Kyle Nicholas Tops CXC 2019 with Nineteen Grade 1s


Kyle is the son of Catherine Makhoul and Kendall Nicholas and a graduate of the St. Joseph’s Academy. Kyle sat and passed 19 subjects with Grade 1s. The subjects are:

Electronic Document Preparation and Management (EDPM)
English B
Technical Drawing 
Office Administration
Social Studies
Human and Social Biology
Industrial Technology – Building
Integrated Science
Principles of Accounts
Principles of Business
Physical Education and Sport
Information Technology
English A.

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  1. Big up!!!!!!!! Congratulations in full order, the next generation will have 50 plus subjects passing in full high one’s. The universe is the limit.

  2. Congratulations to this young man.I really do not know anything about CXC. However,19 subjects seems like an eternity of studying.In my time I did Primary School Exam,Post Primary Exam,GCE O levels and then GCE A Levels.When you would have passed Post Primary you went on to Secondary School.Then you would take both of the GCE Levels.I never remembered taking that many subjects at all.Taking that many subjects.What does it proves?Just wish an expert could tell us.Then I would give my rebuttal.Does one need all of those passing subjects to be successful in the real world.I would say absolutely not.

    • Honestly, the boy worked hard and put all his energy into doing the best that he could with his 19 subjects and I find it completely inappropriate to take away from his achievement by questioning “whether it is necessary” and “how it seems like too much” underneath a post celebrating his achievement. I find it very tacky. I never comment on these things but I felt it necessary to say something because it really hurt me to see such good news mostly congratulatory remarks and then this.

    • Why does a mountaineer want to climb Mount Everest when Boggy Peak is there? Or the Mount of Olives, or Kilimanjaro? Some of us like myself want to climb only Boggy Peak or Mount St John. Others want to climb higher mountains. Why? Included among the reasons is just the challenge and the feeling of accomplishment of doing so my friend. That’s part of being human.

    • What kind of badminded envious shady ass comment is that @Busgy. You are congrulating the young man and in the same breath shading him on all he has accomplished by asking what is the point of him having all those subject. Is people like who makes this world the fcked place it is.

  3. Congrats to the young man and his support system. Disregard the negativity coming from Bugsy. That seems to be the usual mentality for the bug.

  4. CORRECTED Version:

    Why is everyone bashing Bugsy for being honest and stating his point, isn’t this an OPEN forum?

    Parents are pushing these children too far too early just to make themselves look good and boast that my child accomplished this and that.

    If he chose to study that much subjects on his own, well, more power to him and much CONGRATULATIONS are in order for him.

    Pushing soo much on a child soo early normally leads them to think that they have arrived, I am master of all I survey, and that I do not need to go any further.

    When, in the real world, the child who may have gotten ONLY three or four subjects (for example) at that one sitting decides to go further his/her studies and obtains an Associates, Bachelors, Masters, or even further a Doctorate Degree.

    Yes, that little poor-man’s pickney aimed higher with his three/four CXCs and outshines the others.

    My point, in the “REAL” world A DEGREE is what counts mostly, not the CXCs.

    My point is, let us stick to the basics and let children be children, do not force them to live “OUR” dreams, as the yard-stick used to measure them may eventally give them a rude awakening of the real world, an bitterly send them for mental counselling in the long run.

    YOUNG MAN, A HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS, BUT YOUR JOURNEY FOR LIFE DOES NOT END THERE, I HOPE YOU HAVE ENOUGH BRAIN CELLS LEFT TO STUDY FURTHER. CXCs may take you no further than a job in the Caribbean…… Unless your parents are prominent bougees somewhere other than these small regions. God bless.

    • So you changed your name from Bugsy to SB for this post?? The yongman was interviewed and he did fin time to “breathe” in the midst of his studies. He knows what he wants to do in the future and he is planting the seeds now. “Arl harse nah mek fu run a like” If he aims for 19, 8, 5, or 3 and achieves them, then he is still successful. Quit hatin from the sidelines and trying to pass it off as “concern”


    • “I hope you enough brain cells to study further….”
      So have made a whole set of assumptions that the boy is being pressured that the boy is unable to continue his studies because he must be incapable and disadvantaged simply because he did the feat.
      The point is that just like bugsy you have taken the incredible achievement of this student and turned it into a cautionary tale.

      I would also like to point out that in the real world a child who has taken a heavier workload might be accustomed to time management and can better manage the university experience and pull out other great achievements. So too can the man who did 4 subjects. But unlike the man who did four subjects. This one who did 19 will have to spend the rest of his life having to justify to people like you that his parents did not push him too hard and he actually wanted to challenge himself while he continues to challenge himself some more.

  5. @Hypocracy:I give my opinions in the name of Bugsy.I do not know that person that use the name SexyBitch.Why would I use another name.I used Bugsy for some years now on all mediums.I am my own persons.I am not SexyBitch,Hypocrate,Hypocracy.

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