Tips on How to Choose a Best Bath Tub Pillow


After a long and hectic day, soaking oneself in a bathtub can be the best idea to have a relaxing and peaceful evening. Depending on the tub’s design, the neck and head are likely to become very uncomfortable when the user is leaning backward on the sturdy edge of the bathtub without any support.

The Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow – Supports Head, Neck and Back in Tub – Bathtub Cushion can support the head and neck as one relaxes and rest in the tub. They are also essential to prevent any muscle strain or pain. There are so many different options to make a pick from, and the pillow should be durable though maintenance significantly affects its lifespan.

Choose a durable pillow.

Bath pillows always come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. When choosing one for the home, go in for a pillow made with durable plastic or one with a vinyl exterior. A suitable material will enable the pads to withstand water (hot or cold) and any bathing products.

The pillow should also be strong enough to support the neck when the user lays in the tub. Bath pillows made with foam are most often comfier when placed under the neck, or get one made with a blend of foam and a vinyl exterior. Bath pillows with fabrics do not usually work well in moist or humid environments.

Consider your needs

Since there are different bath pillows, look for one that meets specific needs. Lovers of steam hot baths should buy a pad that can withstand heat without it building up. Some pillows designs have hot or cold water, which people use as compressors. These pillows are ideal for people who easily suffer from migraines or sore muscles. It is possible to come across bath pillows with massaging features which is a good investment for people prone to a stiff neck or other muscle aches.

Secure in place

To ensure the comfort and safety of the user, the bath pillow has to be in a safe position so it does not move around while they relax in the tub. Several bath pillows have the suction cups feature, which enables them to relax firmly on the side of the bathtub. A bath pillow with a counterweight that curves over the edge of the tub is also a good pick as it aids in ensuring the cushion does not slide when one leans backward.

Clean regularly

Just like a shower curtain and other areas liable to dampness or generally any moist environment, it is easy for a bath pillow to mold while they are still in use. To avoid mold growth, endeavor to clean the mold after using it. To achieve this, wash the pillow with an anti-bacterial soap while trying hard not to scrub it coarsely. Cleaning the pad well will help prevent the vinyl or the plastic coverage from damaging.

After washing, allow it to air dry out of the bathroom before taking it back to the storage. Drying the cushion well will significantly help preserve the pillow, so it lasts longer. Get the best bathtub pillow today from


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