Top Cop Explains Attacks By K9 Unit


Two persons are nursing dog bites injuries after they were bitten by dogs from Royal Antigua and Barbuda Police K9 unit.


Both incidents occurred at the island’s international airport.


Acting Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney in responses say both the dog and its handler are properly trained.


“Normally you have a period of training both the theory part and the practical part, most of it is practical,” Rodney says.


The acting chief cop says persons should desist from approaching the animals as there is the likelihood they would respond.


Rodney is reminding persons to understand that they are animals would from time to time respond as such.


“He says, “It’s not that they are not trained, it’s not that they’re not doing their jobs, but they are animals, they are not human beings and if they feel like they are uncomfortable or their space is violated they might respond.”


Rodney is cautioning the public not to approach the animals.


“Even if they are well trained and they are with the handler we still applied to persons don’t get to close them because they might feel threaten, they know the handler, they don’t know the other person,” he said.


The matter is currently under investigation.

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  1. ANR. There is no explanation in this article, just a vapid excuse that sounds like a 6 year old child take on the matter. This sound more like a cop out (no pun intended) than an explanation. If the dogs are sniff dogs they should be muzzled around people.
    If my dog bites someone i can be arrested or charged and am responsible for caring for the victim. What is the point of interviewing these officials if you yourself are not challenging the rubbish they say.

  2. It is quite uncommon for K -9 to attach persons unless they were provoked. Anyone injured by a K-9 unit needs to understand their legal rights. Attacking persons unprovoked might just indicate that the dog was improperly trained.

  3. I have witnessed onetime on the said airport a K9 Unit dog walked through each seating aisles without an officer holding it while the officers walked at end of each aisles to direct the dog down the next aisle after giving it a rub patting on it head. I even witness a white woman passenger sitting at the end of the one aisle patted the dog while the officer held it. In other country international airport, the officers normally held the dogs while doing their security checks. There should be security cameras around the airport that would have capture the K9 Unit performing their checks.

  4. As an alternative to serving jail time, Why not position the dog near the groin of nasty hard-torn, perverts who prey on our young people?

  5. No disrespect but (in my honest opinon) I don’t think that Mr. Rodney is ready for the position of Comissioner of Police. He is always making excuses and these explaination always sound like something a child would say. It just embarassing to listen or read anything he is saying. Mr. Minister I do believe that it is time to replace Mr. Rodney because at this rate with him at the top the Police force is looking like an even bigger joke.

      • I would like someone who actually knows how to explain themself and an organization with over 700 members to the general public better. My 6 year old son can give a better explaination than Mr. Rodney. He is not ready for the job. It has been almost a year he has been in that position and still cant adress the public properly. SMFH……

  6. Wait y every one that get that job has an impediment

  7. This is some bull shit here Antigua government system just don’t make sense. Pple watch out for your kids and elderlys at the airport. Cause this is the sorry excuse y’all gonna get once bitten

  8. Well sir with all due respect public safety more important than the few likkle parcels of drugs you guys find. Control the animals or the humans will take you to court and sue.

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