Tian Winter And Others Advance To Calypso Semifinals


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  1. While I can understand the names bring published this way for expediency, I think that the Festival Commission should get into the habit of publishing the score sheets for all shows Participants would feel a lot better to see exactly how they scored.

  2. ANR get wan change fu put “Tian Winter” and others?

    Anyhoo I think the list is just. Sister Virtue was good. Lipstick needs to keep her dayjob and quit moonlighting as a karaoke calypso singer. Zachary was great. Sammy C was good.

    The guy in the pirate outfit was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!

    I’m rooting for the underdogs

  3. Fallacy..
    Everybody was aware that Tian burst. Even Tian made it obvious that he forgot his lines, and yet still, the fallacy continues. Come rain or sunshine, the crown belongs to Tian this year. It’s all about increasing the numbers at ARG on competition night and it is felt that Tian will encourage more ticket sales. No matter how good anybody else performs, the deal is already done; etched in stone.


      Did not ‘…Calypso Joe’ Joseph Hunte admonished judges to ‘…Judge what you see and hear on competition night?’

      If such thinking of a ‘Tian Winter Win’ is correct, then ‘…let the artist compete with himself.’

      In the ‘…one-man competition, no other artist would have any reason to complain.

      Moreover, a ‘…pre-determined win’ might answer King Pan Man’s question, ‘…Why Bother To Sing?’

      The simple answer is, ‘…To Lose.’

      On the other hand, if the artists participate and lost, this might be consistent with what the Dean of Calypso, ‘Mighty Swallow,’ Sir Rupert Philo did sing about- ‘…Everything Gone Down Pointe- First; …Second and Third.’

      Come competition night, not sure if ‘De Bear’s’ jestful suggestion, ‘…Mine Yu Nah Com Lass’ might manifest itself.

      De Bear seemed full of confidence that he could ‘whup’ many in the lineup.

      Good luck to every participant, ‘…left, right and center.’

    • U sound bitter and/or envious.

      . Maybe coz u posted at 4:59am and hadn’t had breakfast yet or said your prayers.

  4. Tian trying to get a triple crown? Or is it a quadrouple crown (soca jumpy & groovy, caplyso and road march)🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔


      Well, ‘H…m,’ that is ‘…All in the Game.’

      Compete to succeed.

      All competitors must perform to impress the judges.

      Thus, they shall all ‘…Sing To Win.’

  5. Well well well. You mean Adelzza Sheridan didn’t make the cut?? What a shocker!!!

    Adelzza has no one to blame but herself. She was so busy holding gripe against Eugene Silcott and the Quadadli Calypso Association, that she failed to work on her craft. And look at it now, Eugene made the list.

    Thalia, I hope you’re coming with guns blazing this year again.

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