Tips to Improve Your Walking Routine


Walking ranks among one of the simplest yet most efficient workouts. It has a lot of calorie burning and cardio benefits, all of which work towards a fitter and healthier body. Besides that, walking also boosts your strength, stability, and promotes better heart function.

Nonetheless, to maintain the enthusiasm and reap more benefits from your walking, you need to tweak things a little bit. Here are excellent tips that’ll help you power up your walking routine and get better results.

Maintain Proper Form

When it comes to exercise, maintaining proper form is everything, no matter how simple the workout may appear. One common mistake people make when walking is slouching forward, which slows you down.

Always try to maintain a straight back when walking. An upright posture will help you take full breaths, meaning you walk quickly without tiring out.

Speed Up

Walking at a faster pace, you will be able to cover your normal distance within a shorter time. What this means is that you will burn more calories. You can also try incorporating HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) in your walks.

Start by walking at a moderate pace for, say, 2 minutes then up your pace for the next 3 minutes. Repeat the alternating speeds for as long as you can.

Workout Supplements

Supplements, such as whey protein or steroids, can help boost your performance when working out. However, one thing you should keep in mind is that these substances should only be used to complement your diet and training routine. Check out for the best and most legit workout supplements.

Swing Your Arms

Walking through your neighborhood swinging your arms may look weird, but it is an efficient move to exercise your upper body. Additionally, it will speed up your heart rate while also toning up your arms and chest.

As long as you’re comfortable, don’t hesitate to incorporate arm movements into your routine walks.

Select the Right Playlist

Music brings extra motivation to your workout session as it helps you enjoy your workouts even more. Getting music with the correct tempo can help set up your pace, while at the same time helping you walk for a longer distance.

Get Some Weights

Weights add resistance, which boosts calorie burning. However, most people tend to go for ankle weights or dumbbells which can strain the joints. It’s best you go for walking poles or weighted vests which pose a lower risk of injury.

Additionally, use lighter weights to start with and gradually add weight as you progress. Beside that, ensure you maintain correct posture to avoid injuring yourself.

Add Bodyweight Exercises

Combining your walks with a few bodyweight moves such as pushups, squats, or pull-ups can be very useful. For instance, you can take a five-minute walk and do one set of pushups and squats.

Stay Hydrated

Ensure you consume adequate amounts of water throughout the day, especially after you’re done with your walking. Staying hydrated helps your muscles recover faster in preparation for the next day’s training routine. Additionally, it will help prevent muscle injuries and cramps.

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