Tian Winter clarifies why he is no longer performing at Reggae in the Park


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  1. It’s as simple as, negotiating a #contract, have it signed and witnessed by all concerned. I know that you have a management team to include attorney(s).
    I’m not saying, that this was not done but you’d be getting paid regardless.
    I’m quite sure, that Romain Virgo has a contract and a percentage has to be paid upfront, and the balance is due either just before his ‘timed’ performance or immediately there after.

  2. Is this the same Tian that many was saying is not a reggae artist and found it odd he was the headline act? Can some please confirmed this is the same Tian people at first were ridiculing the organisers for having a soca man as the headline act for what was dubbed a reggae in the park show!

    • I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make. The issues you mentioned have nothing to do with their lack of professionalism.

    • After covid, we need to BETTER appreciate each other, and try to be flexible ..
      SoCa in the park Reggae in the park Musiq in the park what friggin ever
      Ya see any park deh ? How you not knit pikin bout dat ?

  3. This thing was a mess from morning. They announced the show for however long and then took a long time to confirm the lineup. They also said before announcing the lineup that the venue wouldn’t be at Nelson’s Dockyard. At that time, they also said it would be ALL local artists given the fact many local entertainers hadn’t worked for some time. They then announce the lineup and officially launch saying the event is going to be at Shirley’s Heights. Two seconds later- the venue has changed and Romain Virgo is headlining. Just a hot mess. Before Tian pulled out, I already was turned off because the writing was on the wall. How are you gonna say you are having all Antiguans on principle and then make a change going against the previous principle you said you stood for? Now Tian says there’s even more drama that happened behind the scenes?! Chups. After the infamous Reggae in the DARK episode in 2019 where patrons stood in darkness because of a power outage (which could have been a major security issue) you’d think they want to come back better. Just embarrassing.

  4. Happy Birthday you
    Happpy Birthday to you
    Happpppy Bithday mr winter
    Happy birthday to you

    Ah so dem lub do ppl. And am sure they have their story but neva let dem kill ur vibe

    STAY Safe

  5. Outside of Antigua, how much of a show can Tian Winter carry, like a Swallow, Burning Flames, Short Shirt⁉️
    Can he step toe to toe with a Machel Montana, say in the DMV – DC, Maryland and Virginia like Burning Flames, and carry a show during their Carnival Celebrations⁉️
    Maybe, since he’s versatile, he can represent Antigua at some of these #Wine #Festivals(the new lawn chair, old school Summer in the Park) which are well supported by the tourists who travel to the Caribbean, and bring the same flavors, to their Suburbia Parks.
    These are great events to promote our artiste and tourism product and artistes!

    • What does that have to do with the current issue? You’re using these artists to tear down another. Looka negativity.

  6. So let me understand this… he asked for a certain price.. they agreed to it and made a deposit to him( even if they took 2 weeks) so they did hire you as the headliner.

    But the reason you are pulling out is because you are mad because they are having another headliner??

    So wait, you feel you are too big of an artist to share the stage ?? So what if there is another artist performer?? You are getting paid you are doing a gig .. as long as you get your money what’s the reason for pulling out ?? Because u vex is not you one ??

    That seems rather childish and unprofessional. Sailing week is an international event.. they usually have more than one artist..

    Humble yourself Sir.

    • When Jamaica puts on a concert, do we bring in artists from the other Caribbean islands and pay them more than our artists. Of course not because we are patriotic, we are big and any non Jamaican artist will never be the main headline artist. Don’t blame us for being a people proud of our country and our heritage. All other people should be patriotic like us.

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