Tips for Taxes: Self-Employed People


According to the proverb, only death and taxes are certainties in life. For many Americans, April 15th—the day when their tax returns are due—is a dreaded occasion. The tax preparation procedure may be particularly challenging and perplexing for independent contractors and freelancers. In this post, we’ll provide you a tax filing checklist while putting a particular emphasis on the particular difficulties that independent contractors have.


1. The Self-Employment Tax


Self-employment tax, often known as Social Security and Medicare taxes, is owed by those who work for themselves. Your net self-employment income subject to this tax is determined at 15.3%. If you work for yourself, own and manage a firm alone, or are a partner in a partnership, you are regarded as self-employed. Self-employment tax must be paid if your annual self-employment earnings exceed $400. Your tax return must disclose this additional tax, which is paid in addition to your income tax. To make sure you are paying the proper amount of self-employment tax, it is essential to maintain precise records of your earnings and outgoings from your self-employment.


2. Tax deductions for freelancers


You may be qualified for a number of tax deductions that might lower your tax obligation if you are a self-employed person or freelancer. The costs of equipment and supplies are all eligible as deductions, as are travel and home office costs. For the purpose of deducting them from your taxes, it is crucial to keep track of all your business-related costs throughout the year in case of an audit by the IRS. Tax deductions for independent contractors often include:


– Home office expenditures: If you work from home, you may be able to write off a part of your rent or mortgage, utilities, and other costs as home office expenses.

– Business travel costs: You may write off your travel costs, including hotel and food, if you are traveling for work.

– Equipment and supplies: The price of equipment, supplies, and other costs linked to your company are deductible.


It may be difficult to claim all of these deductions, so it is best to get the advice of a tax expert to be sure you are taking all of them.


3. Deadlines for Filing Taxes


On April 15th of each year, you must file your taxes.  This will allow you an extra six months to submit your tax return, but you must still pay any taxes due by April 15th in order to avoid penalties and interest fees. To prevent fines and other expenses, it’s crucial to keep track of tax filing dates.


Strategies for Tax Planning


A freelancer’s financial management includes tax preparation, which is crucial. Freelancers may use the following tax planning techniques:


– Keeping precise records: By keeping meticulous tabs on your earnings and outgoings throughout the year, you may be able to find tax breaks and credits that you are eligible for.

– Making projected tax payments on a quarterly basis: Self-employed people are obligated to do this. You may be able to lower your tax obligation and prevent fines by making these payments.

Retirement account contributions, such as those made to a standard IRA or SEP IRA, may assist lower your taxable income. A quarterly tax calculator is just the tool you’ll need. 


Software for Tax Preparation 


The process of filing taxes for independent contractors may be made simpler using tax preparation software. You may follow the instructions provided by these software applications to prepare your taxes, find possible deductions, and make sure all required papers are filled out accurately. For independent contractors, TurboTax and H&R Block are two of the most well-liked tax preparation software packages.


This checklist will help freelancers make sure they are saving as much money on taxes as possible and taking care of all their tax-related duties. Freelancers may make preparing their taxes a stress-free procedure by carefully planning, maintaining proper records, and using tax preparation software.


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