Top Cop Says “Actions” Have Been Taken In Respect Of Hazing Incident


Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney says a matter involving a viral video showing police officers mistreating police recruits has been dealt with.

Rodney did not give details about the incident when he spoke on state media today.

He said the matter “was investigated thoroughly and certain recommendations were made going forward.”

“I think that matter was one of those unfortunate situations as we saw in the video,” he said.

In the video which surfaced in March, training officers were seen forcing recruits to stuff clothes pins in their mouth.

Rodney said “that was addressed, all the persons involved we brought in and recommendations were made and certain actions were taken.”

He said the incident does not represent the level of training at the Sir Wright George Academy.

“In terms of the video, as I said that does not represent what we do at police training school. We know the work we put in to get the best recruits. That little 30 seconds does not represent the caliber of persons that are at the school, it doesn’t represent the syllabus and it doesn’t represent the total package that we provide to recruits.”

Rodney said it is “one of those unfortunate situations that we had to deal with and I think we have dealt with it adequately.”

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  1. Bull shit , saying it is taken care of but not giving any specific is useless. The reason he is not giving any details is because he knows it can be fact check. Policing should be transparent.

  2. I just can’t see how Antiguans keep putting up with these nonsense coming from our top officials week in and week out, this is pure shit coming from a man who is being paid with our tax dollars

  3. I really wonder why this man is still comissioner of police. From since he took over from Wendell Roberson the force has been rocked with scandal after scandal. There is a clear sign that the leadership within the police force is weak and Mr Rodney is clearly a “yes man”.

  4. Has anyone checked Indian Creek lately? They say things have been dealt with maybe we should do a head count

  5. Not saying that he is telling lies, but I don’t believe him. In real countries, you will hear or see an announcement on the media, that so and so cop was suspended or fired.

    • I agree. There is no transparency in Antigua. Especially when it comes to law enforcement. Recently on the prison there was a man that was beaten, then Bruce Greenaway was murdered, this hazing incident happened earlier this year.

      Trust me, if it wasn’t for Bruce Greenaway family being on top of the police, they would have buried it.

      What action has been taken against the officer … show his face .. was he put on leave or suspended or what ???
      Antiguans need to stand up for their rights ..

      Antiguans posting all over social media about all these American cases .. but police corruption in Antigua and there is nothing .. where are the community leaders .. organize a protest for transparency and accountability in the country!

      Instead of fighting America’s problem, fight your own.

  6. Those recruits would one day become regular Policemen.Then when they are faced with an adverse situation.They would respond with brute force.Based on the training and hazing that were done to them.In my opinion,those Instructors at the Police Training Academy needs to stick to the Training Manual.Not inject their off the road methods into those Recruits,training sessions.

  7. These uniformed organizations attract all kinds of characters. We do not have the capability to weed out the psychos, wackos, weirdos, violent, corrupt, depraved and obsessed. Which sane person will order a young impressionable recruit to stuff his mouth with clothespins? Ten years from now, he might be transformed into a knee-on-neck sadist passing for an officer of the law.
    We need to weed out these disturbed officers from the force before they do untold damage to our youth. BTW, I worry about the young women who could end up as buffet. And we wonder why they only join just to get a job?

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