Top 10 Movies about Relationships and Marriage


Not only do films about partnership entertain us in the evening, but they also are a treasure chest of marital wisdom. We all have various reasons to watch a movie, from finding ways to spend leisure time to receive an important message. Since relationships and marriage have patterns, it is more convenient to observe characters who have the same problems but choose to solve them differently. Here are examples of connections in movies you can take lessons from: 

  1. On How The Relationship Changes A Man: Me Before You  

Me Before You is not a typical whiny love story. It is a movie about the strength of love. This British romantic drama tells a story about a desperately sick man and a funny young lady who were brought together by accident. Through years of isolation, the main character, Will, starts developing feelings for his assistant, Lou. Although these two are totally different people, they are brought together by the affection and deep perception of each other’s agony. This relationship saved a misanthropical man who doesn’t believe in magic. It can be a jolly movie for a night or a profound story about how drastically romance changes us.  

  1. On How The Relationship Changes A Woman: Pretty Woman  

Little did we know, but an eventual 1990 romantic comedy was designed to be a dark story about prostitution in America. But luckily, it turned out to be the most excellent romantic film about the importance of a close-minded partner. Although two main characters, Edward and Vivian, lived in completely different worlds, it didn’t stop them from improving each other.  

  1. Ona Marriage Crisis: Fatal Attraction  

Fatal Attraction, 1987, might be a surrealistic movie to watch as a lesson, but it can give you a good perspective on a marital crisis. Dan Gallagher and his wife are in their mid 40’s and experienced stalemate in their marriage. In the ’80s, they didn’t have Ukrainian girls chat, right? Suddenly, Dan catches feelings for Alex, his fellow co-worker. It is a painfully truthful story about where the whirlwind of emotions can lead. It is a cautionary tale for married couples who have looked in the wrong direction.  

  1. On Uncontrollable Relationships: Bitter Moon 

Bitter Moon is a smart ‘90s drama about the passion of a connection that can go out of hand. Roman Polanski is one of the mysterious movie directors who knows how to convey filth, lust, and passion of a relationship. Oscar and Mimi, a couple with a considerable age gap, feel nothing but uncontrollable passion. With time, when feelings and codependency kick in, they take a dangerous turn, which leads them to many prompt decisions. It is a dark, but realistic depiction of where infatuation can lead. Although their relationship can be described as “toxic” and “destructive,” something still drew them towards each other.  

  1. On Relationship and Career: La La Land 

Sebastian and Mia had a goal in their lives. Each of them tried to pursue an artistic career, being a jazz musician and an aspiring actress. This movie has a strong leitmotif of choosing between being devoted to your partner or remaining true to your absolute. It is one of the toughest choices of every ambitious individual, and this movie is a story about what is going to happen when relationships and goals clash.  

  1. On a Soulmate Connection: The Notebook 

This is a story about two young people who belong to different social circles, living in North Carolina. Noah and Allie had the best summer vacation before parents saw an issue with this connection. Later, the plot thickens as the Second World War destabilizes the country. It is a fascinating movie about the unconditional love of two close souls.  

  1. On Unconditional Love: The Time Traveler’s Wife 

It is a genuine and fascinating story of a man who suffers from a chronic illness that causes him time travel. The film portrays the hardships of family life when one member is always absent, and the other has to carry on with her life.  

  1. On Marital Revenge: Kill Bill Volume 2 

Although it is an action film, Kill Bill ideally depicts the mix of love and hatred between spouses. It is unrealisticyet touching story.  

  1. On Twin Flames: Only Lovers Left Alive 

Only Lovers Left Alive is a modern-day celestial story about two vampires, Adam and Eve. It is a depiction of a match made in heaven when two people would want to live freely, but the world brings them together.  

  1.  On Romance And Success: A Star Is Born 

A country musician meets a no-name aspiring singer. The story unravels when Ally watches Jack’s life go downhill as her own career progresses.


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