Top-100 students in grade six National Assessment revealed


The Baptist Academy has outperformed the other primary schools on island in the recently-concluded Grade 6 National Assessments for 2018.

The school has the top-3 student-performers – Stephanie D. Archibald (374), Chelsea A. Barlow (370) and Tianna J. F. Bretney (370) – along with the most number of students making the national top-100 list (16).

There was a tie this year for spot 100 – Trinity H. Hughes and Milyssa L. K. Blanchard – with a score of 319 putting the total student list at 101.

The top-100 students are given the choice of public secondary school to which they wish to attend.

Sunnyside had the second-most number of students in this year’s top-100 with 15 students making the mark. St. Nicholas and St. John’s Catholic both had eight.

The females dominated this year’s assessments with 63 of the top 101 students. This continued on a trend from last year where 60 of the 100 students in the top 100 were girls.

All but one girl has their desired school set at the Antigua Girls High School. Demi A. J. Jones of St. John’s Lutheran has, instead, opted to choose the Sir Novell Richards Academy as her desired school.

And, as expected, 36 of the 38 boys have listed their desired school of entry as the Antigua Grammar School with the other two boys opting for the Princess Margaret Secondary School.

Here is the complete top-100 list:

Rank Student Name Sex Primary School Total School Choice
1 Stephanie D. Archibald F Baptist Academy 374 AGHS
2 Chelsea A. Barlow F Baptist Academy 370 AGHS
2 Tianna J. F. Bretney F Baptist Academy 370 AGHS
4 Eisha Ahmad F Sunnyside Tutorial 369 AGHS
5 Aliyah E. Martin F St. John’s Lutheran 366 AGHS
6 Alera N. Crump F Sunnyside Tutorial 361 AGHS
7 Adrian Z. Judnarine M St. John’s Catholic 357 AGS
8 Denyjah T. Jacobs F Newfield 355 AGHS
8 Xaria E. Z. Josiah F Sunnyside Tutorial 355 AGHS
10 Cayden J. Browne F St. John’s Catholic 354 AGHS
10 Jonae J. T. Gordon F Sunnyside Tutorial 354 AGHS
10 Ronaldo D. Antigua M Divine Academy 354 AGS
10 Xavin M. Peterson M St. John’s Lutheran 354 AGS
10 Tzion K. John M St. John’s Lutheran 354 AGS
15 McKale M. M. Butler M Baptist Academy 353 AGS
15 Zhaveah R. Q. Benjamin M Sunnyside Tutorial 353 AGS
17 Vanessa A. Thomas F St. Andrew’s 352 AGHS
18 Neilisha K. Margh F Minoah Magnet 351 AGHS
18 Jonathan I. A. Payne M St. John’s Lutheran 351 AGS
20 Caryn N. Mateo F Five Islands 348 AGHS
20 Demi A. J. Jones F St. John’s Lutheran 348 SNRA
22 Angelique J. Browne F Baptist Academy 347 AGHS
23 Jason N. W. Benjamin M Baptist Academy 346 AGS
24 J’Nique C. Thorpe F Antigua Wesleyan Jr. Academy 345 AGHS
24 Justice K. Z. Thomas F Cedar Grove 345 AGHS
24 Angeline N. J. Charles F Grace Christian 345 AGHS
24 Gracie E. Gobat F Island Academy 345 AGHS
24 Judah J. J. Christian M Sunnyside Tutorial 345 AGS
29 Shahzia S. K. Grant F Baptist Academy 344 AGHS
29 Lydia Y. K. Cochrane F Pares 344 AGHS
29 Hilah J. E. Dyer F St. John’s Lutheran 344 AGHS
29 Theo D. Blair M Baptist Academy 344 AGS
33 Zoei L. S. Charles F Baptist Academy 343 AGHS
34 Emmore A. Baltimore M Baptist Academy 342 AGS
34 Charlton A. James M Cobbs Cross 342 AGS
34 Carlos M. Khoury M St. Nicholas 342 AGS
37 Tazara A. T. Simon F Sunnyside Tutorial 341 AGHS
37 D’Aundre’ I. Samuel M Grace Christian 341 AGS
37 Naeem D. E. Desouza M Sunnyside Tutorial 341 AGS
40 Arielle J. Blair F Sunnyside Tutorial 340 AGHS
40 Jean-Marc I. DeGannes M St. Andrew’s 340 AGS
40 Logan G. Noon M St. John’s Catholic 340 AGS
43 Phebe L. Salmon F Seaview Academy 339 AGHS
43 Jemimah K. Habben F St. John’s Lutheran 339 AGHS
43 Oceanique A. Joseph F Sunnyside Tutorial 339 AGHS
46 Pursuit D. Browne F Gray’s Crescent 337 AGHS
46 Jahbari A. H. Spencer M St. John’s Lutheran 337 PMS
48 Kamea M. King M Old Road 336 AGS
49 Micah S. N. Edwards M Baptist Academy 335 AGS
49 Kyle T. Mason M Minoah Magnet 335 AGS
51 Caysy V. Rolland F St. John’s Catholic 334 AGHS
51 Lamitta Naddour F St. John’s Catholic 334 AGHS
53 Marcia K. Barton F Mary E. Pigott 333 AGHS
53 LeAnne S. J. Saunders F St. Michael’s 333 AGHS
53 Diamond G. Weaver F Sunnyside Tutorial 333 AGHS
53 Theodore N. Spencer M Island Academy 333 AGS
53 Gabby Z. Zreibi M Island Academy 333 AGS
53 Darran F. Hadeed M St. Nicholas 333 AGS
59 Dernesha N. Laurence F Baptist Academy 332 AGHS
59 Omia L. Tyson F Grace Christian 332 AGHS
59 Tishona A. Maximin F Greenbay 332 AGHS
59 Annachiara Bazzoni F Island Academy 332 AGHS
59 Sarah M. J. Bahri F St. Nicholas 332 AGHS
59 Daniel A. Phillips M St. John’s Catholic 332 AGS
59 Kyle V. Cenac M St. Nicholas 332 AGS
66 Olivia M. Tillotson F Island Academy 331 AGHS
66 Ariel Kelsick F Kids Unlimited 331 AGHS
66 Amejah J. S. Nibbs M Baptist Academy 331 AGS
69 Jaden M. Sheppard M St. Andrew’s 330 AGS
70 Chelsea V. Benjamin F St. Andrew’s 328 AGHS
70 D’nedra D. George F St. Andrew’s 328 AGHS
72 Shekira K. S. Parker F Baptist Academy 327 AGHS
72 Bre S. Henry F Baptist Academy 327 AGHS
72 Asia R. Harney-Barnes F St. Nicholas 327 AGHS
72 Noesha K. F. Lewis F Sunnyside Tutorial 327 AGHS
76 Makayla R. Thompson F Baptist Academy 326 AGHS
76 Vern-Ann D. Parillon F Gospel Light 326 AGHS
76 Abigail J. Thomas F Nelvie N Gore 326 AGHS
76 Akyra S. Motel F Sea View Farm 326 AGHS
76 Chariya T. C. Merchant F Seaview Academy 326 AGHS
76 Kay E. Adams F St. Andrew’s 326 AGHS
76 Anabel Vasquez Acosta F St. John’s Catholic 326 AGHS
83 Jahdique K. J. Parker M Grace Christian 325 AGS
83 Saviour E. Thomas M T.N. Kirnon 325 AGS
85 Gabrielle I. Martin F Gray’s Crescent 324 AGHS
85 Daniel D. Weithers M Minoah Magnet 324 AGS
85 Carlos Vera Ortiz M St. John’s Catholic 324 AGS
85 Caden T. Phillip M Sunnyside Tutorial 324 AGS
85 Xaunte T. W. Davis M Sunnyside Tutorial 324 AGS
90 Zoe M. Bramble F Minoah Magnet 323 AGHS
90 Cindy Xin Yi Li F St. John’s Lutheran 323 AGHS
92 Brianah T. Thomas F St. Michael’s 322 AGHS
92 Lenardo D. Hendricks M Cedar Grove 322 PMS
92 David D Hajjeh M St. John’s Lutheran 322 AGS
95 Gayle D. Ashton F Island Academy 321 AGHS
95 Joia S. Samuel F St. John’s Lutheran 321 AGHS
97 Jhadejha R. R. Moore F Cedar Grove 320 AGHS
97 Jireh J. George M St. Andrew’s 320 AGS
97 Devaun D. Nicholson M St. John’s Lutheran 320 AGS
100 Trinity H. Hughes F Pigotts 319 AGHS
100 Milyssa L. K. Blanchard F Sunnyside Tutorial 319 AGHS

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