To  Whom  Much  Is  Given  Much  Is Required

Audley Phillip

by Audley Phillip

To  Whom  Much  Is  Given  Much  Is Required

I have the greatest respect for the Speaker  of the House  and I do not envy him because his job and role is a most difficult one.   Managing and guiding so many strong headed politicians cannot be an easy undertaking.

I am well aware  that he often reads, follows and comments on social media as well.

With all due respect,   I do not think that he is using an even hand to address and deal with the issues that Representatives need to expound on.  Many are of the view that he is taking a harder than necessary approach when dealing with the Parliamentary Opposition and Independents.

While I know that there are rules and guidelines  governing the conduct of the Parliamentary debates, I believe that the Speaker should use his good judgement and allow certain latitude given the importance of some of these issues.

The matter of the West Africans is one of national concern, yet the Barbuda MP was literally silenced when he tried to talk about the issue.

The Prime Minister on the other hand spent 16 minutes addressing the issue. I have no problem with the PM’s addressing it  because I think that it ought to be addressed, but the Barbuda MP deserves to be heard on the matter as well .

The attempt to always narrow the debate only serves to kill our Democratic process and stifle discussion on matters that are meaningful to the general public.

At the very end of the Parliamentary session yesterday, there was much back and forth  between The Honourable Leader of the Opposition, the Speaker, the Prime Minister and the Attorney General about a motion involving the Deputy Speaker, the Honourable Sir Robin Yearwood.

Independent MP Honourable Asot Michael tried to make a point.  He was quickly shut down.  The discussion descended into the most shameful and disgraceful episodes I have ever witnessed in Parliament in all my years of following parliamentary sessions.


The Speaker allowed the Attorney General to describe the Honourable Leader of the Opposition in a most humiliating and disrespectful manner  – a manner that was unbecoming of an Attorney General and utterly shameful coming from a Senior and seasoned Member of Parliament, much to the amusement of all the Government members in Parliament.  There was no other adjective left to describe  the Leader of the Opposition. and the Attorney General even went as far as saying that even his 11 year old grandson had the brain and intelligence to understand the matter at hand.  That was the most degrading display that I have ever witnessed in Parliament.  Again, I question why the Speaker did not intervene at the time to stop the brutal slanderous onslaught that was being unleashed  on the Leader of the Opposition by the AG.


The nation of Antigua and Barbuda understands and expects there to be heated debates in Parliament but we expect our leaders to be respectful  of each other and be Honourable at all times.  Everyone  got there by the same principle and method.  They were all elected to serve their respective constituencies.


Our children are watching and many of them follow the Parliamentary proceedings.. It is incumbent upon all to conduct themselves in a manner that would make them all proud.


To whom much is given, much is required..

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  1. The writer is correct in what he is saying. There are more representatives on the opposite side of the isle in the House of representatives. These representatives have differing perspectives on how the country should move forward and they should be provided with equal opportunity to state their case. The speaker of the house is charged with supervising the debate between members of the house who hold differing opinions as to how to move the country forward and the speaker will supervise the debate in accordance with the house rules. He even stated that in his opening speech to the representatives. To me that meant that he will use the rules to keep order.
    Debates can at times become quite loud and cantankerous as each side wants to get their point across and for members it is about winning the debate. Yes the speaker’s job is a difficult one and as a Patriot he is doing the best he can under the circumstances.

  2. So, Audley Phillip, are you suggesting that the Speaker, Sir Gerald Watt, should be permitting members of the Opposition to peddle lies and speculation in Parliament? Boss man, your Blue and Yellow are beginning to show. Stop pretending to be impartial when you are simply pushing your political sympathy. The Speaker did the RIGHT thing.

    • @Wash an’ Basin -Beginning? It done show long time. What’s worse is he does not recognize nor seem to care about how its impacting his judgement. More than one MP in their presentation eg (Watt) asked about the West African issue. In his budget presentation, the PM even mentioned it. The PM’s job on wrap up is as much as he can to answer. Clearly Audley would have proffered hearing Walker make false allegations, but the speakers job is to atleast try to prevent it

    • You were asked to state the lies and you couldn’t. So who peddling lies? It is obvious that Gerald Watts is biased. He allowed Gaston and Cute to stink up parliament with their arrogance and verbiage but was quick to cut off the opposition.
      I guess his law firm is doing very well from the labour government. Don’t worry, he soon garn.

  3. “Never look down on anyone unless you’re helping them up.” — Jesse Jackson

    The display from the AG and PM was the epitome of ‘you can take them out of the Ghetto, but you can’t take the Ghetto out of them.’ By extracting the vilest qualities of their dark selves they found gratifying compensation yesterday — That abomination was of two VERY SMALL MEN.

    I pity them!

  4. You say its difficult and you pointed out the issue and we all see whats going on so it is not difficult. The speaker knows what he is doing, smh.
    If only he was man enough to be fair and not fearful of being replaced.

    • @ Favouritism: It was clear that the scale was tilted towards the ABLP parliamentarians. At one point I was wondering if the speakers adjudication derived from fear of the attorney general & PM or did come from some vendetta.

      The attorney general should be ashamed of himself. Trevor Walker made him look small during the swearing in ceremony, Jamaul Pringle exposed him and his contribution to the debate was like an empty drum rolling down a hill….. Come on Cutie your long drawn out & boring speeches are no longer charismatic. We need to hear something of more substance from you

    • Hey lady, waddup?
      How r u doing? Hope all’s cool.
      I weaned off the oxy…
      Saw a video of the actual procedure, and the even use drills, hammers, screws, glue, you know construction tools, gigs etc. real cool and healing.

      I don’t have as much pain in the knee itself. Pain has being distributed along the muscles and nerves from the back to the toes, as I relearn the motor skills from back to toes. This is great, as I appreciate the need moreso now for muscle, nerve, cartilage, bone, structure.
      Stiffness in the immediate area have to be worked on, but my movements and required measurements are on par or ahead of my Physical Therapy!

      I love 💕 you!

      No marathon yet though

  5. Mr Speaker you know better so do better. Your behaviour in parliament is dispeccable other people watch parliament other than supporters that relish the gutter mentality behavior. I was so disappointed. You are never too old to raise the standard and raise it boldly. We all done know Gaston and Cutie them live in the gutter but you too. Long chupzzzzzzz

  6. For the most part, I agree with you Mr. Phillip.

    I am of the opinion that the Speaker did a fair job up until last Tuesday.

    I believe that Mr. Asot Michael was disrespected by the Speaker.

    I believe that the Opposition in Parliament was dealt a bitter pill at the end of Tuesday when
    Mr. Robin Yearwood “signing debacle” played out for the world to see.

    I understand fully that the Speaker “controls” the house but we the general public can see what is going on and just as how “some persons” motivated some people to vote against the A.L.P. Administration in the last general elections, the manner in which the Parliament is managed could very well motivate “persons” to vote against the A.L.P. Administration again and maybe in greater numbers next election.

    Time will tell.

  7. Something all people need to understand is that 99.99% of these politicians are about themselves, proud and quick to slaughter each other verbally all for the rise to power glory.
    The main differences among them all is that they all thief differently and in different proportions at different time, but the key, all a dem thief and at some point rip off the people who placed them there. With that being said, mek them slaughter themselves.

  8. declaring his momma mentally unfit and forcing P to notarize letter
    good thing P has scruples

    just the sisters took care of momma. God will bless them always

    envy, badmind and grudging others will be the downfall

    ten tongue, no loyalty, and too much estrogen, gun with no bullets

  9. There’s a #thin_line between #confidence and #arrogance, and therein lies ignorance.

    A #Bi-Election or two will surely turn the tables, on the Gaston Browne – ABLP majority in Parliament.

    Truth is stranger, than Fiction!


  10. I happened to tune in yesterday and couldn’t believe that was what Parliament was all about. The shouting, name calling, snickers, laughs. It was absolutely atrocious. I hope they can start carrying themselves with some respect and as Ministers going fwd. Some of them are soooo full of themselves. The speaker does need to do better.

    • For the most part, I am in agreement with the points laid out in the article.
      Gaston Brown did mention the African Saga in his dunce, dismissal way, therefore Trevor Walker had all right to respond. This is a debate folks, and if you dont want any topic rebutted, dont bring it up. The 18th candidate does not know his damn place. His interpretation of the standing order refered to by Trevor Walker was just wrong. A thousand Africans “stranded,” here is a matter of economic importance.
      Of course, the Labourites will love him. Cutie Benjamin has no business being atorney general or in charge of immigration with all the scandals associated with him.
      Melfraud said it best: what do you expect from rats in a pile of fruits but more rats. More to come.
      @ Sherfield Bowen…bartley, Gaston Browne and his entire cabal are the empty vessels. Just review the nothingness for the past 9 years.

  11. The Speaher is old, born almost white, thinking he is ‘West Indian white’ as his father’s passport indicated, he sits in contempt of anyone who does not kowtow to him or permit him to abuse them. He has finally arrived. Watt made his name pressing his knee in the neck of the ALP supporters when he was PLM.
    The Speaker represents the privileged class as he urinates on all he considers beneath him – and that includes GB when he talks about his low-classless to his friends. He exploited his AG position persecuting ALP and now has a second bite of the red cherry where it’s his old party roots his is poo pooing on now. He go dead screaming for forgiveness as God punish him!

  12. The UPP purposely setting up DEAD DARG PRINGLE PICK-UP-CORN reader to look bad in Parliament.

  13. The Hon Pringle has been conducting himself very well and is proving to be much more knowledgeable than the alp would like. That is why they are trying to belittle him but it won’t work. Well said author! This has been a disgraceful display by the alp and the speaker should not have allowed it. Distasteful!

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