To Experiment Or Not With Delta 8 Laced Hemp


In the ever-growing world of psychotropic drugs, entrepreneurs and the chemists they hire are often looking for a loophole. As soon as the Federal or State government declares a certain drug illegal, and naturally, in the process, they must define in precise, scientific terms, the exact chemical composition of the drug.


After doing so, most people selling drugs just go ahead and risk selling them and hope they don’t get arrested. After all, there’s big money in recreational drugs.


But there’s an alternative to risk selling illegal drugs, and that alternative is to slightly change the chemical composition of the drug.


There are literally hundreds of designer drugs that remain legal for a while until law enforcement and health officials notify legislators of the new substance, and then the cat and mouse game ends temporarily as the legislators make the new drug illegal.


So what exactly is Delta 8, and how does it potentially affect you?


A potential loophole?

In 2018, former President Donald Trump signed into law the agricultural improvement act of 2018, which removed the selling of hemp products from the list of drugs officially labeled a controlled substance by the Federal government.


In case you are wondering why there are so many CBD products for sale almost everywhere, it’s because of this act, which allowed hemp and hemp products to be sold as long as they contain less than 3 percent of a substance in marijuana and hemp products called Delta 9.


If you are a marijuana lover, Delta 9 is what gets you high from smoking or eating marijuana.


We are sorry for being so technical, but unfortunately, technicalities as at the heart of understanding Delta 8.


Hemp and marijuana plants have dozens of cannabinoids in them, but up to the last few years, Delta 9, was the only one really important to consumers of such products.


After the 2018 Farm Bill was signed, however, hemp entrepreneurs began to experiment with another cannabinoid called Delta 8.


If you are a savvy hemp consumer, you may have heard of Delta 8 by its street name is marijuana light.


Delta 8 will also get you high, but not nearly as much as marijuana/hemp substances containing Delta 9.


So what’s the big difference?


The difference is that the 2018 farm bill did not mention Delta 8 in any manner, so the logic, from these savvy entrepreneurs is that if they took Hemp with .3 levels of

Delta 9 in them, and chemically enhanced them to have fairly high levels Delta 8, then they should be legal, right? You can read more about that here.


Wrong, because the 2018 Farm Bill still gave the FDA permission to control all .03 levels of hemp products, and the FDA subsequently turned around and made it illegal.


The three levels of hemp/marijuana products for sale.

While the federal government now rarely steps in, unless someone has tons of illegal marijuana/hemp to sell, there are three general levels of products for sale:


  • Marijuana products with over 0.3 percent of Delta 9.

    Illegal everywhere in the US, but not enforced in most cases by the Federal Government.

  • Hemp products with less than .3 percent Delta 9, but chemically enhanced to
    boost significantly the amount of Delta 8.
  • CBD Products that contain neither a significant level of Delta 8 nor Delta 9 that will not get you high.



In all three cases, the Federal Government leaves it up to the states to legalise or

prevent the sale of all of these products.


So why is there increased attention on hemp products containing Delta 8?

Three reasons.


The first is that those who try to create hemp products to exploit the effects of Delta 8 have a problem.


In nature, hemp with low levels of 0.3% Delta 9, actually has very little Delta 8 in them. So in order to produce a product that will get you high, they have to chemically enhance it, and there is no standard for how that is done.


In other words, if you buy a product with enhanced Delta 9, you don’t really know what chemicals have been added to the mix to make it.


The second reason is that poison centers across the nation have received reports of people, including young children, going to the hospital with negative drug effects from using Delta 8 products.


The third reason is that in many locations, enhanced Delta 8 products are sold in gas stations and convenience stores without regard to age. And the products are often marketed to children by packaging them in gummies.


Increasingly states are catching on and are making Delta 8 products illegal, but it’s still the wild west out there with regard to Delta 8.



Do Delta 8 products get you high?

Most definitely.


According to experts, the effects of products, including enhanced CBD oil with Delta 8 are:

  • pain relief
  • euphoria
  • relaxation


That’s the good news. However, Delta 8 products have a lot of side effects including:

  • red eyes
  • dry mouth
  • rapid heart rate
  • trouble with coordination
  • slowed reaction times
  • anxiety
  • memory loss
  • other unknown risks due to synthetic nature


It is the last element that concerns governments, the FDA, and poison centers as you never really know what is in it.



The bottom line

We have no moral qualms about ordinary people buying marijuana products from licensed state dispensaries, for the reason that such dispensaries almost always know the source of their marijuana.


However, just as gas stations and convenience stores are now allowed by any state to sell marijuana products, they shouldn’t be allowed to sell products with Delta 8 in them, and by no means should they be allowed to sell to those who are less than 18 years of age.


Do yourself a favor and buy products from a legal dispensary that knows the exact source of their products and can also advise you of the risks.

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