Top Reason why Bitcoin has a Volatile Nature


Bitcoin’s popularity grew in 2010 after its price rose fractions of a penny to $0.09. Price fluctuations have resulted in its worth fluctuating by thousands of dollars every day,


Does Bitcoin fluctuate for what reasons? The uncertainty surrounding bitcoin’s viability as a currency or store of value has a lot to do with it. The combination of bitcoin’s current use along with unethical trading practices by cryptocurrency exchanges has the potential to create wild price swings.


However, this volatility doesn’t bother bitcoin traders, but it has created a host of non-believers who consider bitcoin nothing more than a speculative investment. Yet, some public figures have voiced their positive opinions about cryptocurrencies, showing that attitudes toward cryptocurrencies are changing.


Are bitcoin volatility concerns as significant as they seem? Does its short-term price volatility warrant so much attention? We will examine all of the factors contributing to the cryptocurrency’s fluctuation.


Leading Factors affecting Bitcoin Value in the Market


The Bitcoin network

The limited supply of Bitcoin is also a reason for the higher price of this cryptocurrency. Bitcoins are mined by adding new blocks to the Bitcoin chain, checked for validity. The process is called mining. Those who add or process blocks are rewarded with some Bitcoins. Mining 2,10,000 bitcoins, which takes about four years, reduces the miners’ reward by half.


Different Government Policies 

The miners and individuals involved in the validation process are impacted by a hard fork, as they must follow a new set of rules and regulations. Due to various reasons, some Bitcoin miners may not follow the new protocols due to this fork. In the event of a fork, miners who adhere to the old protocol will no longer be part of the Bitcoin network and will acquire a new currency. This directly affects bitcoin’s price.


Investing sentiment:

While some people buy Bitcoins to transact with them, others buy them as investments, much like a fiat currency. Those who invest in Bitcoins do so to make money over time and then exchange their Bitcoins for cash. As the price rises, these individuals will exchange their Bitcoins for dollars, euros, or other currency. An increase in the exchange rate indicates speculation, which affects the Bitcoin price.


Supply and demand

When considering Bitcoin’s supply quotient, you need to remember it is a finite resource that has already been mined 90 per cent of the time.

As Bitcoin’s stock increases, its price decreases. By mining or solving complex algorithms, it is possible to increase the supply of Bitcoins in the market.

The supply of bitcoins is not as important for bitcoin’s price as its predetermined stock of 21 million coins. Bitcoin’s price increases as more investors compete for the cryptocurrency, resulting in higher order. Despite the hiccups, the demand for crypto will likely increase, resulting in a price rise.


Hash rates or mining difficulty

Research suggests that mining difficulty, or hash rate, does not directly affect the price of Bitcoin, but it has a marginal effect on it. By increasing the hash rate, investors spend more on mining hardware and electricity costs, indirectly increasing Bitcoin prices.


Users’ receptiveness to new updates

A further factor contributing to Bitcoin’s popularity, and thus its price, is the ease and adaptability of its community to new updates. The decision by bitcoin users to not upgrade to the more contemporary version results in a hard fork and two versions with two sets of rules


Is Bitcoin a good investment?

Before investing in Bitcoins, you should be aware that there is no regulatory body overseeing the operation of the currency. Also, as long as there is uncertainty about whether the government will ban Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, it is advisable not to invest heavily in Bitcoin. But investing in Bitcoin have their advantages, too.



As an alternative to fiat currency and gold, Bitcoin is an improvement, but it still needs mass adoption to be a viable currency and store of value. Certain aspects need amendments to make the Bitcoin acceptance amongst the mass proliferate.


Despite being the best invention since sliced bread, Bitcoin won’t be a viable alternative to traditional currencies if it isn’t used globally. Bitcoin can be a good advantage if you start trading at low prices first. If you want a reliable platform to invest in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency of your choice, then be a great choice as already many investors are using this app.

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