told that she should set a better example for her son who was present at the time.

The officer also asserted that the woman — who apparently was not even placed in a cell — was not deprived of food.

Having heard both sides, Magistrate Conliffe Clarke advised the woman to file a formal complaint which he said she should be able to prove with the aid of the hotel’s cameras.

He then fined her $300 with a default prison time of three weeks and noted that the camera had been returned to its owner. (Observer by newsco)

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  1. Extended her vacay a bit 🙂

    She probably figured on american style “justice” getting a dressing down and a fine.

    Good on ‘ya sweetheart!!

  2. This thief is a guest in your country, as a guest, visitors need to be on their best behaviour, observe local societal norms etc.

    ONLY 3 weeks in jail for felony theft? You folks are very kind.


    Previously same magistrate fined a man$ 90 or one month in prison for using what they call indecent language. $90 equals one month.

    In this instance for larceny same magistrate fined a a woman $300 or three weeks in prison.
    Now $300 equals one month.

    Which of these offense is more serious LARCENY or INDECENT LANGUAGE?

    The magistrates are making a mockery of their justice system. And viewing the general public as unintelligent.

    Ordinarily a local would have been fined one and a half times, the value of the stolen item or SIX months in prison.

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